Fit, Lean & Beautiful #52

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #52

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

One thing I think that can be learned in a New York City Bra Shop is to position your breasts and “wear” them in a desirable fashion, lifting and holding them in place with a good brassiere.

Learning how to care for fur is high on the list of priorities.  It’s good to know where to get garment bags to hold furs and where to dryclean and condition furs.  Avoid a dried out or shedding fur.

While you’re working on your fur it’s good to invest in leather cleaner, a lint brush and fabric defuzzer. What can also be good is wool and cashmere spray.

Mothers and fathers establish ego with their child’s school lunch.  Look for parenting magazines to have good recipes like hummus and cucumbers or dumplings and sauce for children’s lunches.  Children’s school lunches may be where the tastemasters get distinguished.





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