Fit, Lean & Beautiful #57

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

Basic observations led me to a more comprehensive plan in terms of analyzing how to achieve optimal health and physique.  I thought about how a handful of flesh may soften after working out as if some fat had melted or even moved out and left pockets of sagging skin.  How the bodies consistency can easily change.

 Another observation was watching while on the treadmill its ratios and noting  that in one minute of body weight utilized walking one may burn 6 calories, 1 min may =6 calories burned. Power to the minute!  Exercises that use your own body weight may therefore be more intensive if you are a heavier weight.  The more you use your heavy weight in service of its own reduction, the more intensity.  The treadmill for example for a heavier person is considerably more intense than the Nustep or recumbent bicycle where one’s body weight does not weigh as prominently. Equal to wearing an ankle strapped weight is potentially your own body weight. So, in 30 minutes of treadmill walking you should be able to burn atleast 180 calories where in 10 minutes of the Nustep you burn about 28.  So the Nustep you may burn about 2.8 calories a minute.  The treadmill has more than double the impact.  The treadmill however for an overweight person may cause rapid heartbeat. For a fit person who may walk on the treadmill briskly or even run, their burn may be in the several hundreds. One fit example said he runs on the treadmill for 20 minutes and burns about 300 calories.  He says he usual calorie intake is about 1200.  He says he wants to burn 600 calories a day.  He burns 300 on the treadmill, 50 doing exercises, 250 working.  The other 600 the body needs to run its system.  He tries to keep his calories low so he has less to burn.  The higher your heartrate goes the longer you burn the most.  Often the machine warns you when your heart rate goes to high not to stop your heart if you hold onto the sensors as does Life Fitness Treadmill Machines.  You can also choose a higher incline, or a faster speed to burn more.  One Chinese woman said the highest calories she could burn on the treadmill is 10 calories a minute.  Some people are in high performance fitness designed bodies that may do physical stuff all day.  They may work out with a personal trainer, then go to a dance class, then have sex, then run a restaurant. In some weird way you may be really set into motion. 

Other observations were about Pooh Bear stomachs and the need for body composition analysis or to purchase a body composition scale that connects to a smart phone.  One may have a sluggish colon and not pass or not pass enough and retain even 25-100 pounds of fecal matter. The colon may be impacted and gas-y. You may want to consult a colon doctor for a colonoscopy and use their prescribed drinks to clear the colon.   The  colon could be  impacted or have polyps or too much general retainment and it is a constant battle to pass.  There is a don’t pass then fill theory on the table now.  But interventions like colonics or Metamucil fiber drinks may really help to clear the colon.  On a regular basis one could feasibly use a monthly colonic, a weekly Metamucil and daily or occasional Fleet.  You don’t want to eat over 2000 calories.  The average person eats about ~1200 or so does the personal trainer.  Things like cous cous or vegetables have low calories.  Meat has high calories, so do sweets, chips, milk, dairy, pasta, beans, rice, potatoes, and fried foods.  Some gyms really target something measurable and look specifically at calories.  They count them and attempt to burn them strategically.  Even if you counted calories in your basic diet once you would have a basic idea of calories and perhaps you are culturally lopsided and leaning towards one thing or another.  One personal trainer says always keep some for the system and focus on burning about 600 calories a day inclusive of work, life and exercise.

This article is concerned with observations of weight loss and observations of aspects of weight loss then finally an intelligent plan for achieving weight loss.  Hair loss is something than can be an aspect of weight gain.  To remedy hair loss several actions were successful including taking regular if not daily vitamin doses of biotin orally, letting hair sprout, then using T-Gel shampoos to remedy scalp and help sprouted hair to release, then pruning hair back a few times until it has thickened like a bush. 

Another observation is how everything you do impacts how your body equalizes.  The filling up of your colon will even impact how your body equalizes.  Equalizing can advance upwards but also elimination can prove contagious and spiral downward too. 

 I also thought about stretch marks and stretched skin versus retracted skin set to expand due to predisposition. For example, there are retracted stretch marks in children sometimes on their buttocks when they are genetically predisposed to a large rear end.  Many plastic surgeon’s offices nowadays can remove stretch marks, but retracted stretchmarks?  Another observation to weight gain is the loss of character to the face and body, loss of definition and loss of shape.  People may assume expanded looks, sausage looks, globule, stretched taut filled skills. 

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