Fit, Lean & Beautiful #59

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

Careful analysis can advance your exercise routine.  The Nu Step it was found firmed the buttocks, pumped the calves, and the recumbent bike burned more calories and slims.  The Lat, Chest Press and Pectoral Fly firm the breasts.  Strength training in general firms the face and the whole body in specific ways depending on what you do.  Twisting at the waist will help you to find a waistline.  Strength training with machinery will make your body straighter and more aligned.  After a short while strength training one will feel stronger in their stance and walk.  Walking around the track stretched the legs and body and uses one’s own body weight.  Walking helps one to keep walking.  The Precor machine can also help to firm the buttocks.  The rowing machine can help you gain good strength and “strength getting up,” as well as work on glutes and thighs. 

Once you reach about 50 one may start to think about geriatric medicine and how to age well.  Walking becomes key to keep walking.  Minimizing weight becomes imperative and enough calcium for your aging bones.  Glucosamine is good for your aging joints.  One doctor said,  “walk to walk.”  You may need insoles in your shoes, a treadmill and places like the gym track or nature walks.  The back starts to shrink and standing, exercise and even yoga can be beneficial.  Skin needs creams, microdermabrasion to fight wrinkles, hair removal, vitamin E to remove scars and even professional scar removal.  With older age one needs to watch for stamina.  Working 9-5 can help one to maintain stamina, riding stationary bikes help one to reach stamina.  Feet may also age and get hardened.  You can keep feet soft by soaking and scrubbing off dead skin or getting professional regular pedicures which are more important the older you get.  Maintain good mental health.  After a workout, it is nice to maintain it as a “positive workout” and end it with a spiritual reading or lesson.  Watch out for chemical imbalances and depression which sometimes requires medication but are often helped with getting into action.  One woman said, “motion is lotion.”  Another study said that the more you work out the less depressed.  Wallowing is not healthy; over sleeping is not healthy either.  Hair also starts to thin, and you can fight hair loss with regular biotin supplements which sprout the hair.  T-GEL shampoo following biotin can also clear debris from the scalp and help newly sprouted hairs to come up.

Another major thing to think about when aging is your teeth.  You can get veneers or find a dentist that can rebuild your teeth with modern practices.  You can also get dental implants or replace old cavities with porcelain.  Good dental hygiene is important with regular flossing, picking, brushing several times a day, after meals and using mouth washes.  Regular appointments to the dentist are important so you do not end up losing teeth and destroying or over staining your smile.  You can slightly whiten teeth and keep them clean and plaque free.  It is good to clean teeth at least quarterly with a dentist.  Find a dentist that can help you to have a nice smile. 

Nails may need attention and cuticles clipping.  It is nice to practice the old lady traditions and carry cream in your purse or keep cream next to soap at work and at home.  Especially when you have a love or lover you want to focus on having a soft body, hands, and feet free of callouses and scrubbed of dead skin.  Some people enjoy fashion nails, others like “culinary hands,” with short clean nails for being in the kitchen.  When you get older you may want to find a very skilled geriatric doctor to consult you on issues of aging and dealing with bones, spine, and mental health.  You can begin to speculate and look at your overall health picture and what may become an issue for you. 

Some people prefer to have a selection of doctors caring for them to maximize their health including dentists, pulmonary, dermatology, eye doctors/optometrist, primary care, geriatric, OB/GYN, plastic surgery, surgical nurse (remove tattoos, scars, hair, treatments, double chins, microderm/plastic spa treatments (resurfacing, skin evening and dying, facials, hair removal), mental health, pain management and rehabilitation (back) or chiropractor, physical therapist (works on health, injuries, aligns you, heals you), colon hygienist, hair dresser that can cut and condition hair, manicurist and pedicurist, massage therapist to remove knots etc. and other specialists pertaining to specific problems you may have. You may also opt for a minister or person of God to help with grieving, marital problems or advice. You may also want to do things like a “mood lifters” group or get therapy for more tools for maintaining mental health. You may also want to build your health library.

People need to have places they exercise.  Some will hire personal trainers in fitness gyms to get in shape as well.  It becomes imperative to lose extra weight at old age not to burden your knees, which can need a replacement.  Weight puts pressure on your throat and causes asthma.  You can become diabetic as well.  Losing weight via exercise has its pros and cons. Losing weight can be dangerous as fat goes into transit and clogs arteries and can harm you. Liposuction is a safe option to gradually take your weight down.

Losing weight and intellectualizing that journey can give you optimal health and the knowledge to sustain it. Part of getting in shape is really getting smarter and getting smarter for the long haul. Even getting smarter into your generations. You should approach your health with intelligence and even wise decision making. Make your health an intellectual opportunity. Around every corner research, analyze and strategize your path to health and wellness. Observe the effects, measurements and changes in your body as you work out. Enjoy your power to obtain optimal health and live a longer life. Try different measures to build your body and shrink it. Try to create a body that can get up, that can walk, that has strength, that is tone, that is lifted in areas, that has speed and physical beauty. If you lipo down you will need things like “sculptra,” to reshape and beautify a changing body.

Eye doctors may help you as your eyes age.  What can be nice is to consult your optometrist for several prescriptions for seeing close-up at the computer, for reading and for driving and for all the time.  If your smart, you will leave with several prescriptions.  You can even buy glasses online (The glasses shop)  if you have a prescription in hand. 

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