Vehicle to Genius List

Vehicle to Genius List

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

Read in Spanish, French and English

Collect foreign language books

Read English dictionary, read Spanish dictionary, then French, Twi etc.

Twi Scholar

Linguist:  English, Twi, Spanish, French, Chinese and  Chinese Calligraphy, German

English Scholar

Latin Scholar

Linguistic Traveler

Book Reviews

Builder of Treasures (art collection, sole prints, jewelry, dishes, hats, books, fabrics/textiles, garments/costume closet, music, recipes, albums, foreign currency )

Read across areas

Book researcher

Art collector

Art Writer

Penmanship Expert

Library development

Incubation of books in a database



Poetry research

Sewing goals

Databases, websites

Tech for managing information, research or databases

Academic Writing

Development Sessions


Write songs to sing

Use music and songwriting memorization to enhance and develop memory ability

Know Michigan naturally

Star Making Machine

Build something up and work from it (look at collections)


Schools of knowledge

Professional writings

Write bibliographies to develop papers

Bibliography, read, write a question, develop a plan, academic writing or research paper, APA

Study programs

Tech match

Book lists

Vocabulary lists


Art Relevant Juncture Outline

Testing to see how much you know, the design of tests and knowing more and finding gaps

Note cards for study and self-quizzing

Media Junkie

Social Science

Analyze artworks


Image collection

Teaching materials file system

Technology Binder

Searching for writing words

Breadcrumb searches

Blow up a dot


Know International Affairs

Review, to know again, refresh or know more or differently

Mushroom Projects, plan a project, allot financing, dissemination

Design PowerPoint Presentations for teaching or groups or talks

Health binder, study the bumps etc.

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