Up to Snuff #130 Mantra or Guidance, Basic Plan

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

Work towards something as a writer and plant something at the back of your mind that is your direction.  It can be as if a mantra or north star.  It can be something that you “ask” for.

  1. Clear, simple understandable and precision.

Ask for clarity.  Ask to be clearly understood, which gives you power.  Rid yourself of passive voice.  Good for a beginning writer. Proverb, leanness. Economy of words.  Proper, short, direct sentences. Concise. Straight shooter.  Rid your writing of problems.  Carefully observe your words. Ask for precision.  Good subject and verb.  Good diction. Memorable.  Clear mind and speech.

2. Description and Finesse

General good taste. To sweeten. Romantic. Loving eyes. Humane. Precise description. Rich description. Journal or note taking of descriptions of ideas or experiences or places or people. Acute senses. As if in your absence this shall stand. This is the historical document or after party. The peel away or manifestation. The words of a gentlemen or lady, or man or woman. With reverence, with quality. Worthy. Authoritative. Dignified. Well researched. Sometimes round, sometimes blending into the background. Those who give respect, get respect.

3. Voice

Sometimes an English voice is good. A mature and wise voice. Channel voices. Avoid all slang in favor of more tasteful and decorative language. As classical as possible. Reduce first person writing to more intriguing less self centered options. First person (I) at some venues is not allowed and can sometimes sound immature or selfish. Try different perspectives or narratives. Try improving your speech. Opt for clarity. Use a narrator or employ some device. Reverence. Sacred. Respectful. Again, dignified. A gentlemen or lady, a man or woman. Maturity is so essential to writing. Wisdom is essential to good writing.

4. Value and service

Ask for richness.  Ask for value.  Ask that your writing may serve something specific. Informative. Eg. culturally informative. Giving, gifts. Quality of generosity. Wisdom giving. Offering. Sacred. A treasure. Something like a “Sunday Quin.” Something one will not want to discard. The ultimate give in a piece of writing. The subsequent value. The endowment.

5. Form

Ask for organization. Ask for form. Learn APA, MLA, Chicago.  Learn Basic 5.  Learn to write a good thesis.  Learn some technical writing. Learn how to include or be guided by topic sentences.  Use persuasion to master the use of evidence.  Use boiler plates.  Wrap it up at the end and recap.  Make strong relevant points.

6. Unitary

Work on our vocabulary.  Read dictionaries.  Search for good writing words.  Study pieces of writing.  History to word.  Pairings.  Punctuation.

7. Power

Learn how to condense, learn proverb, learn how to stage, learn how to inspire change, how to manifest abstract ideas, psychology.  Reversals, style, pockets.  Literary device, Literary theory, structuralist. Extract meaning, creation of knowledge and subsequent value.  Learn the study and use of literature.  Extract points from literature to generate new thought. Authoritative. Organize, helm and package finished writings into books etc.  Star maker, editorial.  Branding, headings.  Clear rich, and often rolled up thought, or unfolded thought. Technology.  Teach work on a variety of things/issues.  Be in tune with writings role in knowledge and power to teach.  Write a PHD. Research.  Inferential or data rich.

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