Design is?

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

Design is:

  1. Necessities
  2. Considerations
  3. Problem Solving
  4. Quality of Life
  5. Helms
  6. Analysis

Considerations + Technological Precision = Design

Considerations +Technological Precision + Testing=Design Quality 1

The formative process= cracking down aspects

A research car was issued for a longitudinal study

This one the defogger gave it a high safety rating

This one has advanced cargo space

This one parks with ease and has an advanced reverse steering mechanism

This one is a cargo van with a short front end that drives like a small car

This one is a heavier weight and stronger engine is more suited to winter

This one has a low chassie and cannot get through the snow

This one is a light material that dents easily, but has the highest gas mileage due to its light weight

That woman said she could nearly go a month on one tank of gas

The material was barely conductive and could not well maintain heat

The light material she said was the cheapest gas, but the worst in winter

In her winter state, she nearly died twice in the car

Each environment likely needs its own car

The unique radio/stereo company gave the brand its claim to fame, tourists drive them to hear national music

He says it’s not the price of the car, but the “metering” and actually price of it’s gas

She has problems to read the symbols and be knowledgeable about her cars operations, if the word is short why not write it, does direct knowledge improve its safety rating?

The steering was so “soft,” she didn’t feel safe, it had a low safety rating

Design is then the long-term perfection of one model

The development of the design

The more sensitive the considerations

The greater knowledge over time

The comfort

The ideals

The safety rating

The safety rating getting higher and higher

The testing more precise and sophisticated

The design and advancement of the making, of the manufacturing

The comfort of the maker

The measuring of his head space, leg space, the testing of the passenger’s air quality

The visibility, the greater safety rating

Many had died trying until at last greater perfection equaled greater safety, the design normalized and evolved

The designs subsequent value within the transportation for work and within the supply chain created an enormous value

The new design, will they move things without the vehicle, will they move cars without the road, the further considerations.  And advance still the roads?  The heated driveways.  The heated highways.

She considered the dress without the thread, without stitches, with cutting, with fusing?  She placed within the dress a series of holes and the dress wrapped around her body via the three arm holes. 

Fusibles, interfacing?  Fine buttons?  Inlay buttons.  A new high end?  Should we weave the seam?  Should we vapor the seam and fuse.  Stain resistant, endurance?

Making something “purposeful” versus making something intellectual (art) or just beauty. Making something that achieves a point or is made for analysis (type of art) versus something made for a specific purpose with specific considerations. Hence, the dividing line between art and design emerges.

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