Up to Snuff #114: Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Sources

Up to Snuff #114:  Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Sources

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

Primary sources-original material, first-hand account, journals, letters,

photos, novels, poems, plays, original research, notes, data, newspaper articles

Secondary sources-news articles, reference to a reference, interpretation, literature critique, biography, scientific reports, commentaries, articles about other studies

Tertiary Information-collected or distilled information, encyclopedia, chronologies, dictionaries, bibliographies, historical facts, reference, summary reference, language used in a field, narrow a topic, not evidence for citation, far removed investigative scholarly process, bare information, Wikipedia

Quoted notes from Shapiro Library SNHU “Navigating the Library” Online Lecture 7/2/2020

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