Up to Snuff #91: Ideological Writing

Up to Snuff #91:  Ideological Writing

By Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

Ideological Writings

  • Does it propagandize?
  • Does it lead to movements?
  • Does it provide ideas from which a movement can evolve?
  • Does it frame?

Eg.  Karl Marx’s “Capital 1,2,& 3”  or “The Communist Manifesto”

How did key Marxist ideas, via “ideological writings,” influence the goals of labor unions around the turn of the twentieth century? Marx’s “ideological writings” such as “Capital 1,2, & 3” and “The Communist Manifesto” propagandize, lead to movements, frame and provide ideas from which a movement can evolve ideologically.  Key Marx concepts like the use of the “left” or communism or socialist or capitalism or labor or class struggle or bourgeoisie or proletariat were incendiary and gave rise to militancy.  The disciples were those who adopted communism or socialist and became the key drivers of labor movements that formed unions in the twentieth century.

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