Up to Snuff #58: Notes on How to Write a Good Book

Up to Snuff #58:  Notes on How to Write a Good Book

By Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

Master grammar

How to build exciting sentences

Richness-utilize art, design, manufacturing, antiques-insertion points

Insertion points and developmental areas: research, creativity eg. Equestrian language or antiques or jewelry or areas of special research or knowledge

KB or knowledge based






Things to learn-list

How to



Seasonal, holidays


Technical and introspective

Research and evidence based




Branded, poetic, era, culture


Niche areas

Good taste

Rich language

Book lover’s books



Page turner

Beginning, middle, ending



Cadence, rhythm, serenity, nature



Suspenseful or engaging

Eliciting of key attributes or emotions or values or colors

Descriptive or observational



Talk about or observations about poverty, middle and richness and what we are

Our response to early historical writings that framed and defined eras like Marx

Problem Solving


Developmental programming and research programs

Surveys and unique ways of gathering research to develop books

Inferential Statistics

School text books, elementary use, middle school use, college use, leisure

PHD studies

Promoting something or positive advertising or healing

Skills areas

Good and informational

Connecting to and developing of college classes or courses or educational areas

Training someone to do something

Language books or reference books, eg. books in Spanish, or books with specific word use that develop one’s vocabulary or books that one will use as a reference in doing something specific like writing in Spanish or song writing in Spanish, or books in English that can be used in a similar way that are unavailable in Spanish

Ideas for a generation

Health, culture, education



Write for a particular library section or library location or bookstore

Specific placement and use

Plays and theater

A writer may write plays, own a theater, write screenplays, be a filmmaker

Interesting and useful culinary books, cook book writer with culinary degree or mastership

Development of your city or towns book availability that becomes your town’s knowledge base

Developing illustration or art work or accompaniment

Publication of alternatives like fire side song books or children’s camp song books

Craft or special enriching skill book

Finance for different age groups

Generational offerings, career, and life choice or life changing books

Building something in society, fostering things like beauty or cultivating maturity or kindness or joy

Develop your own software to assist you in writing is key

Classic essays and utilizing boilerplates


Classic styles like fables or utilizing animals

Triplets, triple and linked concepts, eg:  Art, Writing and Civilization

APA Papers (use Purdue Owl online boilerplate or template) and research proposal variables

Underlying variables make good chapters, paragraphs or connected books with blown up dots

Film modulation software for use in writing books or thumbnails, CAD, drawings, art work or mood board

Write poetry, develop into plays or films

Live in a writer’s house, a writer’s lifestyle, a good set for autobiographies










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