Smart suggestions for getting through the Coronavirus crisis

Smart suggestions for getting through the Coronavirus crisis

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu


Cook extra fresh food and freeze it

Print and read Wikipedia

Write business plans

Plan next steps for the future

Plan holidays

Open Christmas Club Accounts

Spring cleaning of the house

Make vocabulary lists and flashcards

Collect recipes online and make binders

Clean out closets, buy hangers

Try sprucing up on a foreign language for next vacation or job promotion

Work towards ideas for next job or a promotion or new business or expansion

Contact or email family members

Stock up on foods

Make a PowerPoint presentation for use in a group, club, teaching or family reunion

Exercise at home


Enjoy baking or making nice comfort foods like soups and dips

Order music; make a list off radio playlists of good CDs to buy

Work on writing you put off

Sew or mend

Plan a new look, haircut, new makeup or glasses or spring outfits

Shop for upcoming gala attire



Fit, Lean & Beautiful #45 Cold Remedies #1

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #45  Cold Remedies

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

Fortify system and immune with vitamins and minerals

Vitamin C

Ensure Vitamin Supplement Drink (for energy)

Zinc Tablets or suck on Zinc Lozenges (doctor recommended)

Emergency C

Fresh Oranges, Mandarins, Clementine’s

Vitamin C Fruit Salads

Honey, lemon, ginger tea

Chicken soups, make stock add fresh vegetables, kales, carrots, onion, chicken, thyme, garlic, salt, coconut milk, curry

Macha Green Tea

Roasted garlic on toast

Herbs:  Goldenseal infusions and Echinacea infusions

American Ginseng, 500mg Dose(for energy)

Lots of liquids:  herbal teas, water, fresh fruit and vegetable juices

Yin Chiao Chieh Tu Pien-Chinese Remedy to balance unbalanced system

Homeopathic Remedy:  Gelsemium 30C three times a day

1/8 tsp cayenne pepper, juice one lemon, one minced clove of garlic, one gram of vitamin c, sip slowly or add hot water to  make herbal tea

Herbal Teas:  Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Boneset, Elder, Pennyroyal (no more than one cup), Vervain

Polish Remedy:  heat a cup of milk until scalding hot, add one teaspoon of honey, tsp. butter, last a tsp of grated garlic or garlic powder sip slowly before retiring


Flu Vaccine


To draw out or dry mucous

Antihistamine Nostril Sprays-eg. Meijer 12 Hour Nasal Spray

Fluticasone Propionate Nasal Spray (Doctor recommended) by prescription

Benzonatate caps  to break up mucous or for cough (Doctor recommended) by prescription

Boil an onion drink broth (similar to how eyes tear, draws out moisture)

Inhalations from water infused with drops of Eucalyptus in a pan after letting steam rise, towel overhead or Eucalyptus on a cotton ball in a pill bottle and inhale

Vicks Vapor Rub around the nose and on chest and inhalations


Kimchi-Korean fermented cabbage in broth as a soup

Nasal Douching-use a small paper cup filled with ½ teaspoon of salt and warm water, tilt head back and to the right, slowly pour in left nostril and it will come out of right

Sprinkle cayenne pepper into soups

Nasal decongestants


Promethazine-DM Bedtime Cough Syrup (Doctor Recommended) by prescription

Halls Lozenges

Chicken Soup

Finely chop one onion place in a pot and cover with honey, warm for about 5min and take as cough syrup

Osha Root Tincture two or three times a day

A massage

Fresh or dry thyme leaves brewed into a tea

Anise seeds brewed in a tea in small quantities safe

Gargle with a white sage tincture drops and water-Native American

Homemade Herbal Cough Syrup:  equal parts honey and wild cherry bark syrup; mix in two grams Apricot Seed, an ounce of Garlic tincture, and an ounce of Osha Root


For fever and headaches

Aspirin or ibuprofen

Middle Eastern Mint Tea-fresh mint, with orange blossom water and sugar steeped in a teapot

Other Treatments



Antibacterial clothes for doorknobs

Warm comfortable environment

Warm blankets and sweaters


Citrus Juices


The Merck Manual

The Practical Encyclopedia of Natural Healing

Uncommon Cures for Everyday Ailments

Jude’s Home Herbal

Life Events Chemical Reactions, How Does the Average Person Fit into Mental Health?

Life Events Chemical Reactions, How Does the Average Person Fit into Mental Health?

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

Life events, it could be said always trigger chemical reactions in the brain negative and positive.  This could be one theory for how mental health involving mood and depression plays out.  Periods of inactivity are said to create depression and be one of depressions key protagonists.  Replacing inactivity with activities that give you joy and accomplishment are therapeutic and effective.  The average person may experience mental health crises from a variety of events that occur in their life.  One could probably use a well written online encyclopedia like Wikipedia to find a “placement” for their depression and begin to decode its origin.

Illnesses like schizophrenia appear to have come closer to a cured status.  Many patients are returning to work.  However many with mental illness experience long term repercussions in the workplace due to friends and family members casual banter and gossip.  It’s possible a friend or family member could speak about one’s personal health issues to even hundreds of people and sometimes resort to writing books or going on talk shows or accessing the media.  It’s not far-fetched that within one’s circle hundreds of people are negatively speaking about them.  People will begin to describe a person with mental illness, with their illness, always and sometimes only.

Many people when they become mentally ill withdraw necessarily from relationships and rekindle relationships when they are well and on their feet.   The smart ones will preserve their relationships and rejoin friends and family at a later date.  It’s very important that people who speak to their friends about their health explicitly ask them to, “Keep my confidence,” and sometimes even threatening to “sue a big mouth.”

Doctors often fail to have adequate respect for the brain and its issues but instead monsterize, criminalize and make legal, disease issues with Alternative Treatment Orders or (ATO).  Some researchers make tall claims of “friendlessness” and defame patients in their literature.  Generally, people with mental health issues are often trumped by HIV and Cancer and get very little compassion-people rarely bring gifts or flowers when they are hospitalized.  Many suffer alone. Some may spend months in the hospital or will go to the hospital 10 to 15 times during acute periods.  Some may even spend years in the hospital with no sympathy whatsoever.  Mental illness may be one of the most stigmatized illnesses where the lack of compassion and respect is extreme.  Many experience crisis centers or loss of housing and loss of belongings.  Homelessness was common for the illness and is another one that should not be branded or said.  It should always be said a “person without housing,” not a homeless, which kills their being and self-esteem for a temporary state not a birthright.

Some doctors use creative methods to work with those tragically ill and perhaps will give you a piece of candy so you will cooperate.  Others will become obsessed with ideas like the “smart schizophrenic” who is soupy, and has sensitized his or her brain which has become perhaps good at analysis, or synthesis, or populating long lists of information.  Perhaps the smarter the better?

What’s good for a schizophrenic is to avoid violent literature and films, including horror and instead take to scholarship, that is generally how you get the “smart schizophrenic.”

One theory is that if you open up a location on the brains strings you can untie it, then give it therapy or rewrite those strings even with erasure, retie them and give yourself something positive to come back to.  One has to be careful to open and also close those areas and not leave a therapy patient within a traumatic state.  That particular therapy is called “String Therapy.” Some people returning to traumatic events have “repeat wounds” and may need therapies like String Therapy.  If you find yourself talking over and over about the same wound-that is a repeat wound.

Branding has devastated many patients of mental health that were called their illness.  No one would want to be called “canceric,” and many cancer patients experienced higher self-esteem than other patients that experienced heavy branding.  Many actors like to play cancer patients and feel proud to portray the illness.  The schizophrenic title literally brands and harms the patient and should be made illegal.  No one is that, people sadly experience that illness, but no one is that.  Originators within the mental health field suffer similar stigma to the patients with negative titles of a poorly named and coded field.  What would be a great alternative for mental health would be Serwagi Sani as doctors, sanitarium as a mental hospital, or Sani  as mental health as something respectful,  loving and with beauty.

People generally suffer alot of disease humiliation such as movement disorders like mouth movements, spinning or swaying, mild affect, weight gain from medications, insulin disorders, diabetes etc.

If you get lucky you get a doctor who has an evidence based research that will actually cure you.  If you wait long enough medications are also improving and what temporarily healed you, may long term heal you with a long acting injection which is the case right now for schizophrenia, which could be followed by what will permanently heal you soon after.  In terms of advanced therapies for depression and advanced medications for schizophrenia, both appear to be on the mend and near more permanent cures.

Group Therapies are also improving for mental health.  One diabetes study was using a technique where you divide your day into sleep, presence, activity, creativity and eating.  Mood-Lifters is currently being researched at the University of Michigan and it utilizes behavior, sleep, mind, body, mood, and social. Setting goals often helps patients using a SMART index of measurable and achievable goal setting.  One patient said it’s like you have “to keep pushing positive,” sometimes writing daily goals and ticking them off is the real “inch up.”











Invisible President: Taking the local social system into one’s own hands. I aim to recondition.

Taking the local social system into one’s own hands.  I aim to recondition.

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

The invisible posting was written in bold text:   Help Wanted! A designer for a “new social system.”    What really needs to be placed in the classified ads is assistance for leadership whose work for this state falls short of loving and valued.  Take housing issues for example, where mass media branding of “persons without housing” created “homelessness,” and stigmatization and even psychological problems that could kill those in distress.  The help arrives not before it’s too late, but once one is out on a limb, with no one and nothing and resorting to shelters like the Delonis Shelter in Ann Arbor or being directed to camp grounds outside in the woods.  It is as if our current leadership decided our people just weren’t worth it, or if they could not step to the plate correctly and with financial projections- to exit.  “People without housing” is what needs to be reconditioned after Ann Arbor, particularly hostile directed its citizens to camp grounds outside in the woods when without housing, where many died.  What I aim to recondition is never to say “the homeless person,” but to say the person without housing or having a temporary housing issue.  It’s kind of like the disease branding and how that devastated so many people to be addressed as a disease title like “schizophrenic.”  People should in that case-I aim to recondition-say a person suffering with the illness of schizophrenia and never, never a schizophrenic as if that were his modus operandi complete.  Strange titles lead people to believe that people are fundamentally those things, when actually they are not.

It dawned on me that what we chiefly need first are good designs and to promote those designs and begin to manifest and implement something new and I felt strangely capable by even caring, even as a humanitarian and recognized that our current leadership may not be aware or qualified to grip the problem.  We could use Statisticians.  We could use formula designers and architects to lay a new template.  Should you feel capable to redesign our social system, I welcome your designs.  We need new designs and very often we can figure out what organizations we need and start to chart a course.  It would be great to do research and make a speech to University of Michigan Business School or Eastern Michigan University Certified Non Profit Professionals (CNP) about where our holes are in this community for future graduates to build businesses or organizations around.  There are many ways to start to bridge those gaps and chart a new course but we need to give up accepting the status quo.  There is a proverb, “no bad-better,” meaning not to criticize but to replace with a solution.  Sometimes revolutionaries will build another one next to it.

The solution should be within our ideal minds-for example not the woods, or a warming center, or on the floor, but perhaps an ideal, in an apartment, with a grant or basic human account, or in a hotel or transitional housing, but not what we currently have-woods, warming center, floors and inhumanity.  We need to value ourselves more. We need to make the system we want.  We don’t need the aftermath of once they have closed all the programs and likely reallocated the programs monies and left us with this pitiful social system where everyone feels shame to walk through the door.  We need a social system that is humane, in touch with the needs of our population, includes a “net” for us when we are falling, one for which we can be proud and not experience stigma or shame.  We can place a ban on birthing, until we have established a social system, reconditioned ourselves and have “value to man.”



What are the cures for cancer, what are not, or not yet?

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

When looking at anti-cancer treatments, goals and perspectives, the perspective of pharmacology is a unique one. After reviewing research results for Velcade (Bortezomib), a coveted cancer treatment produced by Millennium Pharmaceuticals with Johnson and Johnson said to cover areas in cancer treatment that other treatments do not.
Bortezomib could be simulated in a lab to test the theory or “concept” of their original goal which was “the inhibition of proteasome by Velcade that is supposed to prevent the degradation of the intracellular proteins affecting multiple signals cascades within cells whose disruption can lead to cell death and inhibit tumor growth.” The anti-cancer concept sounds possible, feasible, intelligent and within the spectrum of science and technology where many things are doable. It does not appear that the concept was well enough developed to elicit a 100% complete response, in fact statistics within research were sometimes aggregating with phase 2 and phase 3 eliciting higher response rates-but not a 100% complete response, sometimes 0%, sometimes 4%, sometimes 18% and sometimes 35%. Fears that may arise when viewing the research were areas that need further development such as with the target cells that die which may be a combination of wanted and unwanted cellular bio material.
Bortezomib does not in fact cure cancer, however the pharmaceutical “concept” perhaps does? Perhaps it is a matter of “increased development” and “delayed release,” until response rates are much higher even 100% or somewhere there. Sample groups were small some in the twenties and likely should be until pharmaceutical response rates simulate or test in clinical trials at a higher rate of success. However desperate to release drugs or provide cures to ailing patients pharmaceuticals are released before their maturity or prime in favor of “in market” development over time.
From the perspective of agents like the National Health Service in the United Kingdom exorbitant costs totaling “more than $51,803 per quality of life adjusted year” from American companies like Johnson and Johnson, who opened sales to the UK markets. Schemes were created to refund costs in the event there was not a cure and outright denial of payment for pharma that was not meeting atleast a 50% complete response rate within the first four cycles. Deals were made for reimbursement, or risk sharing or rebates and discounts. What also became paramount to the Office of Fair Trading were affordability and “value based pricing.” It may become paramount to create offices for Fee inquiry or adjustments to remedy what could become exploitation of a vulnerable group with excessive pricing.
From the perspective of the patient, word on the “street” has it when inquiring of friends and family if they know of persons cured of cancers, it has been said that many have been cured of cancer by having it (cancer) “cut out or removed” and very few if any report cures from currently available pharmaceutical remedies.

Demystifying Vaccines, What Current Reports are saying

By Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

1) Originally reported to elicit the retraction of the UK’s “Lancet” paper that alleged a link between developmental disabilities such as autism mixed with bowel disorders and colitis with the MMR Vaccine were several charges including : 1) “manufactured appearance of purported medical syndrome by Andrew Wakefield,” 2) “findings and results of a small sample group were reported as facts,” 3) “clinical records were reinterpreted to suit self (Wakefield)”, 4) there was no record of children’s health concerns with National Health Service, 5) “omitted correct information about purpose of the study,” 6) “Wakefield cited for dishonesty by Medical Research Council Panel in regards to sources of funding and who patients were”, 7) ‘illegally obtained Legal Aid monies to pay for study,” 8) anonymized patients, 9) disbelief in probability that 12 families went to same hospital at same time for same thing in a matter of days.
2) Why the premeditated selection of patients was such a damnable offense by Wakefield was that it presented an inaccurate sample group, too small and without geographical range which suggests an improbable statistic that these 12 anonymized cases be representative of the whole. What was truly devastating about the Wakefield allegations were that needed vaccine usage plummeted and could have triggered epidemics. One consequence that was described in “Statistics in Medical Research” by P. Sprent has to do with “when resources are wasted when trial or experiment is too small to have any hope of determining whether or not a potentially important treatment response occurs..” Sprent claims that “statistics provide rational measures to reflect the degree of uncertainty associated with databased assertions.” Sprent goes on to say that “statistics provide indicators as to how well data conforms to mathematical models.” The statistician needs assurance that “the number of cases selected is adequate to make inferences.” The use of a sample group to make inferences relevant to a population is called inferential statistics. Statisticians are said by Sprent to “sometimes make further assumptions that are only approximately true in order to calculate the relevant measures.”
3) 3a) How the scientific process is self-correcting has to do with testing and replication of a hypothesis and peer review. Wakefield was eventually subject to peer review that tested his hypothesis and refuted it. All science is subject to this way of “replication” which as a rule weeds out weak hypotheses.
Was it in the end incumbent upon a British journalist, Brian Deer, to expose Wakefield’s fraudulent activity and business practices in a sensational series of articles? Was journalism in fact Wakefield’s police? Many people with “fear unleashed” by Wakefield’s alleged linkage of disease with vaccination potentially killed or injured or was impetus for epidemics. Science may not have covered the issues to the extent necessary or swiftly enough to save lives. The original article in United Kingdom’s “The Lancet” medical paper was not retracted for ~12 years and many people suffered insecurity with said information. There were not credible sources to verify the information and it was followed by widespread mistrust of medicine. Wakefield appeared to profiteer in a bewildering fashion and it is unclear where to find the checks and balances for healthcare profiteering. It is as if in the case of Wakefield who desired to form a company based on an anti vaccine hypothesis and related bio engineering technologies such as a molecular viral diagnostic test for Britain and America that he hoped to profit 72.5m pounds a year from.
3c) The results were startling. According to the “Jenny McCarthy Body count” which contains
Statistics from up until 2015. McCarthy reported that the anti-vaccine movement and televised promotion by celebrities from June 3rd, 2007 to July 18, 2015 there were ~152,763 directly related preventable illnesses. From June 3rd, 2007 to July 18, 2015 there were 9,028 preventable deaths connected to the anti-vaccine movement. According to McCarthy there were 0 autism diagnoses linked to vaccines from June 3rd, 2007 to July 18, 2015. The anti-vaccine movement was linked directly to a British medical report in “The Lancet” in 1998 by a gastroenterologist Dr. Wakefield, who was later indicted with myriad criminal charges when many scientific and legal examinations disproved evidence.


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On HPV Vaccines Safety and Risk

 On Vaccines Safety and Risks

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu


The following is an HPV Vaccine or Human Papillomavirus vaccine study summary in terms of vaccine safety, vaccine risks and based on what claims prove or disprove of each.

HPV affects 9 out of 10 people according to the CDC.[1]  A “9 out of 10” rating for HPV could indicate an epidemic impacting most, if not all the population.

On one recent trip for vaccinations, to a local IHA primary care doctor after research from the Center for Disease Control charts detailing which vaccines are appropriate at what age- Patient found as one gets older to look for things like calcium, and joint juice, maybe even a back brace for a good posture in old age and to stay up to date on needed vaccinations.

One patient was declined an HPV vaccine and was told by the physician that “they have not been heavily tested within her age groups population yet and are therefore considered unsafe, until proven safe [sic].”[2]

According to IHA, there is therefore no indication that the HPV vaccine will in fact prevent genital warts or cervical cancer without adequate controlled trials covering specific populations inclusive of age groups.[3]    What research is there around the impact on epidemiology that states what an HPV vaccine would do when viruses were becoming more and more commonplace, spreading across cities and earth via love channels?

Patient found that recently in response to a variety of Human Papillomavirus cases including for genital warts and cervical cancer and some lesions found in the mouth area were eradicated with several HPV vaccines including Gardasil 9.  Gardasil 9 can effectively eradicate many HPV infections that in the late 80’s became epidemics around the world.[4]  According to University of Michigan’s Travel Clinic that specializes in immunizations states:  “that if a person is already exposed to a specific type of HPV, vaccination will not prevent disease from that type. However, vaccination is still recommended to protect against other types of HPV.”[5]

Popular things that were discussed in cities like New York City where HPV infections raged after the millennium:  it was rumored that some countries such as Sweden had medications that were optimized or “long acting” to temporarily delay HPV or Herpes Virus symptoms for ~7 years for example.  It was as if infected persons would make a “vacation destination” inclusive of medications.

The Travel Clinic states that the “HPV vaccine is given as a 3-dose series. The second dose is given 2 months after the first dose, and the third dose is given 6 months after the first dose. If you miss that timing, you can still complete the series.”  The series costs $227 per dose or $681 for the entire series at the University of Michigan Travel Clinic.[6]

One such IHA doctor claimed that the vaccine had not been tested in all age groups and was not available for older patients.[7] For most, the preventative vaccine for HPV was not available previously and though now in existence is still not available for those beyond teenage years or childhood according to IHA.  One may receive conflicting information or be able to receive a consultation from a local travel clinic that specializes in vaccinations and has up to date information about vaccinations as well as onsite availability of laboratory testing for allergies etc.

The availability of “living viruses” that may build a specific internal sequence to fight off or eliminate a virus are often controversial and considered successful, however radical cures. There is wide spread fear about the vaccines effectivity and potential danger to impact unwanted changes to a human system such as that with the  “MMR vaccine” for measles, mumps and rubella that alleged autism.

The flip side of vaccines has to do with vaccinations opponents who raise several issues which appear to be rationalist or emotionalized and without fact based evidence to support assertions.  In one case on the website the writer alludes to graphs to support his/her claim as if they were emanating from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and were not.  The graphs illustrate the point that diseases were “flat lining” and in decline long before viruses and denies any connection between vaccinations and cures.[8]

For the most part it appears to be a group effort lead by Naturopath’s, or those in search of a “plant based” medicine or “organic and board certified measures,” or “holistic nutrition,” according to the Energetic Health Institute.[9]

The anti-vaccine website has an ad with a baby flexing and the blurb “we don’t vaccinate.”  There are ads that claim the “population is poisoned” that appear to be rationalist and without adequate evidence to support their claim.  It became a goal of the anti-vaccine group to raise a “vaccine free child.”  However, there are fears for the children when and if they get the diseases prevented by the vaccines.[10]

There are many books on to support the anti-vaccine movement as well as websites:, “Vaxxed from Cover up to Catastrophe,” “Super Charge Your Immune System with Natural Medicine.”

The anti-vaccine chief claim rests on one’s ability to cure with a high dose nutrition and supplementation.[11] Naturopathic doctor’s alleged several reasons for why they were believers in anti-vaccination including:  toxins in vaccines, injecting a virus, ability to mutate, vaccine schedule changes, profit margins from greedy companies, seizures and vaccine injured children, cancer causing agents injected, and critical vaccine studies.[12]

The chief vaccine concerns do not appear to be evidence based or supported with facts and research, but rather emotionalized, rationalist and claims based on assumption.  Vaccine concerns can be as if Casablanca’s “round up the usual suspects.”

Is it as if one should stay tuned into the Centers for Disease Control and FDA or the Travel Clinic to find out about vaccines and cures coming out for all the viruses in the world?  One has to check to see if their disease has been cured or if a presently occurring disease has prevention.

One great travesty was with the Malaria vaccine that was not globally distributed and many suffered even died.  Anti-poverty theorists and scientists like Jeffrey Sachs recommended mosquito nets[13] when vaccines were available in some, but not all countries that needed them.  Perhaps talk of vaccinations requires a movement away from status quo models to deeper connected issues including global strategies and dialogs. For example one University of Michigan researcher said “we may use vaccines but why not also exterminate the areas insect populations in the case of malaria to deeply root out the problem.”

FDA approved Gardasil 9 for use in immunization of HPV in just 2014 according to the Centers for Disease Control.  The safety of Gardasil 9 was tested in a safety group of 15,000 participants, was licensed and continues to be monitored.  Gardasil was licensed in 2006 and Cervarix approved in 2009, which is supposed to “protect woman and girls against HPV.”[14]

The Vaccine Safety Datalink and clinical immunization safety assessment as well as “vaccine law” now protect people and makers of vaccines from injury. Rampant litigation could delay vaccine makers from virus cures.[15]

It returns us to the earlier origins theories and theories for genetic research such as that in evolution when a person may pursue root causes and “selection,” or hereditability or perhaps “intelligent design” where there may be indicators of “a maker or designer” in conjunction with the indicated disease or problem.

The worst of what is being reported about the danger of immunization has to do with things like redness or pain in the area of the injection and sometimes fainting, fever or headache, muscle or joint pain.[16]

Now vaccines have adverse effects reporting systems so that parents do not need to base claims on evidence that has not been justified.  The following 4 entities document information about vaccines safety and risks:

  • Center for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Food and Drug Administration
  • National Institutes of Health
  • Health Resources and Services Administration

VIS or vaccine information statements are available with every vaccine and are commonly distributed. You may be required to sign off you received proper information prior to receiving your injection.   Passport in particular has a 24 hour 7 day a week call center and experience with “developing manuals, tool kits, protocols and consent forms has proven effective for patients.” “Now vaccine safety is listed on a “Vaccine Safety Datalink.”[17]

Imagine a vaccine that cures HPV. There is also a vaccine for the classic and romanticized STD of Syphilis. In the 1985 American film and epic romantic drama, “Out of Africa,” with Meryl Streep and actor Robert Redford, the character of Meryl Streep suffers from Syphilis.[18]

There is aim said Wikipedia to reduce financial liability vaccine makers incur with a “Federal No Fault System” complete with compensation program.  The procedures involve the United States courts and federal claims.[19]

HPV according to the most common reportage seems perfectly safe.  There appears to be an empiricist approach to the HPV vaccine and with the scientific model present based on hypotheses, observation and calculation. Vaccinations research is a good place to start when looking for the antidote to an “outbreak or for serious infection” or epidemic.  Most viruses undergo clinical trials then wait for FDA approval for a smooth transition as was advised by Passport-“a smooth transition from trials to launch.”  Passport, performs their own clinical trials.[20]

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