Up to Snuff #104: Harvard Press Book List #1

Up to Snuff #104:  Harvard Press Book List #1

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

Proceeding the Harvard Celtic Colloquium 38-2018 Celeste Andrews

Muslims and US Politics Today Mohammad Hassan Khalil

Adams Family Correspondence Hobson Woodward

Famine Relief in War Logged China Pierre Fuller

Latina Vote

Powers of the Real Cinema Gender & Emotion in Interview with Japan Diane Wei Lewis

Imaginative Mapping Nobuko Toyosawa

Regional Literature and Transmission of Culture Margaret B. Wan

The Paradox of Being Paul Andersen

Feeling the Past in Seventeenth Century China Xiaoqiao Ling

The Epic of Ram Tulsidas

The Praise of Anradi Vol. 2 Bharatchandra Raj

Theory of Gardens Jean-Marie Morel

The End of Middle East History and Other Conjectures

Al-Muwatta, The Royal, Moroccan Edition Malik B. Asas

Orthodox Passions  Maram Epstein

The History of Kings of Britain David W. Burchmore

Old English Lives of Saints  Julliet Mullins

Allegories of the Odyssey John Tzetles

The Virtues and Vices of Speech Giovanni Giovaiano Pontano

Lives of Milanese Tyrants  Pier Candido Decembrio

The History of Akbar Abril Fazl

Pious Fashion Elizabeth Bucer

Finding  Time Heather Bushey

Vatican 1 John O’Malley

Observation & Experiment Paul R. Rosenbaum

Living History of Rome J.C. Yardley

Appian Roman History Brian McGing

Canonical Mires

The Splendors and Miseries Confessions Zolas Monly

Caliphate of Man  Andrew F. March

Takys Revolt Vincent Brown

Battling Bella Leandra Ruth Zarnow

Magic and the Dignity of Man Brian P. Copenhover

Unbound Heather Bonsley

Ingenius Peter Gluckman

The Missing Course David Goobler

Contradiction and Utopia  John Danaber

Neptune’s Laboratory Antony Adler

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