Oppression Toolbox

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

I am this

And now I am this, doing this to this

Por ejemplo,  sexualizing Shakespearean

Elevating and posturing

Telling like it is

I am this becoming that

Harnessing advertising

The media magnet

The presidential race

 The publicity campaign

I am this, becoming that

The precise path

I have paired this with that

I have shaken hands with power

I have multiplied and expanded

I have clearly transformed

On the table next to me is a picture of superman, behold!

The dog makes me sensitive, the plant makes me naturalist

I am this, becoming that

Here is the scenario

Scenario one we don’t want

Adopt scenario two

Now we have precisely delivered the new way of thinking

This is the peel way

This is the unbranding

This was the old thinking

Here is the new thinking

What does it take to change thinking

To bring it down and replace it with better?

Negative reversal to positive

The scholars destroyed themselves for wisdom

To know the way

They cut up cadavers

The wise undoing

The wisdom of her demolition

Obesity’s knowledge, sicknesses knowledge

Out of shapes knowledge

Only misfortune, in some cases leads to fortune

The now I know the way, to have been there and gone the distance

To know the way, you have to go the way

That skinny one may know how to stay fit, but not how to get fit

Oh that one, the sick one, he too has some gold

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