Up to Snuff #72: Mechanics of a Word Vocabulary List #2

Up to Snuff #72: Mechanics of a Word Vocabulary List #2
By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

(Some parts extracted from “Soules Dictionary of English Synonyms” & analysis of “Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary,” “Cassell’s Latin Dictionary” and online “Wikipedia”)

1) Syllabification-syl-la-ble
2) Pronunciation
3) Latin Root
4) Synonym
5) Multiple definitions
6) Tenses
7) Antonym
8) Origin
9) Tone-sound of word
10) Syllable strength
11) Accents
12) Classification
13) Usability
14) Vowels
15) Consonants
16) Lambanein (Latin)-to gather (letters or words), to latch, to river, fire, also as an animal that licks and cleans itself, quae loca, conjuring or witchcraft, to be born, the birth of iambic pentameter, smooth birth or labor in general, to cast a spell-lamb-be-9, to run smoothly, smooth and fresh as a lamb or baby  eg. Mouton Cadet (fine wine), smooth talker with finesse or charm
17) Unit of spoken language
18) Alpha letters
19) “points”
20) “Froth” eg. Its syllabub
21) Utterance-as if in syllables
22) Used in verse
23) Whole dictionary syllabized
24) “on tap”
25) “writers cabinet”
26) Has relations
27) Values-“words value conditioned by context whole or immediate connection”
28) Expressive value
29) Sense (Chuckle=laugh)
30) Has emotional response-eg. Giggle particular laugh stirs a feeling about way of laughing
31) Plane of discourse, “speaker or writer using his words=tone of an utterance-solemn, bookish, chatty and so on.
Chortle=colloquial in tone suggesting jocose attitude of its user toward speech occasion
Cachinnation consciously bookish”
32) Sensuous qualities-sound entering desired phrase pattern “ghastly mirthless grin”
33) Unification of phrases by alliteration at start and close
34) Utterances and units of choice in diction
35) Sayers controlling intention
36) Rightness
37) Neutral (man, proud, strike, different)
38) Literary-ingenuous, deprecate
39) Poetic-eventide, forward
40) Affected-eleemosynary
41) Colloquial-cocky
42) Slang-boob, galoot
43) Vulgar-(over the line) bum doo dads
44) Archaic-(restrictive time associations)-hostel, wroth
45) Obsolete-manometry
46) Place associations, dialectic, foreign-mawk for maggot
47) Restrictive technicality, jargon, nomenclature of science-maxilla, protasis, volpane, pomiform
48) Banal, common-a gripping show
49) Illiterate-infer for imply
50) Core sense and use of synonym for “further distinctions of such feeling or tone”
51) Set of variations on a theme
52) Part of speech grouping
53) Noun, adjective, adverb, verb, pronoun
54) Collocation-arranging of linguistic elements as in words
55) Latencies of meaning, outreach, average use, relationship, implication, emotion
56) Onomatopoeia
57) Onomastics-science and studies of origins, forms of words, systems and underlying formations of use of words
58) Etymology-study of or words
59) Morpheme-stem or root
60) Linguistics-study of languages
61) Lexicographer-author of editor of a dictionary
62) Philogy-knowledge structure historical development and relationships of language or languages
63) Meta

64) Vocabulary

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