Fit, Lean & Beautiful #30

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #30

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

The personal trainer asked what size were you before?

All the shrinking and lifting that gets done at the gym.  The breasts easily lift with chest exercises like the LAT, FLY, Chest Press and arm curls.  There are three sculptors out there, one is a plastic surgeon, the second is a personal trainer and the third is yoga.

College events are nice places to meet intelligent and pioneering partners.  Dinner parties with friends are a sign of social health.  Ones time in nature also impacts their beauty.

The evidence of one’s beauty can be measured with:   a scale, mirror, self- assessment, exercise regime, wardrobe, health quality and quality of life, plus photographs.

Chronic pain can be a symptom of aging.  What ends up working for something like knee pain during aging or with arthritis are things like:  steroids, exercises, corrective shoes with insoles, joint juice, weight loss, tiger balm massage, ice or heat, aspirins, compression socks, sitting/standing/and laying percentages of time, yoga, stretching all of the body and all parts of the knee and frequent showers to warm muscles and joints.  Alot of people while aging may have problems with their knees.







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