Spicy Tea in The Morning to Invigorate You

Spicy tea in the morning to invigorate you

Bring you to a full wakefulness

Via the stimulation of the senses


Masala Tea

2 tea bags black tea (Earl Grey Tea)

2 ½ cups water

1 cup milk

½ tsp vanilla

2 slices ginger root

½ tsp cardamom

5 cloves

1 cinnamon stick

5 black peppercorn

Sweeten with sugar, honey, or maple syrup

On the stove bring all ingredients to a boil.  Froth milk. Remove pan from heat.  Pour through strainer into teapot.  Serve hot.

Serves 2




Coq au Vin

Coq Au Vin

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

The pictures and cities of a poet’s reading

The crumbs that dusted the wedding plate

The plate below, a demure and classical bridal blue

Blue as a robin’s egg, and a lover’s eyes

Chef will you place robin’s eggs such as these in the garden?

Traces and pools of honey on the plates

She wondered what a reading was of the house

The dishes she said

Should lift burden and wash themselves

And maintain their memories

Can you man love me?

Will you man love me?

They were lined up

Divine my body

Linked trunks as circling big top elephants

And an old Wizards premiere business

Had been magical dilating and titillating anal lubricants

Make my crumbs

A sky, and a story

And a wet sweetness

Make my man love me

He will need the well

And the virgin’s tears

And a truth elixir

In his soul

To be a poet

He will surely

Need a bosom

And its milk

He told me rape

Was extreme passion

A thief’s love

An overpowering salty love

An ocean

And sharks circling at the bottom

O Horizon

That a God had saved these men, all men

Like honey glazed jamon from a Jew

For himself

He programmed the men for infidelity and circulation

He programmed the women to be his

And got into various bodies to please them

The Coq au Vin’s morning madera

A cock o doodle doo

Hissing and strutting

The apple blossom discovered

For a lamb shank

When an apple is sliced at its cinturon

A bundt cake

Strawberry or cinnamon

It was in fact a poet’s breakfast

Before Christmas, before Thanksgiving

Before Halloween

In the season of holidays

A marriage of language and culinary

The Chef came to her a Chinoise, a French and an English

From body to body, from soul to soul

From skill to skill

From fork to mouth to kiss her

“That is the law!” he screamed













Tempo of the Falling Snow

She had the tempo of the falling snow

She had the tempo of the tropical

Guayaba, avocado, peanut, sesame, jicama, mango, banana, pineapples, coconuts, oranges

She had the falling of madness

She had a love for the unbridled

She wanted kisses to remind her of the sweetness in life

Impress her with your kindness

Impress her with your maturity

Impress her with your creativity

Impress her with your scholarship

Impress her with your beauty

Love is what you make it





Here Comes Lettuce

Here’s the lettuce man

Getting his award

Step right up

And Mr. Tomato

Take a bow and they scream

Here comes lemon

And their screaming rock star

The artist showcase of

Extreme creativity

And here’s the chain of beauty

Chefs, restaurants and mothers

Who chopped all the vegetables

And their screaming rock star

And in the back row

They pass out

All those people who thought

God left these things

Because he loves me so








What Hits The Season #1?

  1. Shovels
  2. Christmas decor to be stored away and brought out every year.
  3. Peanut Brittle
  4. Learning Christmas songs on the Piano
  5. Jaegermeister
  6. The smell of pine needles
  7. Anything decorative on the front lawn
  8. Lights
  9. A Christmas portrait
  10. Beef
  11. A glazed ham
  12. Sledding
  13. Heated Snow scraper with light (Montgomery Ward Catalog)
  14. Bon Appetit Magazine for Recipes
  15. A Christmas binder of family recipes
  16. The list you take out every year
  17. Popcorn
  18. A new TV to watch Rudolph on
  19. Compression Stockings
  20. A fireplace
  21. Stove top sauteed steak in sherry and unsalted butter with Kosher salt and Paprika (Juicy needs juice)
  22. Turtlenecks
  23. New luggage
  24. Chili if you didn’t catch it earlier
  25. A new years colonoscopy clean out transformation!


“Husband” (Excerpt from Magic 8 & The Bone Marrow Sucker, Punk Rock Song)


Soft as a rose

Sweet as a gherkin

Dressed as a frosted and candied cake


Oh Husband

Blood stains on my lips

I kiss you

I kiss you all day

I kiss you everyday

You are my surgeon

You are my monkey


Oh Husband

We eat shish kebab

And dill rice


Oh Husband

Peel me, salt me

Pour me in your glass


Oh Husband

You will never wrinkle

Or gray or grow bitter

Live forever

Live forever


Oh Husband

The little gazelles

Will trail us



A few days after Valentine’s

Right before

I thought maybe

Oh maybe

He will come for me, my chariot

They banged on the wall

Their jealousy

I sang out louder, and louder

They banged on the wall their jealousy

I sang out louder and louder

They banged on the wall their jealousy


Oh husband

“The Local Markets” (Washtenaw County, Ann Arbor, Michigan)

The Local Markets

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu
Kasoa Market
How hot is the Shito? Fire! Fire! Fire!
Sesame seeds, palm oil, bitter leaves, yucca, groundnut paste, eggplant puree, fu fu, gari, Valley Rice, yam, coconut milk, Bitter Lemon, Palm Wine, Ting, (need Star Beer, Ghanaian Guinness, Chamonix),
Wax Print, net washing clothes, Shea Butter, African Films, wooden spoons

Hua Xing Market
The fish that plays dead doesn’t get eaten.
The fish that plays dead is the one to eat, because they are the smartest.
The different speckled fish is there to clean the tank, not to eat.
Live sea bass, tilapia, frogs, and turtles,
Duck, pig hearts, dried plum, bamboo shoots, lemongrass, anise seed, rose black tea, Tie Guan Yin, Jasmine Tea, Thai Tea, condensed milk, Tea Break Snacks, fortune cookies, green tea late candies, lemon drops, oyster crackers
Rice flour, noodles, dumplings, garlic, ginger, sesame seeds, chili paste, bok choy, Chinese Cabbage, long Green beans, Chinese Chives, bean sprouts, green papaya, jicama, sesame oil, soy sauce, rice, sake, Sapporo, tea cups, tea pots, round wooden butcher block cutting boards, knives, chef hats, grass mats
European Market
Poppy Seed Cake, yellow chocolate bars with little girls on them, St. Valentine and Nostalgia Teas

Mediterranean Market
Rose Water, Orange Blossom Water, mate, sage tea, Mamoul, lamb, fillet mignon, shish kebab, roasts, chicken breasts, halal meats (blessed),
Dried lemons and limes, dill, zatar, olive oil, tamarind sauce, tahini, grenadine molasses, olives, figs, coarse black pepper, spices, homemade pita, meat pies, kafta, bakery, chocolate croissant, babaganoush, humus, grape leaves, feta, rose water deserts, almond wedding cookies
filo, falafel, samosa, Zam Zam Water

Bangladesh Market
Mustard oil, spices

Whole Foods Market
Peanut oil, fresh baked breads, sushi bar, teapots

Bombay Market
Rose syrup, Jam E Shirin, chai masala tea, sag paneer, naan, good spicy frozen Indian,
fresh samosas, mangos, coconuts, basmati rice, spices, coriander chutney, dosa batter
Coconut Jasmine Oil, Almond Drops, Acacia Talcum, Vatika Shampoo, Chandrika Soap, ayurvedic products, Meswak Toothpaste, Babool Toothpaste
Incense, tapestries, instruments, pictures Kali and Ganesh, music, cookbooks
Trays, bowls & plates for Xi Xi

Hyundai Market
3 kinds of seaweed salad, fresh and dried mushroom, Bulgogi, sea salt, sticky rice
teapots, bowls, cookbooks, Korean Films, exfoliating cloth, little umbrellas

Carmel Apples, No Bake Cookies, Windmills, German Chocolate Cakes, Carrot Cakes, Girl Scout Ice Cream, stroop waffle (Dutch cookies), Cracker Jack, popcorn, Hershey Bars, malted, coco powder, Starlight Mints, marmalade, maple syrup, baking needs, frozen pie shells,
Corona with lime, Shandy Leinenkugel, Squirt, carrot juice
Catfish, smoked salmon, Bacon selection, BBQ needs
Cilantro, dill, sage, mint, jicama, avocados, navel oranges, mandarin, large apple selection, papaya, Carrot juice, gherkins, Baked Beans, Fire Roasted Tomatoes, sweet potatoes, sun dried tomatoes, Zucchini, mélange greens, wheat grass, long green beans, sprouts, 8-10 lb. bags potatoes, Red Wine Vinegar, frozen spinach, coconut milk, whipping cream, molasses
Arm and Hammer Toothpaste, Aveeno Stress Body Wash, Sesame Body Oil, egg coloring kits,
Classic 70’s Music, Northern Toilet Paper, linen scented bleach, lined white paper and pens, tights, white underwear
roses, eucalyptus, spider plants

Trader Joes
Brie, crackers, yogurt, peanut butter cups, baklava tray, granola, nuts, Charles Shaw Merlot, chai tea, Irish Breakfast Tea, coconut shrimp, spinach pie, vitamin c body wash, eucalyptus, flowers
General Tao’s Chicken, Blueberry Scones, Dollar Pancakes, Cherries in Merlot, Columbian Instant Coffee

Copernicus Market (Polish Deli)
Herring Salad, cabbage rolls, 3 bean salad, cured meats and cheeses, fresh baked bread, sweet mustards, Pierogi, pickle salad, vegetable soup, mushroom soup, apple cake, poppy cake, rose petal jam, blackberry jam,
Chocolate covered cherries with brandy inside, candy, crackers, Warka, Mouton Cadet

Dos Hermanos
Mamey, elote, nopales, huazontle, aguacate, limon, flor de calabaza, tamal, tortilla selection, mole, salsa verde, queso fresco, guacamole, pozole, carnitas, barbacoa, tortas, diesmillo, carnes frescas
El Salvadoreno Crema, vanilla, canela (roasted cinnamon), carne asada, cerveza, flor de Jamaica,
marzipan, playeras, ojo de venado, piñata, La Virgin, chicken’s feet