Fit, Lean & Beautiful #55: Serwah Diet’s Exercise Routine (Main)

Serwah Diet’s Exercise Routine (Main)

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

If early before breakfast drink a smoothie for energy to sustain the workout.  Even quicker can be bottled carrot juice.  Burn incense (Nag Champa).  Play soft relaxation music or Indian ragas.  Spiritualize.  Lay out one or two Persian rugs on top of carpet to exercise on.  I like to work out in white pants and a white t-shirt.  Most are to be done barefoot, with exception of running and walking in tennis shoes.

  • Roll out thighs with exercise or massage stick while seated. This is good for aging.
  • With appropriate weight use neoprene dumbbells or other, 3-5 pounds for a woman or for a man ~30 lbs., do about 30 arm curls. One variation is standing with one leg bent up and balancing while doing curls.  Lift arms to sides like a bird.  (20) Use this opportunity to do balancing exercises like Yoga’s “tree.”  You can just hold weights on side and balance on one leg.
  • Pilates ball exercises. Lay on floor, knees bent and feet on ball, roll ball back and forth under legs.  B.  Lift ball between legs (10-20) with gradual increase. C.  Ball between legs lay on each side (10) bend legs backwards. D. Sit up hold ball between hands and twist from side to side with ball.  (10), E. Hold ball between hands and lift overhead (10).
  • Strap Exercises.   Place strap around foot and lay on stomach, bend at knee and pull back with strap.  B. Use strap to stretch out back.  One arm bent over shoulder, the other bent at waist.
  • Use Stretch book to do some basic stretches. “Stretching” by Bob Anderson.
  • Kicks. Use a tied “tape” around both feet to do front, side and back kicks.  (20 each direction)
  • Spiritual Reading your choice. (Falun Gong, Rumi, Osho etc.)
  • Treadmill.  Walk one mile, run 3 miles, walk one mile to cool down.
  • Add for variation an exercise tape. Eg. Jane Fonda Yoga Tape or other. Substitute routine for a tape or a class.  Collect tapes.
  • Weight resistance training at a nearby gym when open or set up equipment in your home.
  • Bicycling or walking in a nature reserve or your neighborhood, or with a walking buddy (relative, friend, husband, child or a dog, or friends with their dogs too or self) when possible. Try Thich Nat Hanh “Peace in every step.” Have a spiritual, intellectual or family talk, or pep talk, or coaching talk.
  • Put on music and dance. Move body to music. Take a dance class.  Work on grace.
  • Breathing exercises, circular breathing through nostrils, try Osho’s Pranayama Yoga book or Meditation.
  • Follow workout with a shower, water, and if you’re an athlete a high endurance breakfast. Try rice cakes with peanut butter, banana with seeds.
  • Infuse day with positivity, love, joy, appreciation, intellectual pursuits and lots of energy!

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