Thanksgiving Notes 2019-Planning Ahead

Thanksgiving Notes 2019-Planning Ahead

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

This year it’s all about planning for your leftover turkey!!!  Good has about 17 leftover recipes like Turkey Cobb Sandwiches, Curried Turkey Salad, or Turkey/Brie/Cranberry Wraps etc.  Another good one to search for is Turkey Enchiladas.  But this year it’s collecting all or lots of leftover recipes and making a splash to extend the festivities or the after-party!

Things to think about are planning cocktails and aperitif.  Good drinks can be “Cranberry Sparklers” with club soda, cranberry juice and Absolut or Grey Goose’s “East 8” recipe on their website with pineapple juice and lime, or “Apple Cider Toddys” or “Vodka Gimlets,” with good vodka and roses lime juice and club soda if you like.  It’s nice to invest in a shaker and have a bag of ice on hand.  You can shake things up with ice, and then strain them.  You can plan for a selection of this year’s choice cocktails.  A few bottles of vodka can make several different cocktails and brandy is good to have on hand for desserts and baking and white wine with dinner.

The internet is your best friend.  There are many sites with good recipes and spend the afternoon searching or updating your favorites then printing them out and assembling a binder.  You can make a binder each year or have a general binder with your research or have different types of holidays you plan for different years or different crowds.

So after you have planned your cocktails, canapes, and leftovers, work on your side dishes, main courses, and desserts.   Brandied pears are nice, sweet potato pies or apple pies are wonderful.

Make sure you have a centerpiece, good music and some after chill ingredients and plan far ahead.  You can start shopping and making playlists early.


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