Rock Pillow

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

I see his face

Slate or grey wash, blueish wash

A little grey rock pillow

You give me a little yellow

I think I have the sun

He carries a staff

He may be a hobo

He may be disabled

He is laying

He is moving




He builds a fire

Not of sticks

Something larger

Next to the man

Or of the man

You give me red

I think I have fire

You tip the red in orange

A very hot fire

The ceramic

The staged object

Now a wash

It has five

I think I have a hand

It has two

I think I have two legs

2 erect

2 halfway

1 stub trying

Can you give them a hand?

This bowl

This earth

Half this world

This family


Can you give them a hand?

They will burn him

This grey wash world

They will burn him

And all those like him

They will burn them

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