Art Relevant Juncture Outline

Art Relevant Juncture Outline

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu



The removal of ambiguity makes something clear, which may be used in semantics or a variety of forms inclusive of linguistics, art or music. It is the process of identifying which meaning of a word is used in context. “One may disambiguate a word or at the same time, use a recognized word to help disambiguate a sentence.”

In art disambiguation, may imply something relating to existentialism and man’s preoccupation with his own existence. Man’s eternal life may be to disambiguate his existence, origins or the process in art by which man views himself, his condition and world via artworks.  Disambiguation may be a synonym for art.  Disambiguation relates to decoding meaning of the whole or the parts, or the parts for the whole. Each art work in this way of contribution and decoding furthers the idea of disambiguation, by gaining another viewpoint, which contributes to the complete unveiling.


The great “I AM”

Major players in existentialism:  the soul, art, life, GOD, all of existence, on and on to be everything

Art =Are-T or essence or perhaps the study of existentialism may be what art was meant to be

Some existential areas in art:  human condition, identity, force vitale, social, history, humanitarianism

Existential art teachings or studies or exercises-drawing, painting, sculpting, ceramics, fiber, graphic design, photography

The maker of the camera may be GOD

The essence of you, the soul of you, the essential system, how you came to exist, why you exist and how you exist, what is your condition within existence, the early preoccupation of man with the image of God and a lack of knowledge of himself or how he came to be

Existentialism came to be part beauty in the design of life, part explanation for a man ignorant in many ways of his life, part what may have been intended as life-a preoccupation with essential questions, one may assign a title such as GOD to an arbitrary or unknown or to answer an unanswered question or to fill a need that is unmet, for example if one needs someone and no one is there, many things came to be GOD, even dogs were thought to be GOD written backwards as loving and protectors and named after this omnipotent, or arbitrary or unknown or even known, some will call themselves or others GOD

The discovery of the soul:  The Hole, The Cough, The Light, The Lotion, The Parking Space, The Resume, The Blanket, The Shoe

The historical arts subjects or The Arts:  Medicine, Math, Astronomy

Scientific formula that is existential (eg. a pill):  What to be?  Where to go?  What to do? For how long?


Manifestation-pouring an idea into its form

Drawing as a means to manifestation


Science theory #1=It is its own unique self

“Negative Mountain”

Research and Development (R&D), “Research Art” and cracking down (as done in manufacturing), r+d=i, research + development=innovation

Use of research paper or academic writing and “Let it Fall”

#1 Method, #2 Techniques, #3 Exhibitions

Human Condition-#1 The Problem?, #2 How we look at the problem?, #3 What are the various results of looking at the problem?

“Thought Graduation,” you say a word, I say a word connected, and then let it develop until you have a graduated connected thought with a root

Journaling as a means to art making, journaling means to be making

Writing non-stop, collecting a setting

Writing about art making

Let it fall, writing as a means to illustration or manifestation

Precisely, precision

Ideological Writing, art, propagandize


Thought Helms, Analysis, Questions (THAQ)

“Title Brief Caller”

Love is successful, love is ideals

Studies, variations, collections, interpretations

Stylization, Folk Art

Place holder, stand in, version, color block

Art and Design

Design process photo art


Small and large, assembled pieces, poem to larger extent (Aggrandizement)

Secondary Concept

KS-Knowledge System, build something up and work from it

Art Teacher



Fashion Photo, Fashion Print, Fashion Collage as Art, Fashionisms

“Stitch and Photo”

Fiber, to say or to feel

Object Talk or reading or thought provoking

Art making with a camera (Is it art, or is it a photo?)

Areas in Art eg. Craft, Supply, Industrial, Manufacturing, Planned

Each a full possibility, testing your range


Instigate, Embellish, Inflate

“Positive Advertising”

Shine a light on


A place in history

Making a historical art work:

Looking through historical lens such as: social, economic, socioeconomic, cultural, military, religion, political, history of science

Events and individuals of the past

Change, context, causality, contingency, complexity

Primary and secondary sources, evidence, audience, write a thesis question to work from, relevance, intent, accuracy, authority, suffrage, religion, purpose, objective, summary, short responses, consequences, movements,  proximate, necessary, contributory, analysis, constitutional, longitudinal, messages, de jure, de facto, credibility, abstract, transitional language, class relation, social phenomena, brief description, Boolean operators, major concepts, identify keywords, ephemera, posters, postcards, advertisements, change, historical event analysis, plan, critical research question, historical thinking applies, subjectivity

Historical significance:  1) How notable or important was the event at the time it occurred? 2) Did the event affect a great many people? 3) Were the consequences of the event extensive or enduring 4) Does the event symbolize or relate to broader historical trends?

Historical evidence: documents, artifacts, buildings, paintings, photographs, oral histories,

Not evidence: opinion, rumor, propaganda, political rhetoric, historical narratives

What would you like to know more about?

  1. Historical event description
  2. Secondary sources
  3. Primary sources
  4. Research question
  5. Audience
  6. Message tailored to audience
  7. Articulation of response

Who are, where from, goals?

Change over time


Dissemination, document


Quepine, QPN, Question/ Proverb/ News

News and Fantasy

Iconography, Black Magic, Chi, Charmed, Juju, Voyeur, (the bowl the snake drank from, It was attached there so I gave to the brain)

That art allows you

Cooking with a camera, history of your holidays or special dishes

“A Great Service,” video, photo, culinary staging or other idea for service work

“The Life Introspective” (plant collection in home, drawings and prints of plants or you in kitchen, in kitchen as art)

Interdisciplinary Agenda (Interdisciplinary school studies where one has an art “agenda” that highlights future development with art eg. art enterprise, public art or theatre or make a business of an art work)

Interdisciplinary Studies-crossover techniques or fields that help an artist to break into new terrain and make combinations, eg. a painter and sculptor may hand paint sculptors or colorize

Artisan- a table or gallery of craft

Build an art world-art schools, art theory, artech, a maker, studios and studio equipment, public studios, art district, supplies & materials, art machinery, libraries, gallery districts, eclectic galleries and venues


Commercial Arts

Graphic Design

Denotative and connotative

Modulation and animating

Fresco printing

Project Management

The placement of art

Maplication-Math of Creation. I have these four elements and I am making the world.  Everything will arrive from fire, air, earth, water.  Maplication is the godliness of creation.  Maplication is divine action.  Within this frame I see another frame and within that frame I see another frame.  The frames can be eggs and sperm.  Maplication suggests the “within-ness” of things.  Maplication is the Russian Doll of life.  Maplication is existentialism.  Maplication is the math of creation.  Maplication is the way a design multiplies form and function, surface and content.  The steering wheel printed on the side of the car.  Maplication is reflective in how it sees itself, how it repeats elements of itself within designs.  Eg. a designer made out of a paper fortune teller toy, a shirt of a leathery material.  The shirts print was a second version of the fortune teller toy.  Hence, form and surface studies embodied the final result.  Maplication is a design method.  Maplication is utilized in development studies.  Maplication is seeing one thing one thousand ways such as “same shirt, different colors” or “everything is light or a dot,” or “everything I can get for a peso.” Maplication is God making the octopus like the spider and the stingray like the bird.

Claim to fame

Spectacles, spectacular, vista, view beyond window objet d’art

Light mastery

HISS (highlight, spotlight, showcase)


Art writing, criticism, critical thinking

Video, visual and performance, speeches, recordings as art, projective



A believer, Creativity as religion, working to brief

Self Realization

Take you with me

Exponents, cupboards

Prosperous Zero

Liberato-Art for liberation or art that is liberated and free of constraint



Working with a curator in collectives or teams from a common photo for placement in era

Art teams or collectives

Working towards exhibition or performance

Working with materials

Planning and installation

Working from a word

Working with space, using maps and blueprints

Calling era, era planned themes

High Life Sensation


Working with galleries that look at specific themes

Working under museum helms

Working in the mirror

Problem Solving

Utilizing problems or oppression as genre or theme

Studio Practice

Scenic, theatrical scenic

Art Towns


Spiritual, Santeria, Biblical, pious

Divine my body

Building a photographic setting or set or wall

Cultural development techniques utilizing fashion, culinary, etc.




Lens-Technique-Media (LTM or Litme)

  1. Lessons, Proverb, Theatrical & Scenic or Scenario (LPTS or Liptis) (a type of lens choice)
  2. Exhibition Title: “Lessons, Proverb, Theatrical and Scenic in Bas Relief and 10 Media”
  3. Exhibition Title: “French Cafe Perspective Drawings in Ink”
  4. Exhibition Title: “Socio-Economic and Period Advertisings in Print Media”

Perspective drawings

Between here and there, from here to there, and because of here, there

Scenarios-a fireside, a toast

The grid of art


Mountain, Sky, Moon

Sky talk, ice cream friend

Juxtaposition, integration, attached, connected, woven or interlaced

Idea basket weave, Think Tank, .25 x 4

Cultural studies, anthropological studies or portraits

American International, Internationalism

Diplomacy or Diplomatic Offering

A Betsey Ross type of fantasy, flags, applique, collage

Family photo, family history

Old car era photos

Ideal Living

Forced dynamism or dynamic thinking

Small box, small stage

Costume Design painting, fashion painting

Create intrigue in a photo

A vision collage

Fantasy colors, eg. powder blue, carnation

Saying something poetically in painting, photo or art in general

The use of an architype(s), most beautiful things such as:  birds, flowers, trees, architecture, plants, animals, with fantasy or era designated colors

Theatrical lighting, spotlight, dramatic setting, photo

Life is a set

Vehicle to genius

Builder of treasures

The great pleasure of art

Mural book cover


Commemoration, time, setting, event (paintings etc.)

Art is not just production; it is the cultivation of the self

Guided by earthy feelings such as those from clay



Why? What? How?  Lens-Technique-Media  “Litme”

Use of narrative in art

Building an idea or a full experience with sequential art and the building blocks of thought related to each artwork until united into one progressive idea, experience or fullness in terms of thought, to get somewhere or arrive via a series where each object or work has its own associated thoughts

Exhibition Technique


Insight/wisdom, activism, initiate investigation, evidence, resolution-IWAIIER



Problem solving, change, evolution


A statement

Plans, drawings of execution, thumbnails, blueprints

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