Up to Snuff #117: Persuasion and use of opposing views database

Up to Snuff #117:  Persuasion and use of opposing views database

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

The Importance of Persuasion

The importance of persuasion is the value in seeing more than one side of a topic.  Research, in particular, requires that its writers present perspectives to the issues or questions they are writing about.  An issue is shaped and develops once it has a “full view” with opposing sides.  Writing may be naïve without opposing sides. Better writing will include pro’s and con’s.  It is simple to use a Venn diagram like approach or “loop diagram” or a quick outline to frame a better writing while looking at opposing sides.  In the end, a loop diagram may present one with a more distinct result as it shows connecting points and helps a writer to see issues dynamically and without a pure linear structure.  One’s plan may impact one’s result, in this case.  How well they develop their writing with brainstorming, freewriting, loop diagrams, or outlines-reflect their planning, the resulting perspectives and outcomes.

Persuasion has not only value in the resulting quality and efficacy of writing, but has traits that are utilized in everyday exchanges. There are distinct traits that are included in persuasion like the “win” or offering choices, or an open-ended question or having room to make changes or further negotiation or offering evidence, or making points. Persuasion, in the end, teaches you how to debate and how to state clearly your evidence, and how to see around a subject.  It is, therefore, an imperative subject or step for a writer to study as making points clearly and authoritatively will impact one’s future research. Persuasion creates the context for high-quality writing. Arguing issues may be of national concern, safety concern, or relative to one’s career.  The “Opposing views database” presents one with a list of issues and their opposing sides.  Each of these issues may utilize persuasion to achieve an optimal viewpoint.

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