Up to Snuff #59: Rhetoric

Up to Snuff  #59:  Rhetoric

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu



The art of speaking with elegance and force, declamation: oratory; the art of skillful use of language in prose writing.

The Consolidated Webster Multi-Pictured Encyclopedia Dictionary


Rhetorical as in rhetorical problem solving

“Effectively communicating the results of that work.” “Communicating effectively the technical problems that they solved.”

“Rhetoric, however has more general, less negative meaning than its popular connotation suggests, defined most simply it means “effective communication.””

“Effectively communicating the essentials of technical problem solving.”

“Communication refers to activities ranging from writing formal technical reports to running a meeting”

“Effective is something that an audience can understand and deal with significantly.”

“To upper management, peer experts, subordination or the public outside all need to have the results of the technical problem solving explained to them clearly so that they can act upon what they learn in ways appropriate to their positions.”

Technical and Professional Writing by George E. Kennedy and Tracy T. Montgomery


“Art of Oratory, to say, to speak, orator, more at word, the art of speaking or writing effectively, the study of principles and rules of composition formulated by critics of ancient times, the study of writing or speaking as a means of communication or persuasion, skill in the effective use of speech, a type or mode of language or speech”

“Rhetorical question, given to speech, grandiloquent, asked merely for rhetorical effect with no answer expected.”

Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary



Rhetoric Aristotle

Rhetoric A Very Short Introduction

Rhetorical Devices a Handbook and Activities for Student Writers

Rhetorical Devices

Rhetoric Alive Principles of Persuasion

Rhetoric for Writing Program Administrators

Rhetorical Theory Second Edition Borchers


Up to Snuff #57: Spring Book List 2018

Up to Snuff #57:  Spring Book List 2018

Compiled by Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

Roland Barthes

Samuel Beckett, More Pricks than Kicks

Thomas Raddall, The Nymph and The Lamp

Stefan Zweig, Balzac

Flaubert and Madame Bovary, Francis Steegmuller

Dubai Tales, Muhammed al Murr

Prize Stories OHenry Awards 1983

Daphne Dumaurier, Don’t Look Now

Thich Nhat Hanh

Dalai Lama


Timeout Paris

Chateaux and Hotels of France

Doris Lessing, The Cleft

The Last Picture Show, Larry McMurthy

Kurt Vonnegut

Ram Das, Be Here Now

Leave Here to Heaven, Ben Miles Williams

Nigger of Narcissus, Joseph Conrad

Roads of Destiny, O’Henry

Kapuscinski, Shadow of the Sun

Harvard Classics

Show Boat, So big, Cimarron, Edna Ferber-Three Living Novels of American of Life

Landscape Graphics, Reid

A Perfect Lady, Pollack Wolff

Sommerset Maugham, 10 Novels

James Baldwin

The Jungle, Upton Sinclair

Ceramics, Nelson

Zhan Lian, Painting books and DVD’s (search on internet)

Jane Eyre

The Arabian Nights, Sir Richard F. Burton

The Prophet, Kahlil Gibran

Queen Victoria, Elizabeth Longford

The Sun Also Rises, Hemingway

A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens

Resurrection Blues, Arthur Miller

Consilience, E.O. Wilson

A Room With a View, E.M. Forster


Up to Snuff #55: Book List Primarily French Writers Extracted from “Flaubert and Madame Bovary” By Francis Steegmuller

Up to Snuff #55:  Book List Primarily French Writers Extracted from “Flaubert and Madame Bovary” By

Francis Steegmuller

Assembled by, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu


History of Genoa

Breughal “The Temptation of Saint Anthony” (Painting)


Victor Hugo

Study of Greek



Stendahl (Pseudonym of Marie Henri Beyle)

Edgar Allan Poe

Saint Theresa


Don Quixote, Cervantes

Uncle Parain From Nogent


Last Hours of Marguerite of Burgundy

Two Hands on One Crown

Secrets of Phillip the Wise

Matteo Faleme

Two Coffins for One Outlaw

The Plague in Florence

The Iron Hand

A Dream of Hell


Bernadin de Saint Pierre


Byron Translations

Henri III, Et sa Coeur

Victor Hugo, Hernani

Theophile Gautier, (Romanticist)

Alexandre Dumas





George Sand

Plays of Racine Cornielle

Comedie Francaise

Louis Phillippe of Orleans

Jacques, George Sands

Chatterton, Vigny

De Comps, The Suicide

Old Rules of Rhetoric

History of Dukes of Burgundy

Marie de Medicis



Corneille and Racine

Horace Odes






Hugo, Les Orientales

Notre Dame de Paris



Queen of Sheba

Idees Recues

Chateaubriand, Rene and Atala (Style Schools)


Thoughts of Sceptic

La Danse des Morts

Mortuary Themes


Byron’s, Caine

Memoires d’un Fou


L’education Sentimentale

Dolts and Debaucheres


Aesthetics of Hegel

Vincents, History of Genoa

Merimee, Prosper

Merimee, Notes of a Journey in the South of France

The Last of the Mohicans


Hugo, Feuilles d’Automne

Lucrece Borgia

Le Roi S’amuse

Dumas’s “Antony”

Medieval and Oriental Subjets

Guy Maupassant

Froissant Chronicles

Capeluche le Bourreau

On L’homme Rouge

Les Orientales, Hugo

Uncle Tom’s Cabin

The Cousins of Isis



Alfred de Musset

Les Transmigrations du Latin


Comedy of Plautus

La Martine

A Ma Belle Lectrice, Bouilhet

Pasha Abbas

Abu Simbel

Acropole d’Athenes, L’ Colet

Amor nel Cor, Colet



Arpentigny,  Captain d’

Art et l’Amour, Colet


Aux Poetes, Du Camps

Eleanor Marx, Aveling

Aventures de Mademoiselle Mariette, Les Champfleury



Honore de Balzac

Charles Baudelaire


Le Candidat, Flaubert

Candide, Voltaire

Capeluche le Bourreau, Du Camps

Ce Qu’On Reve en Aimant, Colet

Ce Qui Est dans le Coeur de Femmes, Colet

Miguel de Cervantes


Les Chants de Vaincus, Colet

Chants Modernes, Du Camp

Charlotte Corday et Mdame Roland, Colet

Francois Rene Chateaubriand

Le Chateau de Versailles, Colet

Les Chatiments, Hugo

Un Coeur Simple, Flaubert

Confessions, Musset

La Dame aux Camelias, Dumas

La Danse des Morts, Flaubert

De Gladiatoribus, Lipsius

Dictionnaire des Idees Recues

Du Vrai, du Beau et du Bien, Cousin

Fantomes, Colet

Feuilles d’Automne, Hugo


Les Fleurs du Mal, Baudelaire

Fleurs du Midi, Colet

Fossiles, Bouilhet

The Golden Ass, Apuleius

The Golden Legend

The Governess, Colet

Graziella, Lamartine

Herodias, Flaubert

History of Poetical Feelings in France, Flaubert

Illaid Homer


Journal de Rouen

Immanuel Kant

The Last of the Mohicans, Cooper

Life of Jesus, Strauss

Le Livre Posthume, Du Camp

Louis Lambert, Balzac

Love Letters. Colet

Lysistrata, Aristophanes

Macbeth, Shakespeare

Madame d’Aigrizelles, Champfleury

Madamede Montarcy, Bouilhet

Madeleine, Colet

Mademoiselle de Maupin, Gautier

La Maison de Poete Exile, Colet

Manon Lescaut, Prevost

Matteo Falcone, Flaubert

Le Medicin de Campagne, Balzac

Melaenis, Bouilhet

Memoires d’Outretombe, Chateaubraind

Moise, Chateaubriand

Moliere (Pseudonym of Jean Baptiste Poquelin)

Moniteur Universal

Monsier le Prefet (Flaubert)

Le Monument de Moliere, Colet

Le Musee Secret de Naples

Napolean le Petit, Hugo


Nil Le Egype et Nubie, Du Camp

Novembre, Flaubert

Odssey, Homer

Par les Champs et par les Greves, Flaubert

Paysage et Amour, Colet

Les Pays Lumineux, Colet

Penserosa, Colet

Pericles, Shakespeare

The Plague de Florence, Flaubert

Politics, Aristotle

Preceptes du Style, Buffon

Prevost D’Exiles, Antoine Francois (Abbe Prevost)

Religions of Antiquity, Kreuzer

Rene, Chateaubriand

Ressouvenir Paien, Colet

Revue de Paris


Le Roi S’Amuse, Hugo

Le Rouge et le Noir, Stendahl

Jean Jacques Rousseau

Salammbo, Flaubert

Satyricon (Petronius)

The Secret of Phillip the Wise, Flaubert

La Servante, Colet

William Shakespeare

Smarh, Flaubert


Souvenirs et Paysages d’Orient, Du Camp

Souvenirs Litteraires, Du Camp

The Suicide, Decamps

Tagahor, Du Camp

Trois Contes, Flaubert


Une Nuit de Don Juan, Flaubert

Vie de Boheme, Murger

Comte Alfred Victor, Vigny


A Midsummer Nights Dream

The Tempest

La Martine

King John

Child of the Sun, Soul of Fire


Charlotte Cordoy et Madame Roland (Feminism)

Le Chateau de Versailles


James Henry, Notes on Novelists

Levin, Harry, The Gates of Horn

Brombert, Victor, The Novels of Flaubert

Colum, Mary, From These Roots

Degoumois, Leon, Flaubert a L’ecole de Goethe

Mestral Combremont, La Belle Madame Colet

Praz, Mario, The Romantic Agony

Starkie, Enid, Flaubert:  The Making of the Master

Up to Snuff #54: Indian Writers Book List

Up to Snuff #54:  Indian Writers Book List

Osho DVD’s and Books


Bhagavadgita Home Study Course by Swami Dayananda Saraswati, a 2 year course, Published by Arsha Vidya Gurukulam, Institute of Vedanta & Sanskrit, Saylorsburg, PA, volume 1

Mahabarata, By William Buck

Autobiography of Gandhi

Gandhi on Personal Leadership, By, Anand Kumarasamy

Mohandas Gandhi Essential Writings, John Dear

Messages From Amma, In the Language of the Heart

Fareed Zakaria (Some earlier articles in Foreign Affairs were masterful)

Passage to India, E.M. Forster


Shakti Gowain, Creative Visualization

Dr. Mishra

R.K. Narayan 1906-2001 The Guide

Amitav Ghosh-The Glass Palace, Sea of Gypsies

Mulk Raj Anand 1905-2004

Chetan Bhajat-A Night in a Call Center

Raja Rao-1908-2006

Nayantara Sahgel, 1927-2017

Nirad C. Chaudhuri, 1897-1993

Bharati Mukherjee, 1940-2017

Amita Nair

V.S. Naipaul

Kiran Desai-The Inheritance

Jhumpa Lahiri, The Interpreter of Maladies

Kovid Gupta

Argha Shadid Ali

Rohinton Mistry, A Fine Balance

Salman Rushdie, Midnights Children

Vikram Seth, A Suitable Boy

Arundhati Ray, God of Small Things

Triveni Acharya

Judge Ahluwalia

Teresa Albuquerque

Afshan  Anjum

Umarj i Anuradha

Rana Ayyub

Nadira Babbar

Tista Bagchi

Rupa Bajwa


Rashmi Bausal

Dayamjani Barla

Jahnavi Barwa

Kiran Bedi

Pankaj Bhadoumia

Shereen Bhan

Bela Bhartia

Bindu Bhatt

Suchititra Bhattacharya

Margaret Bhalty

Shomali Bose

Dimane Bunshe

Uma Chakravarti

Anuparma Chandrasekhar

AAngana P. Chatterji

Swati Chaturvedi

Supriya Chaudhuri

Shaili Chopra

Monica Das

Sadu Dehlvi

Kishwar Desai

Nabaneeta Dev Sen

Hahar Dutt

Shahira EK

Sama Faliero

Leela Ganhi

Saganika Ghose

Ruchira Gupta

Daisy Hasan

Lakshimi Holmstrom

Roopa Pai

Jameel Nishat

Sumita Narain


Some Indian Poets

Meena Alexander


Syed Waheed A Shraf

Bhavesh Bhatt

Sri Chimmay

Ritam Chaudhury

Keki N. Daruwalla

Leema Bhar

Tishami Doshi

Joy Goswami

Jyotish Jami

Laxmi Agarwah

Amita Nair


Up to Snuff #51: How to Research Books

Up to Snuff #51: How to Research Books

Compiled By Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

-Public Libraries and University libraries and area libraries catalog searches, key word searches in collections, put in quotes phrases to search, subject searches and use a ? to truncate a search  or search America and American at the same time

-Addall.com   for rare and out of print books

-Online book stores like amazon.com or Amazons international book retailers, type in search box Amazon then country or language, new used and out of print, carries most books

-Online retailer such as Barnes and Noble

-Interlibrary loans

-Ebooks in online libraries or university libraries or booksellers




-Googles   www.easybib.com    to help you to create a bibliography of books


-Wikipedia bibliographies or wiki searches in general like a country or continent  then writers of that country or continent

-Searching awards histories

-College Publishers and their Presses eg. Northwestern University  Press for scholarly academic writing

-Small Presses

-Search Publishers of the world websites for their books eg. Random House, Penguin, Prentice Hall, Trafford

-Taking classes and receiving syllabus and special college printings

-Book Stores of the world

-Cheap book hubs

-Library of Congress, searchable


-American Library Association Book Lists

-Book lists in general

-Google Search

-Search functions of websites or databases

-Book Fairs, local, regional and International

-Magazines showcase books

-Publishers Catalog mailings

-Book Reviews, eg. New York Times Book Review

-Research outfits

-Blogs connected to authors

-Author Learning Center

-Used Book Sales

-Thrift Stores


-Nobel Laureates

-Museums like Museum of Modern Art Books

-Author Searches

-Search Areas, search authors-


-Book jackets for other books by author or by publisher

-Super computer

-bibliographies in general

-Newspaper Database searches

-Books for how to Research

-www.bibio.com  browse booksellers for scholarly books

-How to find anything by Don Macleod

-International book stores on vacation

-Catalogues at Art Exhibitions



-used bookstores

-Search Presidential Libraries

-Garage sales, moving sales and estate sales

-Company libraries

-Author book clubs, readings, book signings, Poetry slams

-A search wiz

-Contact Artist Galleries for artist books

-buy books after checking them out from library

-Search academic, search scholarly or go direct to where PHD”S are written or to a research org or a research college’s press

-Search all university presses

-Search college websites

-Research each area of interest thoroughly to know its authors and contributors


-Books cited or mentioned in books

-Search for example a small British Press

-Register school to get access to a good library or ebooks

-Ask colleagues for sources, share or trade syllabi

-Teachers can use wiki bibliographies

-College News

-indexes at the backs of books




Up to Snuff #50: Winter Reading List 2018 with emphasis on African Writers

Up to Snuff #50:  Winter Reading List 2018 with emphasis on African Writers

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

Put together a box of books, cover your coffee table with books,  light a fire or head to a cottage or good “reading city” and read, read, read and maybe practice piano, throw in a few page turners, some classics and what I call “kb” or knowledge based books, stash articles, research a nice PHD read, check for Nobel Laureates in Literature and don’t forget to take your child to the library once a week to satisfy a young readers consumption, maybe 2 books a night, maybe even take a book run vacation and collect foreign language books to build a linguistics profile, buy or build some book shelves and build your families library, read, read, read.   A good hobby to have is researching books or getting good classes with good book lists or go to a school with a good library or asking colleagues for a book list, read, read, read.


Sommerset Maugham –all books


Nikolai Gogol

D.H. Lawrence

Daphne Du Maurier

Jane Eyre

Nathanial Hawthorne

Alice Walker



Falun Gong

Find some good Latin books

Spanish novels or newspapers or little pamphlets

Try to read/earn a few skills

Read across an area all you can get your hands on or a writers complete collection

Carlos Casteneda

T.S. Elliot

Aga Kahn

Prentice Hall books (Publisher)


James Baldwin

Jose Saramago



E.O. Wilson

Oscar Wilde

Read Recipes

Fareed Zakaria

Pablo Neruda

Octavio Paz

Rosario Castellanos

Paul Ricoeur


Aleksandr Dugin

Jurgen Habermas

Nick Land Alt Right

Bill Gates

Complete Guide to Sewing, Readers Digest 1995

Designing Apparel Through Flat Pattern Fifth Edition, Fairchild Publications

How to Draft Basic Flat Patterns, Fairchild Publications

Ross, B.H., This is Like That:  The Use of Earlier Problems and the Separation of Similarity Effects.  Journal of Experimental Psychology:  Learning, Memory and Cognition

Schank, R.C., Tell Me a Story:  Narrative and Intelligence, Evanston, Ill, Northwestern University Press

Schank, R.C., & Abelson R., Scripts, Plans, Goals and Understanding:  An Inquiry into Human Knowledge Structures, Hillsdale, NJ, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates

Spiro, R.J., Coulson, R.L., Feltvich, P.J., & Anderson, D.K (1988) Cognitive Flexibility Theory:  Advanced Knowledge Acquisition in Ill Structured Domains, Tech Report No 441, Champaign, Ill:  University of Illinois

Center for the Study of Reading, Sternberg, R. J., & French, P.A. (Eds.) (1991) Complex Problem Solving:  Principles and Mechanisms, Hillsdale, NJ, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates

Voss, J.F & Post, T. A. (1988), On solving of Ill Structured Problems, IN M. T.. H Chi, R, Glaser, & M.J. Farr (Eds.), The Nature of Expertise (PP. 261-185), Hillsdale, NJ:  Lawrence Erlbaum Associates


The Complete Greek Tragedies

MLA Style Manual and Guide to Scholarly Publishing

Writing Your Dissertation In Fifteen Minutes a Day:  A Guide to Starting, revising and finishing your doctoral thesis/Joan Bolker

Sicily by Katie and Giancarlo Caldesi

The Italian Baker by Melissa Forti and Danny Bernardini

Mozza at Home by Nancy Silverton and Carolyn CArreno

Henry and June

Tropic of Cancer

Cities of The Interior, Anais Nin


The Rhinoceros  by, Ionesco

A good almanac

Collect Maps and study them



Some African Writers

Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

Peter Abrahams, Mine boy, This Island Now, A Wreath for Udomo ( South Africa)

Chinua Achebe (Nigeria)

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Jose Eduardo Agualusa

Mohamed Naseehu Ali (Ghana)

Germano Almeida

Elechi Amadi

Ayi Kwei Armah (Ghana)

Sefi Atta

Ayesha Harruna Attah

Mariama BA

Nadifa Mohamed

Chris Barnard

Mongo Beti

Andre Brink

J.M Coetzee

Mia Couto

Tsitsi Dangarembga

Mohammed Dib

E.K.M. dido

Assia Djebar

  1. Sello Duiker

Daphne Williams

Buchi Emecheta

Daniel Olorunfemi Fagunwa

Nuruddin Farah

Athol Fugard

Nadine Gordimer

Alex La Guma

Bessie Head

Moses Isegawa

Rayda Jacobs

Tahar Ben Jellouon

Cheikh Hamidou Kane

Yasmina Khadra

Camara Laye

Naguib Mahfouz

Charles Mangua

Sarah Ladipo Manyika

Dambudzo  Marechera

Darlene mattee

Zakes Mda

Thomas Mofolo

Bai Tamia Moore

Meja Mwangi

Ngugi wa Thiong’o

Lewis Nkosi

Flora Nwapa

Nnedi Okorafor

Ben Okri

Deon Opperman

Yambo Ouologuem

Alan Paton


Sol Plaatje

Nawal El Saadawi

Tayeb Salih

Wilton Sankawulo

Karel Schoeman

Olive Schreiner

Benjamin Sehene

Ousmane Sembene

Wole, Soyinka

Amos Tutuola

Marlene van Niekirk

Yvonnne Vera

Jose Luandino Vieira

Joseph Jeffrey Walters

Birhanu Zerihun

Ama Ata Aidoo

Georges Andriamanantena

Jared Angira

Kofi Anyidoho

Kofi Awooner

Sahesillasse Birhanemariam

Breyten Breytenbach

Dennis Brutus

Glynn Burridge

Abena Busia

John Pepper Clark

Jose Craveirinha

Viriato Clemenete da Cruz

Getinet Eniyew

Tsegaye Gebremedhin

Abbe Gubenga


Ingrid Jonker

Jonathan Kariara

Joseph Kariuki

Susan Kiguli

Ahmadou Kourouma

Antjie Krog

Jack Mapanje

Eugene Mapanje

Eugene Marais

Don Mattera

Bai Tamia Moore

Togara Muzanenhamo

  1. Moses Nagbe

Arthur Nortje

Gabriel Okara

Nii Parkes

Chrisotpher Okigbo

Okot P’Bitek

Lenrie Peters

Jean-Joseph Rabearivelo

Jacques Rabemananjara

Elie Rajaonarison

Ny Avana Ramanantoanina

Pierre Randrianarisoa

Jean Verdi Saloman Razakandraina

David Rubadiri

Tijan Sallah

Leopold Sedar Senghor

Debede Seyfu

Bewketu Seyoum

Warsan Shire

Adam Small

Veronique Tadjo

Dagnachew WERku

Armenio Vieira

Patricia Jabbeh Wesley



Credit:  Wikipedia African Writers List (see for more detailed list)




Happy Holidays and Gift Giving Season! Books by Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

Happy Holidays!

What makes a wonderful gift for the season are books by author/poet Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu.

To order “The Pearl Reader” and “Magic 8 and The Bone Marrow Sucker,” two delightful collections of poems by Ghanaian-American poet, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu, see below links.  Available from the website, or the publisher on trafford.com or from Amazon.com or Chapters in Indigo in Canada and on Barnes and Noble online. Enter your contact information at www.magic8book.com to receive future notices about upcoming book releases.

Magic 8 & the Bone Marrow Sucker:





The Pearl Reader:






 In Canada:



Coming in August 2018 is a collection of poetry titled “Value to Man.”

Christmas Notes, A Golden Christmas 2017

Christmas Notes, A Golden Christmas 2017

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu


Christmas song books with music for caroling and live playing:

The Penny Whistle Christmas Party Book

The Reader’s Digest Merry Christmas

The Time-Life Christmas Songbook

Ultimate Christmas 100 Seasonal Favorites

The Family Christmas Song Book

The Best Christmas Songs Ever

The Ultimate Guitar Christmas Fake

The Big Book of Ragtime Piano Sheet Music Hall Leonard Corp

Ragtime The Musical, Piano, Vocal & Chords


A Selection of Christmas Cookbooks with Décor and Menu Ideas

Family Christmas Treasures (Christmas stories)

Our Best Christmas Recipes, Southern Living

A Very Merry Christmas Good Housekeeping

Family Circle Big Book of Christmas

From World Book (Christmas in Denmark, Christmas in Switzerland, Christmas in the Philippines, Christmas in Mexico)

British & Irish Cooking, Round the World Cooking (English Puddings, Trifle, Butterscotches)

The Everyday Bartender Book

The Little Pink Book of Cocktails

Bartenders Manual

Eastern Mediterranean Cooking, Round World Cookbook

Fabulous Food, The Costco Way (Annual Book)

Absolutely Appetizing Temptations, Add-A-Tech, Inc.


Christmas Decorations Suggestions or Ideas

Sleighs, Sleds, Snow Shoes (One Kings Lane), Chat skis, Stuffed Animals, Teddy Bears, Dolls, Barbie’s, toys, tartan pillows and throws, lights, tree with designed lights and bulbs, snowmen, ceramic trees with lights, train sets, angels, bulbs, wreaths, garland, poinsettia, family photos, Santa’s, Virgins, Jesus, Prayers, outdoor decorations, snowflakes, professional decorations, look in books for suggestions and match up, scented candles, bows, a post it bright paper wall Christmas tree with a red star (papers are green, orange, light orange, pinkish red), deer, woodland creatures, chalk board, paper links, all red German Trees with cut out hearts on top, or woodland creatures, or colored marshmallows on tree, bells, Elves, soldiers, drums, kitsch,  religious paraphernalia, nutty, pine cones, fire place, mantels, hearth, bring up all chat skis and virgins, bulbs and decorations from storage, nativity set, fruit bowls, vintage roller skates, white Christmas trees, stockings, branch strung up horizontally to hand gifts or stockings from, The lodge feeling, stuffed hearts on tree, red and white gingham and red and white country check, tied cinnamon sticks, potpourri, Christmas Sprites, hanging red ribbons, Christmas Duvet, flannel sheets, pillows, homemade stockings with embroidery or needlepoint

Gift Ideas

Dog biscuits, cheery stationary, monogrammed stationary, big things of tootsie rolls, large kisses, fruit baskets, Swisscolony.com, trays of baklava, movies, cakes, tins of cookies, tins of nuts, bags of candies, stocking stuffers, Christmas Cards and buy 10-$10 cards for $100 to send Amazon Gift Cards to people who may have been kind to you in some way or people on staff at your school or your children’s school and nice stamps, dellalo.com, cook books, song books, sheet music, books or book gift cards, sweaters, fairisle sweaters, fishing jackets, fishing poles, shawls, scarves, make up and perfume, lotions, ponchos, hat and scarf, gloves, a car gift or emergency kits flashlights/maps/GPS, trips, weekend getaways, tickets, magazine subscriptions, new dictionary, cool software, writing books, ask for their list, jams, pastries and breads, tech gifts may be things like flash drives, USB splitters, art work, teapots, dish sets, stemware, decanter sets, holiday glass or dish sets, paper, a how to book, teach a skill, journals, socks, underwear, pajama, robes, gym clothes, evening wear, gift certificates, poetry, almanacs, maps, guide books, things that transform your life in weird ways like a map, money, trusts, scholarships, office supplies, nice calculators, organizational items, Tupperware Set, stack of paper/ drawing paper and art supplies, gouache, inks and brushes, drawing easel, drawing horse, rolodex, music, baroque music, international music, textiles, jazz, classical music, money towards lessons and an instrument, pay for a camping trip, fire wood or scented wood, sports tickets, show tickets, tailgater supplies, lined paper, electronics, fitness watches, FITBIT, Gardening books, binders and sheet protectors for family recipes and special papers and school work, interesting tools rulers & scissors, sewing machines and sergers, monogrammers, needlepoint by the fire,  clothing, smart clothes,  Christmas portrait, fur, fur pillows, bed sheets, Christmas duvets, candles, tea, coffees, cocoas, alcohol, holiday pancake mixes, food stuffs, popcorn, horn rimmed knives, box of chocolates, hair ornamentation, jewelry, gardening tools gloves boots and outfits, cleaning outfits, vacuums, steam cleaners and agents, smoke boxes, printer inks, folk music, punk rock, donations on their behalf to charities or organizations or places they frequent, photo album with sticky pages, sexy/sensual gifts bubble baths or vibrators, snow boots, shovels, snow blowers, put together cookies in a tin or plastic container, chopsticks, pots and pans, serving dishes, high ball glasses, blankets, chat skis, cooking or chef equipment, One Kings Lane, decorations, wall rugs, fiber art, pillows, bedroom pillows, cake pans, bundt cake pans, specialty cooking, chef knives, butcher cleaver, metal Chinese teapots with small cups, a piece of furniture or a lamp, thank you cards, vintage projectors eg. slide projectors, cameras, embroidery floss, handmade clothing patterns, patterns, New “Chicago Manual Style,” Dissertation Books, apps, tea towels, debriefing books, bolts of fabric, irons, dressmakers irons, steamers, nice shampoos and conditioners, face masks, face cream, hand lotions and hand tissues for your bag and purse, magnifying glass, custom shoes, tailoring, gym shoes, boat or deck shoes, nautical, white shirts, smoking jackets, nail polishes, leisure or spa attire and espadrilles, caftans, spices/sauces/vinegars/oils/salts, eyeglasses or reading glasses or sun glasses,  books from a book list or your own book list, toys, bicycles, motorcycles, pool floaties, display cases, towels, soul music, pins, brooches, Home Depot Building Plans, framing, sleds, dogs, cats, birds, parrots, microphone, pianos, keyboards, organs, cockpit screens, stages, video editing software, cassette recorders, angora, cable sweaters, patch work sweaters, flannel shirts, corduroys, canopy books, BBQ and Party Cook book, flags, ju ju, bird houses, international or spiritual art works such as Ganesh or Kali or the Virgin, sculpture, wood dishes, vases, bicycle horn, tambourine, meat platters, punch bowls and cups, goblets, tapestries, jewelry boxes, costume closet, dress rack, ski jacket, neon coat, skis, umbrellas, bath mat, chinos, bulbs and seeds, plants, Christmas plants, Poinsettia, fresh flowers, cars, stereos, beach blankets beach lotions towels cooler picnic baskets and swim suits, restaurant guides like Zagats, bird cages, paintings, miniature paintings, potpourri, Indian dishes, Mexican Fiesta, taco stands, tortilla holders, basketry, fish fry baskets, pulled pork, beans and johnny cake plates and bowls, computer equipment, filing systems, snow boards, cloth napkins, tea party sets, blue print tools, plastic services, mani pedi, lithography equipment, silkscreen equipment, scale, hand bags, wallets, keychain, key holder, curling irons, hairbrush, hair dryers, make up bags, curlers, hair tonics, word press programming books, Kimono, clocks, Falun Dafa Video and books, dresses, earrings, necklaces, beads, luggage, TV, coats, shirts, pants, jackets, sexy lace up pants and floral jeans, vests, capes, Laura Ashley Dresses, Victorian clothes, vintage or antiques



Music and Genre Suggestions

The Nat King Cole Christmas Album

That Christmas Swing a Contemporary Holiday with The Dave Williamson Big Band and Singers

Barbara Streisand, A Christmas Album

Christmas for the 90’s

World Business Class Masterworks Classical Music

Christmas Guitar

Stokowski’s Symphonic Bach

Enya, A Day without Rain

Sinead O’Connor

Kate Bush

Jazz for Joy, a Verve Christmas Album

Andre Rieu, The Christmas I Love

A Christmas Festival with Arthur Fiedler and The Boston Pops

Christmas Blue, I’m Old Fashioned, By John Coltrane

Christmas Confession 6, Blue Train, John Coltrane

Jazz Themed Christmas Party, Moment’s Notice, John Coltrane

Christmas Trouble, Just Squeeze Me, John Coltrane

Jingle Jazz, Chronic Blues, John Coltrane

John Coltrane Blue Train Music

Green sleeves John Coltrane

Christmas Jazz

Jazz Christmas

Jazz Christmas Classics, John Coltrane

Cousin Mary, Fa-La-La, By John Coltrane

Joyful, Merry Christmas, John Coltrane, Pittsburgh Jazz Orchestra

Deck the Halls Christmas Jazz

Kiri Te Kanawa, Verdi & Puccini

Best of Vivaldi 5 CD Set (Italian Opera)

J.S. Bach, Concertos for 2 and 3 Harpsichords


Locatelli, Concerti Grossi


Concerto Barbirolli, John Pachelbel, Joseph Payne, Harpsichord

The Greatest Ragtime of the Century, Biograph Scott Joplin, Jelly Roll Morton

Three way a Trio of One Act Operas by Samuel Levine

Andrea Boccelli (Opera)


Mozart’s Best Operas

40 Most Beautiful Arias

100 Opera Must Have Highlights

CPE Bach & Symphonies The Academy of Ancient Music, Christopher Hogwood

Scheibe Sinfonias

Big Ragtime Piano Box

Leopold Hoffman Oboe and Harpsichord Concertos

Water Music

Carl Phillip Emanuel Bach, Berlin Symphonies

Billy Holiday

Jennifer Holiday

Josephine Baker

Jacques Brel (French)

Vienna Boys Choir

Stevie Wonder

Baby Stuff, Michael Jackson eg. ABC for children themed holiday

Little Christmas Tree with Spoken Intro, Michael Jackson

Ultimate Christmas Collection, Jackson 5

A Classic Motown Christmas, Michael Jackson

Season’s Greetings from Michael Jackson

100 Christmas Hits Most Requested Oldies Holiday Hits by Original Artists

Baking Christmas Cookies By Sugar and the Hi Lows and Darlene Love, The Best of Christmas Oldies

Joy to the World Aretha Franklin

A Very Special Christmas 1 & 2 o Christmas Tree Aretha Franklin

Christmas Here with you featuring Aretha Franklins & Four Tops

Ultimate Christmas 1998 Whitney Houston and Nat King Cole

Winter Wonderland Aretha Franklin 21 Classic Christmas Favorites

Classic R & B Christmas By Aretha Franklin and Otis Redding

Driving Home for Christmas The Long and Winding Road Aretha Franklin

Christmas Ain’t Christmas without the one you love, Aretha Franklin

Let it Snow Andrea Bocelli

J’ai deux amours, Christmas in Paris, Josephine Baker

The Very Best of Jazz 4 CD Set, Louis Armstrong and Quincy Jones

Bix Beiderbecke, Your Christmas Present, “My fate is in your hands,” Josephine Baker

La Petite Tonkinoise, Christmas in Paris, Josephine Baker

A Jolly Christmas from Frank Sinatra

Ultimate Christmas, Frank Sinatra

Christmas with Frank and Bing, By Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby

The Christmas Collection Frank Sinatra

20 Song Classic Christmas Movies, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Reindeer Mambo

Christmas is the time to say I love you, Billy Squier

Classic Rock Christmas

Swinging Birdland Christmas, Billy Stritch, Klea Blackhurst & Jim Caraso

Swing Cats, A Rock a Billy Christmas, Hepcats Holiday, Night Before Christmas

Christmas with Billy Vaughn

Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer Billy May, Christmas Kisses

Best of Christmas Cocktails, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Billy May

The Southern Christmas Songbook and Hymnal

Essential Original Albums Billy Holiday

Diana Ross, The Supremes, Mahogany, Search for Christmas Albums

Betty Carter (scatting)

Ella Fitzgerald

Ethel Waters

Abbey Lincoln

Anita O’Day

Lil’ Hardin Armstrong

Billie Pierce

Jeanette Kimball

Mary Lou Williams

Sweet Emma Barret

Dorothy Fields

Livery Stable Blues

Frank Sinatra

B.B. King

Chuck Mangione, Children of Sanchez

Barry White Christmas

Macy’s Store Christmas CD

Search your favorite artists on Amazon, their name plus Christmas, to see if they have a Christmas Album, Search by plugging in a genre on Pandora.com and looking for similar albums

Basic genres:  ragtime, organ, blues, jazz, brass, big band, church, choir, female singers, male singers, percussion, all the “holidays,” samba, Latin, African, Bossa


Dr. Zhivago

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Charlie Brown Christmas

Frosty The Snow Man


Lady Sings the Blues

Venus Hotentot

Minstrel Films

The Colored Museum

Imitation of Life

Porgy and Bess


Josephine Baker, Zou Zou, Revue Noir


Variety Shows

Goat Island Performance Art Group DVD/Film-A Last Quartet a collection of films by Lacy Cash and Goat Island

Dream Girls Musical Video

Vienna Boys Choir

Choir Videos and Boys Choir



Fritz the Cat

Grizzly Adams Episodes

Little Rascals

Shirley Temple

Planet of the Apes

Charlie Chaplin

Buster Keaton

Under the Cherry Moon

Purple Rain


Black Orpheus

An American in Paris

Blue Velvet

Blue Bird


Chinese Porn

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Vintage Evita

Research classics

Classic Spike Lee


Ragtime the Musical

La Boheme



Games: such as vintage UNO, Mastermind, Cards, Scrabble, Upwards, Trivial Pursuits, Spades, Cribbage

Tree lightings

Sending Christmas Cards

Taking formal portraits

Barbie Weddings or playing with toys


Baking cookies and putting them in plastic to go containers

Professional gift wrapping (get books and match up)

Dinners with friends like (Mary Merry)


Ice Skating

Movies with Popcorn and tea

Prayers and blessings


Make a snowman

Make an angel

Make mini Christmas trees or wreathes or crafts

Cocktail hours

Make doll clothes for little girls

Play Christmas sheet music on instruments or piano

Buy gifts, wrap gifts, open gifts

Ice skating lessons

Unpack a million chat skis

“Mistletoe and Holly Berry:  An Old English Play in One Act” by Josephine Warren

Go to library to Christmas Section

Cut out snow flakes

Dress up in velvets and Christmas attire

Smoke box

Small rolling pins for children

Plays, get copies of books

Stash articles and books for kids coming home for Christmas

Shop for instruments and sheet music

Tune pianos, organs, harpsichords, clavichords

Buy a harp

Learn songs

Gather fire wood

Cut down a tree or go to a Christmas tree outlet or farm or bring up a tree from storage

Decorate house and tree

Buy Christmas lingerie

Get hair done

DJ Christmas music

Christmas Parties: work, family, friends, organizations, kids friends

Cocktail Parties

Horseback riding


Dessert Ideas

Jell-O Molds with fruit cocktail

Fruit cake soaked in alcohol

An English Pudding


Rum balls

Rice Krispy Treats

Pears in liquor


Peanut Butter Blondies


Little Debbie’s

Christmas Cookies

Mexican Wedding Cookies


Malted Balls


Box of Chocolates

Chocolate Covered Cherries with Brandy inside

Pudding Parfaits and custards


Vintage Candies in a tin

Fruit Bouquet

Cookie Tins

Starlight mints

Thumb Prints

Molasses Cookies

Candy Canes

Jam Donuts

Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Cookies with M-n-M’s in plastic containers for family and friends

Cheese cakes

70’s Chocolate Cake

Lemon Bars

Gummy Bears

Bundt Cake

7-UP Pound Cake

Toffee Crunch Cake

Petit Fours

Candies in bright and shiny wrappers

Double Flourless Cake


Hershey’s Kisses

Thin Mints

Painted Sugar Cookies

Sour balls

Christmas Cake

Pistachio Ice Cream

Cookie Cutter and frosted and decorated and cookie press cookies

Praline cookies

Toasted Coconut and Chocolate Cookies

Linzer Cookies

Pecan Sandie’s

Coffee Ice Cream

Swiss Rolls

Jelly Rolls

Christmas Sundaes

Make up your own cookie tins

Strawberry Ice Cream

Mint Chocolate Chip

Home Made Ice Cream

Rose water puddings




Fortune Cookies

Sesame Chews

Christmas chews (Meijers)

Popcorn Balls

Clusters, homemade turtles


Gingerbread Cookies

Gingerbread Butterscotch Trifle

Gingerbread house

Peanut butter crunch balls

Cashew toffee

Peanut Sesame Brittle


Peanut Butter pie with peanut butter cups, peanut brittle and peanuts on top and chocolate oreo crust

Candy Cane Sugar Drop Cookies

Orange Butternut Logs

Peppermint Chocolate Sugar Cookies

Chocolate Peppermint Brownies

Jelly Beans and Jelly belly

Buche de Noel



Danish Salted Butter Cookies

Black and White Sesame Seed Cookies

Rainbow Cookies

German Chocolate Cake



Linzer Torte

Kiwi Tart

Lemon Poppy Seed Cake



Cardamom Walnut Pound Cake

Coconut Cake


Roasted Pecan Clusters

Chocolate Bourbon Balls

Caramel Corn

Champagne Oranges


Build a cookie world or baked world of Christmas

No bakes



Coffee Cake

Glazed Cinnamon Raisin Bread

Bacon and Cheese Muffins

Buttered Rum Nut Rolls

Russian Tea Cakes

Belgian Waffles with fruit


Bread and Butter Pudding with Salted Caramel Whiskey Butter Sauce

Caramelized Pear and Blue Cheese Quiche

Christmas Cinnamon Rolls

Poached eggs in a muffin tin or baked eggs with bacon

Oatmeal bar in a crock pot

Breakfast sandwiches open face ham and poached egg and herbs, lemon juice on buns




Nice Appetizers

Pigs in a blanket wreath with a dough bow

Shrimp cocktail


Meat Pies


Marmalade Chicken Wings

Teriyaki Chicken Wings

Chicken Satay

Homemade Egg Rolls

Cocktail Meat Balls or spicy cranberry barbeque meatballs


Deviled Eggs

Gari and Sardines or Corned Beef with Tomato, onion and chili sauce in a small ramekin (Traditional African available at Kasoa Market)

Asparagus wrapped with Bacon

Pinwheels with ham salad rolled

Innovative veggie platter


Spicy cheese in celery logs

Beautiful plate of hummus and crackers with pimento, olive oil and pine nuts in center

Pumpernickel Bread and Spinach Dip

Pistachios, Spanish peanuts, candied walnuts, cashews, shelled nut bowl, figs

Sandwich bar, mini sandwiches, meat and cheese platter, cheese log with nuts, stacks of meat, smoked hering salad and crackers, fruit, Baked brie, summer sausage, strawberries and grapes

Pot stickers, crab rangoons, scallion pancakes

Cocoa cups of peanut butter soup or a crock pot of stew and foo foo (Traditional African available at Kasoa Market)

Plate of BBQ ribs


Golden Dinner Ideas or Buffet Ideas, 4 courses

Fattoush Salad

Tangine with cous cous and vegetables and lamb, lemons and harissa

Meat Pie with raisin nuts and filo

Fish Pudding with marbled top

Pate Loaf

Spinach Pie

Silver foil packets with fish inside

Dutch oven of Chocolate Sauce chicken or pork loin



Sweet and Sour Pork

Wonton Soup

Hot and Sour Soup

Cabbage Salad

Bok Choy and Beef

Angry Pig Fried Rice

Pine Apple Ham


Pad Thai

Drunken Noodles

Sesame Peanut Noodles

Orange Blossom Pork


Prime Rib


Green Beans with almonds

Brussels with sauce

Broccoli Rabe

English Pudding


Waldorf Salad


Scallop Potatoes


Tamales and margaritas




Hot Toddy


Mexican Coffee

Mulled Wine

Holiday Wassail

Champagne Punch


Whisky Sours

Red wine




Dirty Martinis

Water Station

Cocoa with Marshmallows

White Russians

Brandy Snifters

Bourbon shots

Vodka Gimlets

Grey Goose

Holiday Beers

Spiked Punch

Maker’s Mark

Eggnog and coconut eggnog with rum

Margaritas to serve in a pitcher with 4th course tamales



Look in Bartender’s manual and drink books and on Epicurus for punch recipes, stock up a nice bar with mixers, shakers and ice, blender, pitchers made up



Flags, toothpicks, swords, sticks, curly toothpicks


Christmas dishes, appropriate glasses, decanter sets, mugs, middle eastern wine glasses with gold rims and designs, fine silverware, serving spoons, platters and serving dishes, table clothes, Christmas napkins

Outfits:  Velvet, plaid, fur, satin, evening, wool, tartan, ornate ethnic, fine jewelry, flannel, sweaters, angora, vests, long skirts, ribbons, reds, emeralds, greens, whites, bones, gold, silver, fantasy blue, magenta silk fantasy, blacks, wines, pearls, sequins, beading, diamonds, sapphires, rubies, opals, costume jewelry, 40’s dresses, Victorian, velvet smoking jackets, needle point jackets


Christmas is about lights, colors, smells, giving, creating long lasting memories and sharing.  It’s nice to ask good friends if they would like to exchange gifts, ask even family members if they would like to and start looking online, in shops and catalogues and making things early.  I love to give big shopping bags full of gifts that includes popcorn and cookie tins and plastic containers of homemade cookies, bubble baths and nail polishes.  I think the nicest thing is to get sweaters, socks, robes, underwear and t-shirts, flannels like sheets and pajamas.  It’s a cuddly time of year next to the fire reading or watching movies in a screening room.  Christmas is also about children and it’s nice to drag out all your dolls and teddy bears in their honor.  Companies like Bradford Exchange sell nice toy train sets.  It’s possible to go to Christmas villages like Frankenmuth and Meijer’s is all kitted out with nice things and classics.

On the days before Christmas it’s nice to reserve some of those for work friends or old roommates and have “Merry Mary” for example.  This year I plan to have a light menu of shrimp cocktail on ice, bloody mary’s, champagne, green olives with pimento, roasted cherry tomato capresse with mozzarella and olive oil served with warmed bread, mushroom bisque, smoked trout salad, and a pasta, for dessert lemon bars. Get out your smoke box and toast the year off nicely while you chat the night away.

Merry Christmas with best wishes to you and yours!

With Love from Revolving Stream!


-Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

Christmas 2017



Up to Snuff #45: Crime Fiction or the Detective Novel and Theory of Probability, How Mathematics May have been a Catalyst By Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu


Up to Snuff #45:  Crime Fiction or the Detective Novel and Theory of Probability, How Mathematics May Have Been a Catalyst

By Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

Perhaps it was the inclusion of local events that made detective novels popular to the masses.  In “Crime Fiction’s” Chapter 3 it says, “Juxtaposing fragmented selections of events from the contemporary world (became) a form of amusement for the mass public.”  (Priestman, Crime Fiction, page 41)  It may have also been the inclusion of social phenomenon outside the norm like “Experiences of a Lady Detective” in fields where women were just beginning to enter after World War I which may have been radical and was cited as written anonymously.  It was also likely very exciting the inclusion of contemporary science and technology in Arthur B. Reeves or in L.T. Meade’s “Stories from the Diary of a Doctor,” or perhaps naturalist works which were found in Arnold Bennett, HG Wells and Arthur Morrison’s “A Child of the Jago.”   What often occurred in detective novels was a pulling of events from newspapers which could create a stir when literary parallels current events.  The use of the detective short story in magazines likely also contributed to its mass popularity.

Feeding from the media and current events can be interesting.  How current events or items in the news get reinvented. In the art world especially, African Art, alot gets pulled from the media to work on when researching the human condition.  When you pull from the news in art you can get historical works.  The chronology at the front of, “The Cambridge Companion to Crime Fiction,” was really great in tying in world events with literary events that sprouted soon after.  The bibliographies, bios, and chronology are really fantastic to peruse and spend a great deal of time on them-it was nice to see “these elements” and utilize them to better one’s own writing and research.

In “Murder of the Rue Morgue” by Edgar Allan Poe, early imagery about games leads one to think about the “eliminations” as in chess within investigations or what was described later as the “Theory of Probabilities.” Poe wrote that, “Coincidences, in general are great stumbling blocks in the way of the class of thinkers who have been educated to know nothing of the Theory of Probabilities-that theory to which the most glorious objects of human research are indebted for the most glorious of illustration.” (Poe, The Murders in the Rue Morgue, page 25) Theory of Probabilities may have been the actual foundation for detective, mystery and crime based fiction as well as many “games” (Chess etc.) that were emerging that may have been based on the pioneering “Murders of the Rue Morgue” publication in 1841, one of the first, or vice a versa. Writers may have become enchanted with deduction as means of exaltation. There may have been subtle clues like the use of what appeared to be a vintage spelling of clue, “clew,” that was claw like.  There was also the name “Moreau” that suggested “more water” which could have led one to a sailor or having a water relation.  Perhaps the sailor was an “assailant” and clearly evident was an adjacent assailant with a claw. The actual use of the word assailant later on may have paid homage to Poe, as a pioneer or perhaps the initiator of this genre.  The use of mockery by an ourang-outang of the sailor with a razor was interesting and perhaps Darwinian.  The choice of passive killer was interesting as well as the birth imagery via the “thrusting up a chimney head downward.” The language around the “united vigor of several persons” was beautiful. (Poe, The Murders in the Rue Morgue, Pg. 25)   In Poe’s Murder of the Rue Morgue, there were undertones that could impact foreign affairs; there was almost a theory of man, his birth, his war and his evolution.

Perhaps it was in fact the unity in scholarship that paralleled mathematics to mystery when using the deductive processes like for example an algebraic equation and “solve for x.” Many early writers were in fact scholars and mathematics was in its prime.  Areas in mathematics that could relate to the advent of detective novels were finite math, probability and statistics, and algebra.  Detective novels were likely also made popular by the male macho that enjoys exaltation and may find pleasure in the suspense or the chase.


Priestman, Martin, The Cambridge Companion to Crime Fiction, Cambridge University Press, 2004

Poe, Edgar Allan, “The Murders in the Rue Morgue,” Classic Crime Stories, Edited by James Daley, Dover Publications, 2007, Pg. 1-34




Book List: Art & Fiber


The Painters Handbook:  A Complete Reference  By, Mark David Gottsegen

Water, Paper, Paint By Heather Smith Jones


Tie-Dye The How to Book Virginia Gleser

Book Publishing Company

P.O. Box 99

Summertown, TN 38483



Dharma Trading Co. Fiber Arts Supplies Catalog

Dharma Trading Co., 1994

P.O. Box 150916

San Rafael, CA 94915





Goodwin, Jill  A Dyers Manual. London:  Palham Books, 1982


Museum of Contemporary Crafts of the American Crafts Council.  Fabric Vibrations:  Tie and Fold Dye Wall Hangings and Environments.  New York:  Museum of Contemporary Crafts of The American Crafts Council, 1972


Shaw, Robin and Jennifer.  Batik:  New Look at an Ancient Art, New York, Doubleday and Co., 1974


Toshiko Ito, Tsujigahana.  The Flower of Japanese Textile Art, Tokyo:  Kodansha International 1981

Yamanobe, Tomoyuki, ed. Opulence:  The Kimonos and Robes of Itchiku Kubota.  New York:  Kodansha International USA Ltd., 1984


Harmony Enterprises

512 14h Street

Modesto, CA 95354



(to order tie dyes, dye kit and book)


Pro Chemical and Dye Co.

P.O. Box 14

Somerset, MA 02726


www.prochemical.com (more dying instructions)


Rupert, Gibbon and Spider, Inc.

P.O. Box 425

Healdsburg, CA 95440




The Art and Craft

By ILA Keller



Craftools Inc.

1 Industrial Road

Wood-Ridge, New Jersey 07075


Aljo Manufacturing  Co.

116 Prince Street

New York, New York 10012


Geigy Chemical Co.

Box 430

Yonkers, New York


Ciba Chemical & Dye Co.

Fairlawn, New Jersey


E.I.  Dupont de Nemours, Co.

Wilmington, Delaware



Sveavagen 42

Stockholm, Sweden

Boil Proof Color for Cotton and Cellulose Fabrics

Levafix Dying

Veronal Dyestuff

Box 385

Union, New Jersey  07083


Wax, dyes, tjantings, stretchers, dyes,


Block Prints

Tjanting Pengado


The Art of Batik By R. Soeprapto


Art and Crafts in Indonesia (Ministry of Information, Djakarta)


Oriental Brushwork  Wang Chi-Yuan

How to Paint the Chinese Way  jean Long

Sashiko   Mary Parker

Lessons in Bobbin Lace Making  Doris Southard

Lacemaking Channerr CC

Practical Skills in Bobbin Lace  Bridget Cook

Pillow Lace  Mincoff and Marriage

The Technique of Torchon Lace Pam Nottingham

Technique of Design Chuny Lace , L Paulis

Milanese Lace Read and Kincaid

Introduction to Honiton Lace Susanne Thompson

A Dictionary of Lace Pat Earnshaw

Lace and Lace Making Marian Powys

Beggars Lace

P.O Box 17263

Denver, CO 80217

Cindys Stitches

588-A Roger Williams

Highland Park, IL 60035


The Lacemaker

7721 230th Ave SW

Edmonds, WA 98020



2982 Adeline St.

Berkley, CA 94703


Robin and Russ Handweavers

533 North Adams ST.

McMinnville, OR 97128


Robbins Bobbins

Rte 1 Box 1736

Mineral Bluff, Georgia 30559


Van Sciver Bobbin Lace

130 Cascadilla Park

Ithaca, NY 14850


The Great Lakes Groups

Mrs. Robert A. Campbell

207 Wilson Ave.

Ypsilanti, MI 48197


International Old Lacers INC

124 W. Irvington Place

Denver, CO 80223-1539


The Silk Painting Workshop

Painting, Marbling and Batik

Jane Venables


Decoration on Fabric

Pauline Brown


Silk Painting

Vibeke Born


Authentic American Indian Beadwork

Pamela Stanley-Millner

Diane Fitzgeralds Favorite Beading Projects


Designer Bead Embroidery

Kenneth King


The Kashmir Shawl

Frank Ames


Soft Furnishings By Hamlyn


Complete Guide to Quilting  Better Homes and Gardens


Formulas, Methods, Tips and Data

Swezey and Scharff

Geometry for Dummies



Ypsilanti District Library Collection