Fit, Lean & Beautiful #34

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #34

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

Fall can bring out the warmest and softest clothing like a snowflake fleece favorite or a Pooh Bear sweater.  It’s interesting to contemplate new vs. old or crisp vs. eclectic.  Avoid the overly faded, unless that’s the look you’re going for.  It’s a nice time to look for a little capelet and go to an event or fundraiser.

You can almost one day sit down and figure out what will be your life’s work.  You can plan your talents and execute the plan.  For example you may like linguistics, music, art, poetry, and sewing.  You may become a pianist or a singer or a horn player.

Even giving can be something you may like to include in your trajectory.  Try to give regularly, it creates good karma and you start to live positively in people.  People may think highly of you and it creates respect for you.  When they think back on your “string” they will remember that kind thing you did for them and that becomes who you are to them.  When you give people associate you to “prosperity,” and think of you as having a surplus, not poverty.  Even after a period of impoverishment it may also be good for one’s own PR and self-esteem to give.  The people with the best PR give. You can easily give with Amazon or tips on blogs or donations to places you visit or to colleges.  Giving is always positive and good for you.  Try to remember birthdays and holidays as well.  Keep track of all your dear friends birthdays and send a personal, loving and caring gift.  You can send poems, recipes and a card with money-give! It’s good to  give to your children, so that when they grow up, they will also know how to give.

You can give your hands a peel with creams like “Salacyn.”  Salacyn can remove little rashes and things from the hands and peel the hands to deeply clean them of some disease and more clean in general.

Back pain is a common problem that sometimes occurs from arthritis, or worn out discs or a need for a straightening and to see a chiropractor.  It’s in your best interest to get an X-Ray and check for worn out discs and also to check for arthritis.  What can work are massages with Icy Hot, or a round of Steroids from a Spine Doctor and physical therapy, or a massage with Tiger Balm or an anti-inflammatory aspirin or joint juice and to straighten your spine perhaps with a velcro brace or corset style brace and whatever a chiropractor or spine doctor would recommend.  Also yoga can be good to have a nice elongated Kundalini as well as keep you young, supple and limber.

It’s really interesting the Vaseline that grows the skin and all those steroids that rebuild the bones plus joint juice.  Apparently over time it’s good to “rebuild” bones, joints and skin to look and feel good into old age.  Targeted steroids are really key for this for rebuilding.  I think the general idea is to keep rebuilding joints and bones that wear down.





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