Happy & Existential Birthday May 28, 2020

Happy & Existential Birthday May 28, 2020

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

This year I found myself telling a friend I am exactly who I want to be.  I realized that I am and have been cultivating myself for some time.  I have talent, gifts and am rich in many things.  I am on my own road in my own life’s trajectory.   I figured out my best primary career choices and what were my latent careers where I showed promise or skill.  Recently, I learned how to map out a phase1 to phase 2 and on and on to phase 20 business plan.  In the phase plan, each step is observed and achieved before graduating to the next phase.  A phased plan lets you see your transitions differently than a spreadsheet or a traditional business plan.  Within the phase plan, you can look down even a literary road 20+ years ahead and plan for writing, publishing and marketing.

I had a few epiphanies this year.  One was “to learn from everything you do.”  To be studying at all times, to see things from a bird’s eye perspective, introspective and North Star.  An analysis is key to knowledge.  Research is also key to knowledge, even one’s own R+D or artmaking may present a context for deep analysis and learning.  Art became a really important subject for me.  Within art, I needed to recognize that there were seats that existed and to go all the way back to build chronologies and detail movements, periods, etc.  I want to view permanent collections and go find collections left behind by earlier generations of artists all over the country and world.  I figured out what is necessary to become an “art writer” from an artist’s perspective.  I made for myself an outline and layed out “Art Relevant Juncture.”

My latest preoccupation has been my house design.  I have agonized over every detail of this future masterpiece, a “Ghanaian Christmas House.”  The house has a color scheme that mixes the Ghanaian flag’s red, gold and green with a black star in the middle with Christmas colors.  The house design is in a barn-shaped house with red and green shingles, dressed windows and roof underskirt scalloping that hark back to my time living in a “fancy lady mansion in Michigan.”  The living room has a log cabin styling and spiritual, with several glass display cases containing spiritual items and an enclosed altar. I decided to have pious artwork of things like Maria’s, a crucifix, and images of bread and wine, scholars, mixed with some African statues. The furnishings will be blue and red tartan and the carpet forest green.  I am planning for art collections, holidays and full seasonal nature.  I will plant for my future pies and Douglas Fir and Pine trees in front as my outdoor Christmas trees.  I decided a nice addition would be off the living room a Mexican Fiesta room to house all my Mexican arts, dishes and furnishings in a permanent place.

The other epiphany I had was this insane desire to homeschool children and how teaching them would somehow make me wise.   I started branding my teaching areas and documenting things that would be interesting to cover.  I realized that a homeschooled child would have alot of individual attention and benefit from parents really trying to make them smart, mature and wise.  The more generous wins in this case scenario.  Teaching one’s children can make you way smarter.

I planned for a schoolhouse, playroom and an empty room for dance.  The playroom would be dynamic with a drum battery kit, hand drums, a small stage with backstage and curtain, a puppeteer area, etc. I designed a tailgating room and home theatre.  Upstairs there is a recipe collecting area, several libraries and a solarium.  One key feature of the house is it’s two kitchens.  One kitchen has a bar, nook, and formal dining area with a buffet.  The bar is in the living room, along with Harpsichord, baby grand piano, small stage, a large harp and an organ.  Guitars and tortoiseshell drums hang on the wall. The second kitchen is a restaurant kitchen, with booths and a vintage sign and board.  The restaurant kitchen will offer specific dishes.  The house will have a tiled Spanish staircase and many outdoor features including an orchard and open space with shed, BBQ Pit, girls playhouse and pool area.  The entrance to the house will be a large wooden rounded hobbit or fairy door with a small cerulean colored Bavarian heart painted with small pink flowers so that all who enter the home have as their initial thought one of love.

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