Smart suggestions for getting through the Coronavirus crisis

Smart suggestions for getting through the Coronavirus crisis

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu


Cook extra fresh food and freeze it

Print and read Wikipedia

Write business plans

Plan next steps for the future

Plan holidays

Open Christmas Club Accounts

Spring cleaning of the house

Make vocabulary lists and flashcards

Collect recipes online and make binders

Clean out closets, buy hangers

Try sprucing up on a foreign language for next vacation or job promotion

Work towards ideas for next job or a promotion or new business or expansion

Contact or email family members

Stock up on foods

Make a PowerPoint presentation for use in a group, club, teaching or family reunion

Exercise at home


Enjoy baking or making nice comfort foods like soups and dips

Order music; make a list off radio playlists of good CDs to buy

Work on writing you put off

Sew or mend

Plan a new look, haircut, new makeup or glasses or spring outfits

Shop for upcoming gala attire



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