Happy Birthday Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu!!

Thoughts for the birthday of Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu on May 28, 1971 include what is the quality of one’s advice as an indicator or measurement of wisdom.  Knowledge it appears may be divided into 3 key groups that are 1)enablers, 2)scaffolding  and 3)fillers.

What is fascinating is the way a writer eventually has introspection-how the writer looks at writing itself.   Also how the scholar looks at knowledge itself.

On this birthday in 2018 Afua Serwah is looking at her most immediate remedies, job goals, legal infractions, business plans, franchising, foreign service and diplomatic service, house goals and child goals.

Things paramount in her mind are many natural designs like climbing roses and trellises, boats and lake houses, building a child’s world with a library, swing sets, sand box and swimming pool, vegetable garden or perhaps miniature furnishings.

Thoughts about art are geared towards “artech” and how to make a historical art work or things like Liberato and dematerialization or rematerialization in art.

Ms. Osei-Bonsu likes the art of the deal or pitch and enjoys numerous creative ventures design.

2018 she expects will be critical for laying the foundation for her legacy and building her family clan.   She is concerned with achieving “vehicles to genius.”  Jobs like book reviewer or even intellectualization in art or journalism, or incubating books can lead to the richer intelligence she pursues.  She is aiming for mastership, scholarship, becoming a teacher, author and mother. She would like a title that is both regal, intellectual, formal and natural.   Something like Diplomat, Poet, Artist, Designer, Scholar, Naturalist.

She is enchanted with some of her earlier ethereal writings about mathematics and logic or probability.  She is drawn to subjects like statistics and geometry and is a long time lover of the utility of algebra and formulaic designs.

Most of her finest thoughts have been encapsulated in creative writings or poems.  She is a feminist, activist and leader.  She is a socialite that enjoys dinner parties with friends, writing letters and close relationships.  She can also be reclusive and solitary buried in her library and enjoying the peace and solitude of writing.  She is serene, not quiet, but socialized and a conversationalist.  She can speak at length on many subjects and books and culinary delights.

She hopes to collaborate with playwrights, film makers, singers and even the local government this year and throughout her life.

Today, she is not the the waif of her younger days.  She is plump, a little jolly looking, like a mother and older woman.  Gone are her hipster days with literally hip huggers, t-shirts and velvet jackets with needlepoint collars and vintage tennis shoes or pearlescent cowgirl boots.  Today writes a woman, an older woman, who is preparing for motherhood.

She longs for a “sunset life” and a life with nature or in the countryside.

She collects recipes, books and art, which to her are the stuff of happiness.  She is richest in poems.  She would like to invite leaders, chefs, thinkers, poets, artists, scholars to celebrate her birthday with her.


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