Something for the poets

These ones without housing

They became something for the poets

Something for the artists

Something for the social system

Something with which to shame leaders

Something for history

Something for the fighters

Some reflection of you and I

Something to fear

An architectural problem

A health crisis

A substance problem

A failed economy

A situation of overpopulation

Something to change in the future

Or a state of emergency right now

Or a time to un-brand

Or a time for valuation

Or a time to do what you would want done for yourself

Or a problem helped at too late a stage

Or a call for rent abatement organizations

Or a call for temporary housing

Or a free world

To lift them up, respectfully, to protect them from harm

Without placing them on a list

Without attaching a title

Without making this “moment” last forever

To have correct emotion, to have care

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