Fit, Lean & Beautiful #60

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

One wonderful thing to do for many hair textures especially fine or oily hair is the “double wash.”  Double washing gives it more fluffiness, “spring” or body and cleanliness.  Very often it takes more than one wash to remove oil, dirt, product, and pollutants.  Double washing may work wonders for your hair for a truer clean. Double washing may keep your skin cleaner as well.

One particularly important thing to search for is an appropriate shampoo and conditioner for your specific hair type.  There are many considerations when selecting a shampoo.  One of the very best shampoos may to the “touch” feel like:  water, oil, nutritious, supple, smooth etc.  Very often you can feel in your hand how a shampoo will respond in your hair.  Some clear or blue clear-ish shampoos may be stripping or make the hair brittle.  They may have gone for squeaky clean that strips the hair and lacks nutrients.   The look and feel of the shampoo matters.  A medium weight is good.  Not to heavy and not to thin.  A shampoo with some richness. Weigh your shampoo against one like “Vatika,” a very perfected nutritious ayurvedic shampoo.  There are shampoos for afros or curly hair that better detangle or distinguish curls or hold tight curls or do not over condition and loosen small curls, such as those in afros. 

Nexus conditioner for example is a good detangler.  You can use a wide tooth comb and a quarter or so amount of Nexus to detangle especially curly hair or ringlets or German curls very often by combing through while in the shower.  It may leave you with soft and more distinguished curls. 

What is also interesting is there is some difference in quality when the conditioners are concentrated, and a pea sized amount is sufficient as opposed to a handful or gloppy-ness.  For finer hair, pea sized portions often in smaller bottles are way better to avoid weighing the hair down.  Some clarifying “squeaky clean” shampoos strip the hair so badly you need a salons care to restore its health.  A stylist may wash and deep condition your hair and trim off brittle parts so well that it restores your “plant” to health. 

Sometimes it takes a lot of sensitivity and using a good one versus a really bad one to ascertain quality.  Some shampoos may be “boutique-y” and have wonderful scents but little to no lather to clean the hair sufficiently.  Beware of products that have a  “squeaky clean” result or do not clean at all.  You can feel all its properties.  What is worse is bad shampoos may be hard on the body and the hands as well.  A drying stripping shampoo will dry out your hands as well. 

What makes sense is a trip to somewhere like “Sally’s Beauty Supply,” to search for “your” hair’s proper products.  They stock a lot of diversity and specific products for hair types or textures and color treated hair.  They also stock expensive and wonderful brand name shampoos in generics that salons or stylists pick up.  Ones like their generic Paul Mitchell may be more useful or better as a shampoo with styling qualities.  Paul Mitchell products offer good shine, smoothing, and styling agents. 

What is good to have in mind is to look for nutrition, test consistency, match your type, think about what you are going for and try not to over weigh or burden your hair.  Goopy-ness has a heaviness that can matte or burden the hair that is why you do not always want the big “cheapie” bottle.  Very often, a small, concentrated bottle where a pea sized amount is used may represent a higher quality and a better lighter result.  Look for ayurvedic brands like Himalaya or Vatika for extremely healthy and nutritious options. (

When you think about your conditioner think about quantity. Is it a pea sized concentrate or quarter sized for long hair, is it a handful or is it really goop-y weighted and thick?

Fine hair needs to pay attention to product weight. Some “handfuls” may be for deep conditioners. Small bottles with pea sized amounts often last a long time. Probably the more you need sometimes the less effective. Shampoo has “notes” much like wine.

A good stylist may appreciate a special kind of diversity and be a different kind of humanitarian.

When it comes to soaps like body soaps very often it can be advised to use the more “technical.” There is so much necessity for soaps to clean, deodorize and perform a variety of specific tasks, that home made soaps, even lovingly made ones can rash and fall short of needs. Highly “technical” soaps and products are like ergonomic furniture, made to measure and satisfying. There is such a huge need for soaps to sterilize, that one should look for “technical” and serious brands. However, handmade soaps are nice to scent the bathroom.

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