The Oicham Estate Part 1

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

She will establish the “Oicham Estate”

On some acreage, on a country road in the Rawsonville area of Michigan

“Osei-Bonsu International Christmas House and Menagerie” is Oicham’s acronym

It will include The Pugin Palace and the Floribunda Garden

Pugin Palace, a highly comfortable manufactured home and kind of printed palace of diverse patterned wallpapers and art, that was her original residence towards the left side, while building and developing her land

Pugin Palace, is now a place built on the side of her house with its original fenced pool that is later used for visits by esteemed and international guests

Pugin Palace is Oicham’s coach house

She will invite Presidents, Governors, Mayors, business people, scientists, engineers, musicians, actors, Soap Opera  Stars, fashion icons, Chefs, artists, designers, photographers, writers, thinkers, professors, good friends, childhood friends, colleagues, and classmates met overseas, conversationalists, horticulturalists, animal scientists, sophisticated housewives, her neighbors, international friends, family, and international exchange students to befriend her children

Two matching red and green shingled Christmas houses, the coach house and the main residence

In front, a Christmas tree farm, with coordinated miniature bonsai and blue rose’s,”Vielchenblau”

In front ornamentals with white pointed flowers, bird hotels, bird apartment complexes and bird baths,

Make this house a bird house!

The Oicham Estate menagerie includes:  A Llama, a black sheep, a miniature goat (Pygmalion), ducks in the barn, cardinals and blue jays in bird houses outside, and inside 2 dogs, geckos, turtles, fish, seahorse, platypus, newts, guinea pigs, miniature frogs in terrariums,  4 kinds of birds including love birds, parakeets, African Grey parrots and Cockatiel.  A wishing well with Japanese Coy Fish and gold fish.  Almost every room has an animal residing.

She will build in front a helicopter deck and parking lot in planning  for her local travels, plus her Christmas parties and variety of gatherings as well as parking for her art studio assistants

She will include a Mexican Fiesta room, a solarium, a potting room, a party lounge with dance floor, a coat room for parties and the multitude of fur coats that are worn in Michigan winters to elegant Christmas parties

At Oicham, her children grow up lost in literature

There are the interior and exterior gardens

The furthest, The Woodland Garden and fruit grove, that includes a small coffee plantation, and her fruit trees intended for a variety of pies and hand pies or turnovers, apple, pear and cherry, The Woodland Garden also includes eucalyptus, wild sage and mushrooms (Portobello, Shitake, button and magic).  It is a garden of contemplation, of dreams and is thought prosperous in that many of the trees bear fruit or a type of jewel or seed.

“The poet,” she said, “my life will be poetry.”

Her house a family of book worms

“You dream so hard, you conjure.” “Or you’re not dreaming, you’re designing”

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