Blog with a variety of numbered columns including:
“Fit, Lean and Beautiful”
“Financial Series”
“Art Writing”
“Up to Snuff, A Guide for Writers”
“Sunday Quin”
“Invisible President”

Blog is also a pastiche that includes a variety of interviews, previews and reviews, humanitarian writings, non profit and community building writings, leadership, poetry, excerpts from books, local news features, college news, epistemology articles, articles on work, philosophy articles, feminist theory, foreign and domestic affairs, science, tech and creative writing.

Direct all comments, inquiries, requests to reprint or for educational use or anthology, or for film or TV or Music licensing, fan mail, general letters to the writer, requests for lectures or readings or solicitations or requests for syndication or columnist requests, or for employment or invitations in general both international and domestic, to

At this time, the Revolving Stream blog is written entirely by Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu, its founder.
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