“Long Marriage” Excerpt from Sago Palm

Long Marriage

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu


He planned the conversation

That one needs to have at the start of their marriage

To have a long marriage

He planned to hold it together

To keep it fresh

To even rehearse intimacy

To maintain respect and nonviolence

He made a deal with his wife

He asked himself and his partner, “Are we a forever marriage?”

If you do not say it, “Are we a forever marriage?”  Perhaps it is not.

Some cultures have real steady men that mate for life

Some are circulators, vacillate, some grow tired, some do not, some marry more than one

Some have tested ways for maintaining relationships

For taking care of their match, preserving them, educating and teaching them, beautifying them, grooming them, making them happy, pleasing them, romancing them

Some develop ways for coasting holiday to holiday

Some want social matches, even socialites, prepared for culinary and a lifestyle of entertaining

Some want many, many friends, some want a homemaker and a home

Some want a premium wife or a sophisticated housewife

Some want a match with good taste and good tastes home

Some want a head of household

Some want a mother, some want a father

Some want a parent that is a teacher for their children

Some will build a children’s schoolhouse

Some will garden

Some will fill the house with flowers

Some will collect recipes and fill binders and plan

Some spend summer here and winters there

Some plan family trusts, philanthropy, community building and children’s trust funds


Excerpt from upcoming poetry book “Sago Palm” by Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu




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