Learn From Everything

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

There was a man, “Little Jinn,”  he wished to be “all knowing”

He told me, “Learn from everything”

Learn off things, from things

Learn off things like books, art, classes, articles, journals, magazines, practice etc.

Even aggressively learn, to become an aggressive learner

To be in the mindset, that from this, you may learn something

Or ascertain what may be learned, extracted, or analyzed

To graduate your thought

To keep graduating your thought throughout your life in the pursuit of genius as a formula

To volley in dynamic conversations

The development of inferential writing

To arrive to conclusions, the germ of something

Like Heraclitus an early Greek Philosopher

Asking questions to grow smarter in an earlier time

He felt it was not the gathering, but the understanding

Your analysis, your questioning, your scaffolding

Are part of the basis of your genius

To do it often is genius, as was the practice of early thinkers

Excerpt from Sago Palm due out sometime in 2023

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