Up to Snuff #115: Information Timeline

Up to Snuff #115:  Information Timeline

By Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

Information Timeline

Days>sources newspapers, broadcast news

Weeks>Long form magazine


Years>Reports, books, biographies people

Scholarly papers take months to write for better conclusion

Longer produce, more analysis

Scholarly articles

Quality control process, Peer Review

Gather sound, good information and seek out academic researchers

Scholarly articles are coming from informed experts

Scholarly research uses background research, specific language and jargon, reflects major advancement, narrows a broad type, in-depth research, specific, granular, analysis and evidence, individuals, primary research, where often a study is done to collect data creating original material

Quoted notes from Shapiro Library SNHU “Navigating the Library” Online Lecture 7/2/2020

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