Fit, Lean & Beautiful #31

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #31

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

Some basic thoughts about what makes you rich and what makes you poor, led me to see that very often poor health can impoverish you and “health becomes prosperity.”

Salutaris Prosperitas

 Being impaired in anyway physically or psychologically can diminish one’s income.  Poor choices in childhood or as a young adult can lead to poor later health in aging. Be careful of promiscuity which led to a lot of epidemics and sickness.  Aging and ill health are likely two main factors that can lead to poverty.  Basic inability to work or care for oneself properly can lead easily into poverty.  Care in general of the body and positive health choices can be deeply wealth creating.  Making oneself as attractive or beautiful as possible and as healthy as possible, can build wealth.

It’s good to maintain the body with exercise, to scrub the feet of dead skin, to trim the nails clean, to push back cuticles, to manage stubbed toes, to trim the hair, to put drops in the eyes, to use Ammonium Lactate creams on the feet and hands to soften them, to keep the body disease free.  It’s important to keep weight down because weight on the neck impacts breathing, and impacts joints, knees and mobility.  What really makes you poor is often sickness, lack of education and aging which can all lead to lack of work in your own business or within a job.  What really makes you rich is often education, planning, health and work.

Aging itself can be painful and one may experience weird pains in knees etc. as you start to shrink in older age or while aging.

What really became paramount to this writer was how to achieve “happiness” or rather what is

“the work of happiness.”  It is believed that the work of happiness can be divided into three main areas that are:  “planning,” “sets,” and “money.”  Planning is then subdivided into about 60 plans believe it or not.  One can document their plans on paper, set them up and live them.

Laborare Felicitas: planum, scaena, nummus

The true work of happiness is how well you plan for example around the calendar your holidays, your dinner parties, your experience of seasonal foods, your travels, your major events and gatherings.  You can plan for cider mill visits or Chinese Take Out Food Parties with a few bottles of sake. You can plan to learn songs or Chinese Calligraphy, or read in certain languages at certain times before or after travels.  Other things one might plan are a balanced budget where you make certain that your expenses equal your income and needed savings plus leisure and holidays, retirement plans, assets, your children’s education, trusts, financial planning with savings and investments, emergency plan, serving goals, exercise goals, music plan, death plans, cleansing  the body and cleaning plans, skills plan, talent plan, collections plan, marketing plans, business plans, wealth building plans, daily/weekly/monthly and annual goals, debt plan, library planning, career variety, wisdom planning, growth planning, clothes and wardrobe plan, giving and contributions plan, house design planning, books plan, store plans, blog plan, joining clubs or orgs plan, technology plan, international affairs knowledge plan, beauty plan, estate planning, child planning, nature planning, degree planning, long term vision, bio planning, applications planning, awards planning, house financial plan, advanced studies and knowledge plans, time itself, sports plan, spirituality plan, vehicles and recreational vehicles plan, instruments plan, holiday décor plan, private instruction plan, your services plan, international locales, restaurants plan and on and on.

Your sets are how you set up your life, your home, vacation home and business, the actual “physical stage of your life.”  This would include how well you planned for education within your dwellings, fitness, your comfort, your culinary, your holidays, your furnishings and wall coverings, your art that inspires your life, your entire home design is included in your “set.”  All of these things will determine on a level how you live your life.  Did you plan for a pool or a BBQ Pit?  Did you think generationally? Do you have a place where you will educate your children? Did you plan a library? How fit can you be within your dwelling? Have you loved on your home or valued your home?  Do you get enough privacy?  Is your home a loving, welcoming and social home?  How many can you sleep in your home? Do you have good Feng Shui? Have you planned all four seasons?  Have you physically set the stage for grand and memorable holidays?  Do you have storage for boats or RV’s?  Have you built sandboxes and experiences for your children? Have you planned for gardens, house plants and landscaping?

Money will come to play when you plan your budget and incoming monies and attempt to balance them.  You should make a career plan and generally the more education the better.  It’s good to forecast in your plan that I will do this for 7 years then at age 54 for example I will enlist here and go there and get another degree and perhaps go overseas and retire in the Foreign Service.  It’s good to use lots of calendars and timeline trajectories, excel spreadsheets and writings to do the necessary work of happiness.

Stay tuned for upcoming book, “Happy Life,” by Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu


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