Up to Snuff #82: Fiction Ideas

Up to Snuff #82:  Fiction Ideas

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu


Describing people fully (dressing style, body, mannerisms, facial expressions, smell, personality, personality history, events that molded personality, pedigree, claim to fame, why to love or how to love)

Describing thoughts and narration

Describing places

Describing events

Describing time periods or era’s

Describing actions

Describing dialog

Having a thread that unites all the writing

Having a plot, basis or purpose for the writing

Having an audience

Having built a strong visualization and sensuality

Having developed your characters so that people have a feeling for them

Use of technology or software

Giving gifts and teaching simultaneously that values the book (cultural gifts, details)

Scenes as if it were a “screenplay” which they often become

Working from photos or imagery to create richer descriptions


Beautiful language, introducing vocabulary

Lessons, often used in High School English classes

Tell a good story

A map

A beginning, middle and end

Research histories and parallels

Suspense, thrill, exultation, surprise, build up, crescendo, unveiling, birth, crux, bridge, moving

Page-turner status, glue them in, have something your audience wants eg. fantasy, romance, gifts, bread crumb trails, teachings, romantic lifestyle, spirituality

All the way through its storytelling and descriptions

Use timelines

Settings, international agenda, historical events, history plus romance, valuation or commemoration of things or places, historical lenses (social, economic, cultural, political etc.), dramatic occurrences, blow-up of dots of mundane or ordinary or small events as something special or existential, human condition, a period or era feeling, a sign of the times

Capturing emotional feelings, tears, euphoria, anger, joy, hope, inciting, fears, gaiety, pinpointing emotions

Dialog design

Carry from one feeling to the next, keep suspended

Make a software for each book

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