Be very positive

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

“Be very positive,” one wealthy businessman said.  “I am very successful as a result of positivity.” 

The PR woman was also very positive, something like a “cheerleader,” she desired a positive result and infused all her communications with positive language.  “Awesome!, Great!”  Big, large and positive. The PR woman was able to make miracles happen by way of her skill and constant positivity.  Not one drop of negativity.  With each communication, she sent positive energy into the world, and very often responses matched that positivity and came back with interesting offers.  Be very “yes.” Yes gets yes.  No gets no.  Follow me or repeat after me, “yes, yes, yes….yes, yes, yes.”  It becomes very logical.  A “yes” may be very affirmative, meaningful, intelligent and positive in PR.  The delivery and content should be a yes.    

One spiritual leader said to her children, “do positive things with money,” that is how I got into a position of leadership via active caring.  Many had said to her later, I wish I had given you my money.  Many put her into their will.  Her first idea for money wasn’t luxury, but was problem solving.  Money for her meant extreme responsibility.  The excitement of having money was her ability to problem solve. Her attention to problem solving and doing positive things with money attracted others who shared the same vision and they put her into a position of leadership.  The ability to direct money really positively and elicit successful outcomes also gets you into a position of leadership.  If you spend money really wisely, even on humanitarian concerns, people may even offer you their money or a government budget for which to apply your ideas.  Leadership, is not just fame or legacy, leadership is giving and becoming a caretaker of mankind.  A giver, a caretaker-those are leadership qualities.  The one’s who will provide the necessities, teachings, opportunities, quality of life, healing, beautification and beyond-those are the leaders.  The problem solvers are the leaders.  The cleaning, the air quality, the roads, the food supply, the clothes, the education-that is leadership. 

If you are in a court case, justified true belief can also elicit a positive response or verdict.  An intelligent truth can be positivity. 

An excerpt from upcoming book, “Sago Palm,” by Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

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