Severe need, severe greed!

The old English said

Severe need!

Severe greed!

Where there is need, there is greed

Where there is greed, there is need
















Greed needs need

Greed needs need

For lead greed creed seed

When need goes, greed goes

When need goes lead greed creed seed goes

Maintain greed to overcome need?

One’s fear of need creates everlasting greed

One see’s need and succumbs to everlasting greed

No desire need is everlasting greed

One feels he needs need to maintain greeds creed

But not his own need, he needs greed and he needs need

Like the mountain needs the valley

Greed needs need

Like the owner needs the renter

Greed needs need

Need measures greed

Need is the best friend of greed

Greed is needs destination

Greed is needs admiration

Need buys greeds products if greed is a good enough destination

Need needs greed

Need needs a ladder

Need finds a path in greed

Without greed, there is everlasting need



The old English said

Some had fear to leave greed

Some had fear to remain in need

Locks were placed on greed and need

The old English said

Everyone can’t be greed

Everyone can’t be need

There are a diversity of jobs need is planned for

Caste systems placed locks on greed and need

To satisfy the diversity of jobs

Greeds fear of need was stronger than need expected

After awhile greed became clever to lock in need

The more greed the more beauty

The more greed the more education

The more greed the bigger house

The bigger house the more greed needs need

Greed erected philosophies and religions

Greed became a way of life

Need tried to escape greed via immigration

Need would walk to another country

Need would escape in rubber inflated rafts in shark infested waters

Need got tired of greed

Need had generations behind in education

After a while need could barely speak or write

The distance between need and greed expanded

Directly between need and greed some got enough to grow out of need and were partial need

Full need declined

Full need declined

Partial need was left to deal with full greed

Partial need started to progress and was smarter than greed

Greed although they had more education, lack of care stupefied their brain

Partial need progresses more

Greeds children are too greedy and don’t turn out

Greeds children knew no struggle their brains too were stupefied and lacked care

Partial need begins to progress some more with education

Partial need represents the only group with both education and care

In greed’s hands the people fill up with disease

In greed’s hands the people begin to die off

The only one now left to take over has enough care and enough education

Partial need takes over the country

Partial need is greed’s clean-up crew

Greed ends the world

Partial need saves it

Partial need saves need

But need looked up to greed

Partial need looked up to care and full need looked up to greed

The more need got saved, the more greed increased

The more need got saved, the lack of care, lack of education and admiration of greed, created a dangerous save

Partial need doesn’t win with need and partial need doesn’t win with greed

Greed constantly tries to kill partial need

Greed sometimes employs need to kill partial need

Greed tries to be the leader again and again

Greed gets more and more policed by partial need

Greed forms groups against partial need

Partial need fights all the problems created by greed

Partial need deals with the diseases of greed

Everyday attempts are made on partial needs life to maintain greed

Need starts to look up to partial need just a little

Need can barely look up to partial need, need needs greed

Need needs a full exit, need likes the luster of greed

Partial need promotes to build a house you can clean yourself

Partial need promotes scholarship

Greed becomes unpopular because greed did not promote scholarship

Greed becomes unpopular because greed did not promote care, safety or efficiency

Greed realizes his greed wasn’t as strong as he thought

Eventually more need move up to partial need and some to greed

More greed moves-what up or down to partial need?

Greed didn’t have care?

Greed never moves to partial need

Greed never moves to care

Greed feels he is losing power and attempts murders and defamation, but not care

Need realizes the lack of care of greed in the contrast of care from partial need

Greed starts to lose friends, fans, clients and customers

Greed over time dies off

Greed hated need

The memory of need for need is strong and never again can they hold up greed?

Well if they too want greed they have to love greed to be in a similar position? What about the similar position? Admiration sold greed’s records

How would you want to be treated?

Partial need makes wide-spread changes

Need adapts, greed does not adapt but becomes reliant on care

When partial need becomes bitter they threaten to withdraw care and greed pickets

Greed suffered from their own lack of care

All suffer under greed, even greed

Greed starts to recover from partial needs care

Greed has one objective-no need, which starts to expand based on partial needs ideas

Greed tries to copy partial need and be a leader again

From coast to coast greed tries to rob partial needs care and ideas to replace their own pure greed

Greed walks and talks defeated, greed is nearly giving up, greed is practically excommunicated

Greed tries to lead countries for which they are not a citizen

The contrast between greed and partial need is so huge, that greed develops a mental illness, they tell themselves lies

Greed’s vision was so singular that they wait for partial need to have all their ideas and like a mountain goat, wish to regain the top, they know the way and will adapt to the new ideas

Like a mountain goat, greed continues to run for office, only now people can’t even stand to vote

The memory of their lack of care is so devastating, sometimes greed gets in office because need and partial need can’t stand to vote anymore

Greed gathers all the criminals to their side and campaigns with no one in the race

Need and partial need wait for the next problems to clean- up

There were so many problems, need and partial need became excellent problem solvers

Greed generally has a singular vision, very often their there for fame or worse to rob the government or the people

Partial need fought hard and right before partial need was getting to weary

Her children were born

Partial need’s children were strong fighters, as children they became lawyers, opened newspapers and studied engineering to control greed and end greed

Partial need joined forces with other partial need, their fighting grew

They work together harmoniously, they achieve cooperation

The world changes over, they promote paradise and birth the next generations of Paradisians

Excerpt from Sago Palm, by Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

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