Fit, Lean & Beautiful #33

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #33

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

A big part of beauty is managing life’s rough turns that leave you with physical and sometimes even emotional scars.  Apparently “Vaseline” may be an underrated little gem.  Vaseline can be placed on some burns; even those with blisters as a protective layer and heal in amazing ways (Dermatologist recommended).  Another step can be to see a plastic surgeon or surgical nurse for scar removals with perhaps what is called an IKON machine.  Some surgical nurses have little tricks where they might cut something out and turn it into a scar, like a tattoo for example, then after it has turned into a scar, use scar removal devices.  Part of beauty is maintaining clear skin and skin that is scar free-and it can be done!  Even stretch marks etc. can be removed.

The CPAP device also truly works wonders to restore the cells, the skin and the lips.  You can notice really dramatic changes to the face after using it.  It is so aerating it can give you gas, but the results are dramatic.  Especially if you were one of these late smokers who killed skin cells, discolored lips and fingers.  CPAP is a godsend.  It may help with swimming and sports.  Getting oxygen is just simply something great to give the body that it truly, truly needs.

Another good tip I found recently was not completely blow drying the hair but scrunching it with the hands to give it a hand perm, then almost dry it so it has some spring back from the drying process and gets more curl.  If hand perms do not work, or perhaps another thing to try, you can pin the hair in forms with bobby pins while wet and let it dry then keep or remove the pins.  You can pin the hair up or make easy waves or finger waves or 1920’s styles or bouffant styles.  Make long hair, short hair with bobby pins.  Droopy and ringlet styles, kind of school teacher looks.

What is really great is maintaining all your new vitamin grown hair!!  If you ever tried  Biotin and Zinc, they form really interesting young newly sprouted hair!!  Be very gentle with your new hair.  Also to recap again to try to dry it partially not all the way and let it dry naturally as much as possible for the most beautiful hair.

One important aspect of health is having enough time to stretch.  A nice book to follow for home practice of yoga is Richard Hittleman’s, “Yoga 28 Day Exercise Plan.”  There is an exercise at the beginning of Hittleman’s book where you bend your arms at the elbow and with palms facing outward to open the chest that is really wonderful.  Collect and learn stretching exercises from magazines, books, tapes, personal trainers, classes.  I would also highly recommend in car emphasized states to get a treadmill and spend some time walking or running.  Even simple hand weights and strap on weights then marching gracefully can do wonders.  One personal trainer uses steps and squeezing the buttocks inward with each step to firm the buttocks.

Actually holding the downward dog position in yoga works on the whole body and has some special magic this writer is trying to decode.  If you’re sick and have been bedridden try exercising right in bed or in your bedroom or collecting books and exercising alone.  One can be too sickly to go to a class after a long period of sickness and may produce gas in a yoga class from a sluggish colon.  Sometimes you can’t keep up with a class regimen and need to go at your own pace.  Don’t be afraid to get a file of exercises together by making copies etc. and just begin.  You might have a yoga book or try doing a few simple exercises you remember like downward dog, plank, chair, balancing, sun salutations, deep breathing. There are also personal trainers who can tailor things to your needs and are worth every penny.  It’s nice to designate space in your house for exercise.  Look for some place to walk or get a treadmill.  Be very careful to not never walk.  I heard about the Camino de Santiago in Spain that has a nice walking pilgrimage.  You may try taking a walking holiday of your own design or look for a good pilgrimage area.

A wonderful experience can be to work on the values that will guide your life.  To look at what will be others perception of you, but also what your life will stand for or be your life’s primary goal areas.  These are not daily or monthly goals but rather those things at the back of your head that guide you and become who you are.

What can really make or break a relationship can be what one’s perception is of you.  Perception becomes the “boxing in” of a friend or family member into a positive or negative idea.  Sometimes it has to do with a time period or the context of the relationship, one friend may see you as a revolutionary, another may see you as child or have known you in childhood.  Some friends don’t see you all the time and their perception may or may not enlarge in tandem with your growth.  You may want to steer clear of those you don’t feel have a very positive perception of you.  Two things to watch out for that impact your self-esteem are “perception” and “dimmer” qualities.  Some may hold you within an idea, whether it be astrological, work oriented, related to an experience, adventure, a particular skill, your looks, gift oriented, a sickness and others at times like to dim a person’s abilities to increase their own using a reductionist model.  Perception may also be one’s personal branding.  Those two items can impact beauty and one should be aware of them.  Something you can do is say not less, but more or invite them over-the general idea is to inform their idea of you, tell them about yourself a little so when they speak of you, your information is on a mental string, not a convoluted poor perception. High self-esteem-not ego, but quality, can serve you in these kinds of conflicts as well as sharing and being informative.  Keep up to date with friends and family and do not allow them to live in old perceptions without regard for your growth.

Last point, is about counter culture lifestyles or those who pierced and tattooed and desired to live in a subculture or choose an alternative lifestyle.  Some people will cross social taboos or lines and desire to be on the outside of those lines or choose a wholly creative path that is aligned with social and physical designs which I find interesting.  I may have desired it as a young woman with a nose ring and tattoos.  Even an actor may lead a counter cultural life style going from theater to theater, character to character.

You still find a lot of counter culture but you might find yourself wanting a nice supplemental work or a creative career and one that is more foundational.  You may work in education, and then take all your vacations in acting.  It can be really nice to find interesting ways to live a creative life or an imaginative life, or athletic life, or culinary and writing, teaching and engineering etc.  I am finding the transition in later life can be getting into duplicity and trying to squeeze in all the things you love into a life.

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