Here Comes Lettuce

Here’s the lettuce man

Getting his award

Step right up

And Mr. Tomato

Take a bow and they scream

Here comes lemon

And their screaming rock star

The artist showcase of

Extreme creativity

And here’s the chain of beauty

Chefs, restaurants and mothers

Who chopped all the vegetables

And their screaming rock star

And in the back row

They pass out

All those people who thought

God left these things

Because he loves me so








Feminist Declares Woman as Sacred, Not Subordinate Notes on Gender, Relationships and Key Areas Where Problems Exist

Feminist Declares Woman as Sacred, Not Subordinate
Notes on Gender, Relationships and Key Areas Where Problems Exist

By Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

It cannot be argued whether or not women are a subordinate to men or even a “female slave” as some have been told may have been women’s original status.  It cannot be argued, whether or not race has hierarchy, in the same light as women having hierarchy cannot be argued.  In order to march forward, a new platform needs to be established with empirical research that pertains to the role of women.

There are several key points I want to make to establish the role of women as positive-both to elicit a positive outcome and to suggest that women are in fact held in high regard.  The first point has to do with the identification of females around the home and key protagonists in the visible image of women.

It can be concluded that at this specific residence, there existed many examples of women that were derived from manufacturer’s product or artist’s art works.  It can be concluded that the image of women may be tied to the perceptions of women in those fields of manufacturing and art which were overwhelmingly positive and flattering to women.

The images that were analyzed were:  an image of “Kali” a multi armed women that was gilded in gold with gold coins spilling from her lap, surrounded by elephants and sitting in a lotus, a “Nativity Set” that featured Mary and Infant Jesus in a manger with lamb and Three Wise Men,  A Virgin Guadalupe Candle where it was inscribed on the back to “help all those in need,”  a woman and man image where the woman is playing flute in front of a peacock with two love birds and a crowned man wears a peacock feather in his headdress (both wear wedding rings), images of women on fabric patterns, images of women in the store circulars, a DuMouchelle Auction House Advertising that featured a women cast in marble with a pensive look wearing a draped skirt and shirt falling off her shoulders,  an etching in dry point and aquatint of a woman with her dress thrust behind her wearing stockings below and ruffled knickers, an urn with Elizabethan images, on a folder was a female appearance in the image of a Unicorn, The Morton Salt Girl, Sun Maid Raisins, Blue Bonnet Margarine, La Preferida Long Grain Rice, Kama Sutra Playing Cards, Tarot Cards, an Indian Tapestry of a Bride pulled by a camel, a harem scene that included one King and Five Brides spraying perfume on each other, Two Princesses with Gold Crowns playing flute.

Women appeared from this selection to be hard working, physically beautiful, sensual, even having fantasy, there was a double entendre of “Sun Maid” where women could appear the maid to her son or  or a cleaning person or born of the son (the father, the son and the holy ghost) perhaps biblical or a maiden harvesting fruits.

The Morton Salt Girl was also interesting to decode.  On the Morton Salt packaging there was a young girl in a mini dress with delicate legs walking under an umbrella in the rain while pouring salt behind her.  The image is beautiful and is further associated to the root “mort” which could refer to death or embalming or religious practice.  The Morton Salt Girl may be something biblical.  Salt in the bible means death when one dries or things crisp.  The young Morton Salt Girl may stand for life and the package may reflect life to death or from a young fecund virgin or from birth until death.   The Morton Salt Girl, I am told refers to a specific passage in the bible.

There were two images where women played flute that portray women as having a delicate voice.  The age range of the women portrayed in this particular house was diverse some gray haired Elizabethan’s and other young and fecund.  I found most if not all the images of women in this particular research to be sacred, held often as an object of worship and in a religious light. I conclude that the image of women in this study held women in a spiritual light that was consistently fantastical, iconic and sacred.

The key points had to do with the roles of women in imagery and the key protagonists plus the platform desire to initiate “positive advertising.”   Positive Advertising may involve media, product range, art or campaigns.  Positive Advertising creates a momentum for women; that is both positive and enduring.   This author aims to cast away the prevailing sentiment of women as a subordinate, oppressed or downtrodden and maintain her in a regal light, high upon a pedestal and sublime.  Women can begin to select their “bars.”


Cudd, Ann E. & Andreasen, Robin O., Feminist Theory:  A Philosophical Anthology, Blackwell Publishing, 2005










Notes on Team Work

I took a great class in “Technical Communication” where we got into the art of the “memo.” It was interesting to see how one may deconstruct a memo and professionalism in work culture and what that might entail.

I have had a lot of thoughts about how to achieve the best from people. My belief is that social dynamics play a huge role in satisfaction and performance. I believe in the employment of “Social Companies” or companies of companies. How well one respects their human or living components directly impacts their success.

I also believe that it is possible to function as one “organism” as do the Chinese, to achieve high goals.

I have a background in the arts and have also thought about how to maintain a high level of creativity in the work place. Creativity is something delicate, that shouldn’t be commanded but rather function with “wise guides.”

Negotiating is another thing I am still cultivating. My father owns a grocery store for which I was a former Sales Manager. At Kasoa Market, I had to frequently negotiate with wholesalers over pricing. But there is another kind of dynamic conversation that is negotiation that I discussed a long time ago with a Harvard student.


Michigan’s Google Expansion and a General Google Update

Michigan’s Google Campus Expansion
Ann Arbor Median Income Predicted to Rise
By Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu
Staff Writer
This year in the 3rd or fourth quarter, according to Alex McDougal of the Ann Arbor News, expect to see a new Google campus at 2300 Traverwood Drive near University of Michigan’s North campus in Traverwood Business Park, just north of Plymouth Road in Ann Arbor. The new Google campus could impact Michigan’s 5.6% unemployment rate and Ann Arbor’s average median income of $25.58 or the median salary of $53,200 according to the Michigan Bureau of Labor Statistics.
An influx of high level technology jobs, such as the 400+ positions that formerly related to the “Adwords Advertising Program” and filled four floors in 137,000 square- foot of the Mckinley Towne Center in Downtown Ann Arbor will relocate to the campus and occupy two buildings, the first building built in 2000 and another under construction.
Veronica Grecu reported at Commercial Property Executive that “Google will break ground on an adjacent 73,000 square foot office space to be completed by the end of 2016 when the first employees start moving in.”
Currently, The Michigan Bureau of Labor Statistics lists number of jobs at 4,255,000 with 3,000 new jobs since last month and a high of 99,000 new jobs last year. Google was also reported by Crain’s Detroit to be opening new 96,000 square foot offices in Farmington Hills.
Google’s website advertised under a “Still a Student” tab scholarships, internships and positions that span the globe including an advertisement for a Software Developer Intern or Software Engineer Intern requiring a PHD. Interns were listed on the Google Website as having to “conceive & develop software applications to extend and improve on Google’s product offering.” Google offers internships to MBA students.
The Google workforce is divided into 3 key area: 1) Build cool stuff (Engineering and Design, Operations and Support, Product Management, Developer Relations and Technical Solutions), 2) Sell Cool Stuff (Sales and Account Management, Product and Customer Support, Partnerships and Sales Operations) and 3) Do Cool Stuff (Administrative and Business Strategy, Finance, Legal and Government Relations, Marketing & Communications, People Operations, Real Estate and Workplace Services, Social Impact).
A world class giant technology company, Google, has offices in North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East & Africa, and Asia Pacific. Online Google states that, “we hail from all walks of life and speak dozens of languages, reflecting the global audience that we serve.”
Employee’s may be inspired by the jungle inspired lobby in Sydney Australia, the Mother’s Room in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the New Year’s Celebrations in Beijing China, the Pub Style Lounge in Dublin Ireland or Tatami Meeting Room in Tokyo, Japan. The company offers a variety of benefits including on site physicians and comprehensive health care, travel insurance and emergency insurance even for personal vacations, new parents get time off and extra pay to welcome newborns, Tuition Reimbursement and legal advice at no cost or at a generous group discount.
Google is characterized by, “our belief in the endless possibilities of the internet.” They provide a “variety of tools to help businesses of all kinds succeed on and off the web.”

Research on Ken Ing, Originator of “King”

Research on Ken Ing, Originator of “King”

A Breakdown of Royalty Designated by Ken Ing

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

Independent Syndicated Writer


Within research about the Chinese Manufacturer Ken Ing, I found out that royalty relates to manufacturing. Ken Ing originated “King” as an acronym of his first and sir names. The “Ing” in King, relates to the Ing Dynasty. Ing can be found in English verbs and in the Spanish verb conjugation “ando” suggesting the doing and the doer. Ing relates to periods in manufacturing, work, and all action in terms of verbs. All Kings according to Ken Ing relate to excellence in manufacturing.

The term of King originated in about 1000 BC according to Ken Ing. He said he was the first King and the seconds were mythical literary devices created for actors such as King Arthur and King Lear from Shakespeare. There are now the Three Kings of The Middle East who are papal figures and have several royal descendants.

The Ing Dynasty went through several periods in manufacturing that were big in China. The first 14 out of more than 75 periods are described as follows:

  • Ing Dynasty (Drinks)
  • Hunan Dynasty (Breads)
  • Chen Dynasty (Chicken & Poultry)
  • Pan Dynasty (Pans)
  • Sem Dynasty (Pork)
  • Sem 2 Dynasty (Beef)
  • Sem 3 Dynasty (Lamb)
  • Sem 4 Dynasty (Fish)
  • Sem 5 Dynasty (Bologna & Lunch Meats)
  • Sem 6 Dynasty (Eggs)
  • Sem 7 Dynasty (Bacon)
  • Sem 8 Dynasty (Spreads)
  • Sem 9 Dynasty (Vegetables)
  • Sem 10 Dynasty (Fruits)

African culture was designed by The Chinese.  Chinese are an engineering and manufacturing culture that relate to the “chine” root or machine. Chinese, it has been said invented engineering.

Science Theory #1 Notes/Interview

Science Theory #1
AO: What does what?
LJ: What does what is deceiving
LJ: Definition of science: Elemental units measured in programs given direction via technology languages and digital platforms.
LJ: Science utilizes programs to manufacture products
LJ: Currently most culinary products are digitally grown
AO: What does what of programming?
LJ: Concentration or consolidation of programs could make a bomb or a spacecraft
AO: The programmed pill
LJ: Where to go? What to do? And for how long?
AO: The programmed shampoo
LJ: What to be? Where to go? What to do?
AO: The programmed culinary
LJ: What to be? where to go? how long to stay fresh?
“Programs of taste, flavor, preservative, appearance” LJ
“We are a programmed thing that also eats programs” LJ
“Even fruits and vegetables are programs” LJ
“Culinary Design” LJ
I can make a bomb in 2 days
And a fruit in 3 days
And a spacecraft in 4 days
And I’m on my way out the door
Science Notes 3/11/2013
Scientists hosting at all the eclipse parties

“You should never mix elements
What you make is the element”
“Create it and give it an original name”