Fit, Lean & Beautiful #60

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

One wonderful thing to do for many hair textures especially fine or oily hair is the “double wash.”  Double washing gives it more fluffiness, “spring” or body and cleanliness.  Very often it takes more than one wash to remove oil, dirt, product, and pollutants.  Double washing may work wonders for your hair for a truer clean. Double washing may keep your skin cleaner as well.

One particularly important thing to search for is an appropriate shampoo and conditioner for your specific hair type.  There are many considerations when selecting a shampoo.  One of the very best shampoos may to the “touch” feel like:  water, oil, nutritious, supple, smooth etc.  Very often you can feel in your hand how a shampoo will respond in your hair.  Some clear or blue clear-ish shampoos may be stripping or make the hair brittle.  They may have gone for squeaky clean that strips the hair and lacks nutrients.   The look and feel of the shampoo matters.  A medium weight is good.  Not to heavy and not to thin.  A shampoo with some richness. Weigh your shampoo against one like “Vatika,” a very perfected nutritious ayurvedic shampoo.  There are shampoos for afros or curly hair that better detangle or distinguish curls or hold tight curls or do not over condition and loosen small curls, such as those in afros. 

Nexus conditioner for example is a good detangler.  You can use a wide tooth comb and a quarter or so amount of Nexus to detangle especially curly hair or ringlets or German curls very often by combing through while in the shower.  It may leave you with soft and more distinguished curls. 

What is also interesting is there is some difference in quality when the conditioners are concentrated, and a pea sized amount is sufficient as opposed to a handful or gloppy-ness.  For finer hair, pea sized portions often in smaller bottles are way better to avoid weighing the hair down.  Some clarifying “squeaky clean” shampoos strip the hair so badly you need a salons care to restore its health.  A stylist may wash and deep condition your hair and trim off brittle parts so well that it restores your “plant” to health. 

Sometimes it takes a lot of sensitivity and using a good one versus a really bad one to ascertain quality.  Some shampoos may be “boutique-y” and have wonderful scents but little to no lather to clean the hair sufficiently.  Beware of products that have a  “squeaky clean” result or do not clean at all.  You can feel all its properties.  What is worse is bad shampoos may be hard on the body and the hands as well.  A drying stripping shampoo will dry out your hands as well. 

What makes sense is a trip to somewhere like “Sally’s Beauty Supply,” to search for “your” hair’s proper products.  They stock a lot of diversity and specific products for hair types or textures and color treated hair.  They also stock expensive and wonderful brand name shampoos in generics that salons or stylists pick up.  Ones like their generic Paul Mitchell may be more useful or better as a shampoo with styling qualities.  Paul Mitchell products offer good shine, smoothing, and styling agents. 

What is good to have in mind is to look for nutrition, test consistency, match your type, think about what you are going for and try not to over weigh or burden your hair.  Goopy-ness has a heaviness that can matte or burden the hair that is why you do not always want the big “cheapie” bottle.  Very often, a small, concentrated bottle where a pea sized amount is used may represent a higher quality and a better lighter result.  Look for ayurvedic brands like Himalaya or Vatika for extremely healthy and nutritious options. (

When you think about your conditioner think about quantity. Is it a pea sized concentrate or quarter sized for long hair, is it a handful or is it really goop-y weighted and thick?

Fine hair needs to pay attention to product weight. Some “handfuls” may be for deep conditioners. Small bottles with pea sized amounts often last a long time. Probably the more you need sometimes the less effective. Shampoo has “notes” much like wine.

A good stylist may appreciate a special kind of diversity and be a different kind of humanitarian.

When it comes to soaps like body soaps very often it can be advised to use the more “technical.” There is so much necessity for soaps to clean, deodorize and perform a variety of specific tasks, that home made soaps, even lovingly made ones can rash and fall short of needs. Highly “technical” soaps and products are like ergonomic furniture, made to measure and satisfying. There is such a huge need to soaps to sterilize that one should look for “technical” and serious brands.

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #59

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

Careful analysis can advance your exercise routine.  The Nu Step it was found firmed the buttocks, pumped the calves, and the recumbent bike burned more calories and slims.  The Lat, Chest Press and Pectoral Fly firm the breasts.  Strength training in general firms the face and the whole body in specific ways depending on what you do.  Twisting at the waist will help you to find a waistline.  Strength training with machinery will make your body straighter and more aligned.  After a short while strength training one will feel stronger in their stance and walk.  Walking around the track stretched the legs and body and uses one’s own body weight.  Walking helps one to keep walking.  The Precor machine can also help to firm the buttocks.  The rowing machine can help you gain good strength and “strength getting up,” as well as work on glutes and thighs. 

Once you reach about 50 one may start to think about geriatric medicine and how to age well.  Walking becomes key to keep walking.  Minimizing weight becomes imperative and enough calcium for your aging bones.  Glucosamine is good for your aging joints.  One doctor said,  “walk to walk.”  You may need insoles in your shoes, a treadmill and places like the gym track or nature walks.  The back starts to shrink and standing, exercise and even yoga can be beneficial.  Skin needs creams, microdermabrasion to fight wrinkles, hair removal, vitamin E to remove scars and even professional scar removal.  With older age one needs to watch for stamina.  Working 9-5 can help one to maintain stamina, riding stationary bikes help one to reach stamina.  Feet may also age and get hardened.  You can keep feet soft by soaking and scrubbing off dead skin or getting professional regular pedicures which are more important the older you get.  Maintain good mental health.  After a workout, it is nice to maintain it as a “positive workout” and end it with a spiritual reading or lesson.  Watch out for chemical imbalances and depression which sometimes requires medication but are often helped with getting into action.  One woman said, “motion is lotion.”  Another study said that the more you work out the less depressed.  Wallowing is not healthy; over sleeping is not healthy either.  Hair also starts to thin, and you can fight hair loss with regular biotin supplements which sprout the hair.  T-GEL shampoo following biotin can also clear debris from the scalp and help newly sprouted hairs to come up.

Another major thing to think about when aging is your teeth.  You can get veneers or find a dentist that can rebuild your teeth with modern practices.  You can also get dental implants or replace old cavities with porcelain.  Good dental hygiene is important with regular flossing, picking, brushing several times a day, after meals and using mouth washes.  Regular appointments to the dentist are important so you do not end up losing teeth and destroying or over staining your smile.  You can slightly whiten teeth and keep them clean and plaque free.  It is good to clean teeth at least quarterly with a dentist.  Find a dentist that can help you to have a nice smile. 

Nails may need attention and cuticles clipping.  It is nice to practice the old lady traditions and carry cream in your purse or keep cream next to soap at work and at home.  Especially when you have a love or lover you want to focus on having a soft body, hands, and feet free of callouses and scrubbed of dead skin.  Some people enjoy fashion nails, others like “culinary hands,” with short clean nails for being in the kitchen.  When you get older you may want to find a very skilled geriatric doctor to consult you on issues of aging and dealing with bones, spine, and mental health.  You can begin to speculate and look at your overall health picture and what may become an issue for you. 

Some people prefer to have a selection of doctors caring for them to maximize their health including dentists, pulmonary, dermatology, eye doctors/optometrist, primary care, geriatric, OB/GYN, plastic surgery, surgical nurse (remove tattoos, scars, hair, treatments, double chins, microderm/plastic spa treatments (resurfacing, skin evening and dying, facials, hair removal), mental health, pain management and rehabilitation (back) or chiropractor, physical therapist (works on health, injuries, aligns you, heals you), colon hygienist, hair dresser that can cut and condition hair, manicurist and pedicurist, massage therapist to remove knots etc. and other specialists pertaining to specific problems you may have. You may also opt for a minister or person of God to help with grieving, marital problems or advice. You may also want to do things like a “mood lifters” group or get therapy for more tools for maintaining mental health. You may also want to build your health library.

People need to have places they exercise.  Some will hire personal trainers in fitness gyms to get in shape as well.  It becomes imperative to lose extra weight at old age not to burden your knees, which can need a replacement.  Weight puts pressure on your throat and causes asthma.  You can become diabetic as well.  Losing weight via exercise has its pros and cons. Losing weight can be dangerous as fat goes into transit and clogs arteries and can harm you. Liposuction is a safe option to gradually take your weight down.

Losing weight and intellectualizing that journey can give you optimal health and the knowledge to sustain it. Part of getting in shape is really getting smarter and getting smarter for the long haul. Even getting smarter into your generations. You should approach your health with intelligence and even wise decision making. Make your health an intellectual opportunity. Around every corner research, analyze and strategize your path to health and wellness. Observe the effects, measurements and changes in your body as you work out. Enjoy your power to obtain optimal health and live a longer life. Try different measures to build your body and shrink it. Try to create a body that can get up, that can walk, that has strength, that is tone, that is lifted in areas, that has speed and physical beauty. If you lipo down you will need things like “sculptra,” to reshape and beautify a changing body.

Eye doctors may help you as your eyes age.  What can be nice is to consult your optometrist for several prescriptions for seeing close-up at the computer, for reading and for driving and for all the time.  If your smart, you will leave with several prescriptions.  You can even buy glasses online (The glasses shop)  if you have a prescription in hand. 

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #57

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

Basic observations led me to a more comprehensive plan in terms of analyzing how to achieve optimal health and physique.  I thought about how a handful of flesh may soften after working out as if some fat had melted or even moved out and left pockets of sagging skin.  How the bodies consistency can easily change.

 Another observation was watching while on the treadmill its ratios and noting  that in one minute of body weight utilized walking one may burn 6 calories, 1 min may =6 calories burned. Power to the minute!  Exercises that use your own body weight may therefore be more intensive if you are a heavier weight.  The more you use your heavy weight in service of its own reduction, the more intensity.  The treadmill for example for a heavier person is considerably more intense than the Nustep or recumbent bicycle where one’s body weight does not weigh as prominently. Equal to wearing an ankle strapped weight is potentially your own body weight. So, in 30 minutes of treadmill walking you should be able to burn atleast 180 calories where in 10 minutes of the Nustep you burn about 28.  So the Nustep you may burn about 2.8 calories a minute.  The treadmill has more than double the impact.  The treadmill however for an overweight person may cause rapid heartbeat. For a fit person who may walk on the treadmill briskly or even run, their burn may be in the several hundreds. One fit example said he runs on the treadmill for 20 minutes and burns about 300 calories.  He says he usual calorie intake is about 1200.  He says he wants to burn 600 calories a day.  He burns 300 on the treadmill, 50 doing exercises, 250 working.  The other 600 the body needs to run its system.  He tries to keep his calories low so he has less to burn.  The higher your heartrate goes the longer you burn the most.  Often the machine warns you when your heart rate goes to high not to stop your heart if you hold onto the sensors as does Life Fitness Treadmill Machines.  You can also choose a higher incline, or a faster speed to burn more.  One Chinese woman said the highest calories she could burn on the treadmill is 10 calories a minute.  Some people are in high performance fitness designed bodies that may do physical stuff all day.  They may work out with a personal trainer, then go to a dance class, then have sex, then run a restaurant. In some weird way you may be really set into motion. 

Other observations were about Pooh Bear stomachs and the need for body composition analysis or to purchase a body composition scale that connects to a smart phone.  One may have a sluggish colon and not pass or not pass enough and retain even 25-100 pounds of fecal matter. The colon may be impacted and gas-y. You may want to consult a colon doctor for a colonoscopy and use their prescribed drinks to clear the colon.   The  colon could be  impacted or have polyps or too much general retainment and it is a constant battle to pass.  There is a don’t pass then fill theory on the table now.  But interventions like colonics or Metamucil fiber drinks may really help to clear the colon.  On a regular basis one could feasibly use a monthly colonic, a weekly Metamucil and daily or occasional Fleet.  You don’t want to eat over 2000 calories.  The average person eats about ~1200 or so does the personal trainer.  Things like cous cous or vegetables have low calories.  Meat has high calories, so do sweets, chips, milk, dairy, pasta, beans, rice, potatoes, and fried foods.  Some gyms really target something measurable and look specifically at calories.  They count them and attempt to burn them strategically.  Even if you counted calories in your basic diet once you would have a basic idea of calories and perhaps you are culturally lopsided and leaning towards one thing or another.  One personal trainer says always keep some for the system and focus on burning about 600 calories a day inclusive of work, life and exercise.

This article is concerned with observations of weight loss and observations of aspects of weight loss then finally an intelligent plan for achieving weight loss.  Hair loss is something than can be an aspect of weight gain.  To remedy hair loss several actions were successful including taking regular if not daily vitamin doses of biotin orally, letting hair sprout, then using T-Gel shampoos to remedy scalp and help sprouted hair to release, then pruning hair back a few times until it has thickened like a bush. 

Another observation is how everything you do impacts how your body equalizes.  The filling up of your colon will even impact how your body equalizes.  Equalizing can advance upwards but also elimination can prove contagious and spiral downward too. 

 I also thought about stretch marks and stretched skin versus retracted skin set to expand due to predisposition. For example, there are retracted stretch marks in children sometimes on their buttocks when they are genetically predisposed to a large rear end.  Many plastic surgeon’s offices nowadays can remove stretch marks, but retracted stretchmarks?  Another observation to weight gain is the loss of character to the face and body, loss of definition and loss of shape.  People may assume expanded looks, sausage looks, globule, stretched taut filled skills. 

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #56: The Spiritual Library of Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu, as a Book List

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #56:  The Spiritual Library of Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu, as a Book List

(New, Rare and Out of Print)

Compiled By Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

  • Bible Portrayed (Picture, coffee table book)
  • Egyptian Myths and legends
  • Oludumare
  • Marquis de Sade Misfortunes of Virtue and Other Early Tales
  • Voltaire Philosophical Dictionary
  • The Last Lecture Randy Pausch
  • A Passage to India E.M. Forster
  • Balzac Epigrams on Men, Women & Love
  • Apes, Angels & Victorians William Irvine
  • Sex, Sin & Zen Brad Warner
  • Mohawk Russo
  • Psychic Energy Workbook
  • The Curse of Jezebel Frank G. Slaughter
  • A Little History of Science William Bynum
  • The Sutra of Forty-Two Chapters Divulged by the Buddha Venerable Cheng Kuen
  • Harvard Classics Sacred Writings (Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Mohammedan)
  • Manifestos of Surrealism
  • Love Story Erich Segal
  • The Passions of the Mind The biographical Novel Sigmund Freud Irivng Stone
  • Living Buddha, Living Christ, Thich Nhat Hanh
  • King Solomons Ring Lovejoy
  • The New Union Prayer Book
  • Devotional Classics
  • Peeps at Many Lands Kelly
  • Selected Poems Robert Frost
  • Notes to my Children
  • A Natural History of the Senses Ackerman
  • Meditations on First Philosophy Rene Descartes
  • Middle Eastern Muslim Women Speak
  • Existentialism & Human Emotions jean Paul Sartre
  • I touch Earth, the Earth Touches Me Hugh Prather
  • How to See Yourself As You Really Are Hi Holiness Dali Lama
  • Mystic of Wilderness
  • The Masters of the Spiritual path
  • Foundations of the Path
  • The Path to Attainment
  • The Memory Book
  • The Forest People
  • The Grapes of Wrath John Steinbeck
  • Pilgrims in Paradise
  • Love & Will Rollo May
  • Ceremony Leslie Marmon Silke
  • East of the Sun Julia Gregson
  • Fundamentals of Yoga Rammurti Mishra M.D.
  • Spiritualist Healers in Mexico Kaja Finkler
  • How to Know God Deepak Chopra
  • Original Blessing Mathew Fox
  • Philosophy of Religion
  • Way of the Shaman
  • Carlos Castaneda
  • Green Witchcraft
  • Dictionary of Mind, Matter and Novels
  • Before our very eyes, Reading for Journey Through Israel Danny Siegel
  • The Philosophy of Stress Mary F. Asterita
  • Jewels of the Wise Holy Order of Mans
  • Sri Isopanisad A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada
  • The Prophet, Khalil Gibran
  • The Kingdom of God is Within You
  • Prisoner of Zenda
  • Stretching, Bob Anderson
  • Siddhartha Herman Hesse
  • Manon Lescant Antoine Francis Prevost
  • Knowledge that leads to everlasting life
  • The Human Aura Nicholas M. Regush
  • Tao Te Ching The Book of the Meaning and Life Lao Tzu
  • Holy Bible King James Version
  • Sach Cua Thay
  • Personal Prayer journal
  • And the Flowers Showered, Discourses on Zen OSHO
  • Don’t Look Before You Leap, OSHO
  • Michael and The Angels, Tan
  • Perennial Wisdom, Elda Hartley
  • Peace is Every Step, Thich Nhat Hanh
  • Spiritual Unfoldment 1, White Eagle
  • The Book of Prayers, Edited by Leon and Elfreda McCauley
  • Around the Golden Ring of Russia
  • The Golden Builders, Tobias C. Burton
  • The Etheric Body of Man
  • Where there is light Paramahansa Yogananda
  • Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
  • Autobiography of Gandhi or The Story of My Experiments with Truth M.K. Gandhi
  • Daily Guideposts
  • Glory of Freedom, OSHO
  • Arabian Nights, Sir Richard Burton
  • The Detox Diet, Elson M. Haas, M.D.
  • Yoga 28 Day Exercise Plan, Richard Hittleman’s
  • Fundamentals of Yoga a Handbook of Theory, Practice and Application Rammurti S. Mishra, M.D.
  • Iyengar His Life & Work
  • Yoga For Women Nancy Phelan
  • The Mindful Practice of Falun Gong Dr. Margaret Trey
  • Light on Pranayama, The Yogic Art of Breathing Iyengar
  • The Essential Rumi
  • Mahabarata William Buck
  • Sayings Paramahansa Yogananda
  • Autobiography of a Yogi
  • Creative Visualization Shakti Gawain
  • Falun Gong Li Hong Zhi
  • God, Creation, Tools For Life Sylvia Browne
  • Tea Gardens, Ann Lovejoy
  • The Secret Power of Yoga Nischla Joy Devi
  • Algeria a Country Study
  • A Handbook of Medicinal Plants
  • I Tituba, Witch of Salem Maryse Conde
  • Gods, Heroes, Men and Ancient Greece
  • There Eyes Were Watching God, Zora Neale Hurston
  • Martin Luther King The Peaceful Warrior
  • Harvard Classics: Sacred Writings (Confucian, Hebrew, Christian)
  • Harvard Classics: The Odyssey Homer
  • Candide Voltaire
  • Aleister Crowley The Biography
  • Seeds, Mosaics, Chipped Decorating with Plant Materials Eleanor Rennssalaer
  • Sach Cua Thay Quyen 10 An Tong Khong Ban
  • The Trickster, A Study on American Indian Mythology Paul Radin
  • The New Penguin Atlas of Medieval History
  • Arts, Ideas & Civilization Jack A. Hobbs
  • Cassells Latin Dictionary Latin/English
  • Soules Dictionary of English Synonyms
  • Wings Hymnal
  • Service Book Hymnal
  • The Master Plan Coleman
  • Message Amma
  • Gandhi on Personal Leadership Anand Kumarasamy
  • Mohandas Gandhi
  • No Pocket in a Shroud Maxine E. Thompson
  • The Navaho Clyde Kluckman
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Leadership
  • Veiled Sentiments
  • Four Masterworks of American Indian Literature
  • Freedom and Culture
  • Utopia, More
  • A Working Theory of Love Scott Hutchins
  • Psalm
  • Genesis
  • Mesopotamian Parallels
  • Enuma Elish
  • The Epic of Gilgamesh
  • The Patriarch and the Exodus
  • Egyptian Monotheism
  • Conquest, Chaos and Kingship
  • The Prophets
  • Amos
  • Hosea
  • The Book of Job
  • Isaiah
  • The Suffering Servant
  • Illiad
  • Greek Tragedy
  • Aeschylus
  • Sophocles
  • Euripides
  • Socrates
  • Plato
  • Aristotle
  • Virgils Aeneid
  • Petrarch
  • Boccaccio
  • Pico de Mirandola
  • Machiavelli
  • Castiglione
  • Montaigne
  • Shakespeare’s Hamlet
  • Moliere
  • Racine
  • Swift
  • Voltaire
  • Counterpoint to Rationalism
  • Rousseau
  • Goethe
  • Wordsworth
  • The New Testament
  • Augustine
  • The Song of Roland
  • The Thirteenth Century Synthesis
  • Dante
  • Chaucer
  • Erasmus
  • Luther
  • Calvin
  • The Counter Reformation: Loyola
  • Flaubert
  • Doystoyevsky
  • Tolstoy
  • Dickinson
  • Conrad
  • Kafka
  • Mann
  • Joyce
  • Eliot
  • Faulkner
  • Camus
  • Beckett and the Theatre of the Absurd
  • Wiesel
  • Solzhenitsyn
  • El Elephante Saramago
  • Websters Dictionary
  • Be Here Now Ram Das
  • Small is Beautiful
  • Alice Walker Poetry Book
  • The Secret Garden
  • New Work, New Culture
  • Bella dama sin piedad, Rosario Castellanos
  • El Leon, La Bruja Y El Ropero S. Lewis
  • La Casa de Los Espiritus Isabel Allende
  • El Gesticulador and otras obras de teatro Rodolfo Usigli
  • Pablo Neruda Antologia General
  • Octavio Paz
  • Bhagavadgita Home Study Course Swami Dayananda Saraswati
  • The Nymph and The Lamp
  • Profiles in Courage President John F. Kennedy
  • Les Fleurs du mal Baudelaire
  • Jacques Le Fataliste Diderot
  • Cervantes Don Quixote
  • Wild Irish Rose
  • World of the Maya, Victor W. Von Hagen
  • La Chute, Albert Camus
  • Le Payson de Paris Aragon
  • Huis clos suivi de Les mooches Sarte
  • A Lotus of Emptiness OSHO
  • Thayer’s Life of Beethoven
  • Edgar Allan Poe Proceeding the Harvard Celtic Colloquium 38-2018 Celeste Andrews
  • Muslims and US Politics Today Mohammad Hassan Khalid
  • Famine Relief in War Logged China Pierre Fuller
  • Imaginative Mapping Nobuko Toyosawa
  • Regional Literature and Transmission of Culture Margaret B. Wan
  • The Paradox of Being Paul Andersen
  • Feeling the Past in Seventeenth Century China Xiaoqiao Ling
  • The Epic of Ram Tulsidas
  • The Praise of Anradi Vol. 2 Bharatchandra Raj
  • Theory of Gardens Jean-Marie Morel
  • The End of Middle East History and Other Conjectures
  • Al-Muwatta, The Royal, Moroccan Edition Malik B. Asas
  • Orthodox Passions  Maram Epstein
  • The History of Kings of Britain David W. Burchmore
  • Old English Lives of Saints  Julliet Mullins
  • Allegories of the Odyssey John Tzetles
  • The Virtues and Vices of Speech Giovanni Giovaiano Pontano
  • Lives of Milanese Tyrants  Pier Candido Decembrio
  • The History of Akbar Abril Fazl
  • Pious Fashion Elizabeth Bucer
  • Finding  Time Heather Bushey
  • Vatican 1 John O’Malley
  • Observation & Experiment Paul R. Rosenbaum
  • Living History of Rome J.C. Yardley
  • Appian Roman History Brian McGing
  • Canonical Mires
  • The Splendors and Miseries Confessions Zolas Monly
  • Caliphate of Man  Andrew F. March
  • Taky’s Revolt Vincent Brown
  • Battling Bella Leandra Ruth Zarnow
  • Magic and the Dignity of Man Brian P. Copenhover
  • Unbound Heather Bonsley
  • Ingenius Peter Gluckman
  • The Missing Course David Goobler
  • Contradiction and Utopia  John Danaber
  • Neptune’s Laboratory Antony Adler
  • The Quran
  • Physics for Poets
  • Landscape Graphics
  • Akan Symbols, Adinkra
  • Linguistics
  • Fluxus
  • Tacit Knowledge
  • The Constitution
  • Flowers for Algernon
  • I never Promised You a Rose Garden
  • Shadow of the Sun, Kapuscinski
  • Amy Tan
  • Ha Jin
  • Complex Knowledge Studies in Organizational Epistemology Haridimos Tsoukas
  • The Cross of Redemption Uncollected Writings James Baldwin  (Force Vitale notes)
  • Things Fall Apart, Chinua Achebe
  • Waiting for Godot, Samuel Beckett
  • China in 10 Words, Yu Hua
  • Chevkov Plays-Uncle Vanya …
  • The Tale of Genji, Murasaki Shikibu
  • A Workbook for Arguments A Complete Course in Critical Thinking
  • Fallacies and Argument Appraisal
  • Logical Fallacies
  • Fallacies of Logic
  • A Rule Book for Arguments Anthony Weston
  • Mastering Logical Fallacies, The Definitive Guide to Flawless Rhetoric and Bulletproof Logic Michael Withey
  • Logic Concise Introduction to Logic Patrick Hurley
  • Informal Logical Fallacies a Brief Guide Jacob Van Vleet
  • Concise Guide to Critical Thinking Lewis Vaungh
  • Historians Fallacies Toward a Logic of Historical Thought David Hackett Fischer
  • Logically Fallacious 300 Logical Fallacies Bo Bennett
  • The Thinking Tool Box, 35 Lessons to Build Your Reasoning Skills
  • Amazing Dr. Ransoms Bestiary of Adorable Fallacies Douglas Wilson
  • Roland Barthes
  • Irish Folktales Keats
  • The Lord of the Rings J.R.R. Tolkein
  • The Diary of a Young Girl  Anne Frank
  • The Hobbit R.R. Tolkein
  • East of Eden John Steinbeck
  • Mere Christianity C.S. Lewis
  • The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
  • Uncle Tom’s Cabin
  • Pooh Bear
  • Article: “Scholarly Voice, Avoiding Bias”
  • Pinocchio
  • Values: (Poor Bear, Gandhi, The Wizard of Oz, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Pinocchio, Dickins, OSHO)
  • Maugham Somerset
  • Santeria the Religion Gonzalez Wippler
  • Rituals, Spells of Santeria Migene Gonzalez-Wippler
  • Santeria Beginners Guide Riley Star
  • Santeria African magic in Latin America Migene Gonzalez Wippler
  • Lucumi The Ways of Santeria   Monique Joiner Siedlak
  • A Year In White Lynn Carr
  • Santeria Miguel A De La Torre
  • The Handbook of Yoruba Religious Concepts Baba Ifa Karade
  • Magical Power of the Saints Rev. Raz T. Malbrough
  • Tarot-The wisdom of the cards, Aleister Crowley Deck
  • Proverb various (mostly African and Chinese)

Does not include healing or culinary and very few exercise books.  Those are on separate lists.

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #55: Serwah Diet’s Exercise Routine (Main)

Serwah Diet’s Exercise Routine (Main)

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

If early before breakfast drink a smoothie for energy to sustain the workout.  Even quicker can be bottled carrot juice.  Burn incense (Nag Champa).  Play soft relaxation music or Indian ragas.  Spiritualize.  Lay out one or two Persian rugs on top of carpet to exercise on.  I like to work out in white pants and a white t-shirt.  Most are to be done barefoot, with exception of running and walking in tennis shoes.

  • Roll out thighs with exercise or massage stick while seated. This is good for aging.
  • With appropriate weight use neoprene dumbbells or other, 3-5 pounds for a woman or for a man ~30 lbs., do about 30 arm curls. One variation is standing with one leg bent up and balancing while doing curls.  Lift arms to sides like a bird.  (20) Use this opportunity to do balancing exercises like Yoga’s “tree.”  You can just hold weights on side and balance on one leg.
  • Pilates ball exercises. Lay on floor, knees bent and feet on ball, roll ball back and forth under legs.  B.  Lift ball between legs (10-20) with gradual increase. C.  Ball between legs lay on each side (10) bend legs backwards. D. Sit up hold ball between hands and twist from side to side with ball.  (10), E. Hold ball between hands and lift overhead (10).
  • Strap Exercises.   Place strap around foot and lay on stomach, bend at knee and pull back with strap.  B. Use strap to stretch out back.  One arm bent over shoulder, the other bent at waist.
  • Use Stretch book to do some basic stretches. “Stretching” by Bob Anderson.
  • Kicks. Use a tied “tape” around both feet to do front, side and back kicks.  (20 each direction)
  • Spiritual Reading your choice. (Falun Gong, Rumi, Osho etc.)
  • Treadmill.  Walk one mile, run 3 miles, walk one mile to cool down.
  • Add for variation an exercise tape. Eg. Jane Fonda Yoga Tape or other. Substitute routine for a tape or a class.  Collect tapes.
  • Weight resistance training at a nearby gym when open or set up equipment in your home.
  • Bicycling or walking in a nature reserve or your neighborhood, or with a walking buddy (relative, friend, husband, child or a dog, or friends with their dogs too or self) when possible. Try Thich Nat Hanh “Peace in every step.” Have a spiritual, intellectual or family talk, or pep talk, or coaching talk.
  • Put on music and dance. Move body to music. Take a dance class.  Work on grace.
  • Breathing exercises, circular breathing through nostrils, try Osho’s Pranayama Yoga book or Meditation.
  • Follow workout with a shower, water, and if you’re an athlete a high endurance breakfast. Try rice cakes with peanut butter, banana with seeds.
  • Infuse day with positivity, love, joy, appreciation, intellectual pursuits and lots of energy!

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #54: “The Serwah Diet”

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #54: “The Serwah Diet” based on attention to culinary joy, establishing health and a fitness regimen

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

Morning objectives:

Make sure you get your calcium

Either from a bowl of cereal with milk or a supplement

Nice varied high joy culinary breakfast sweet or savory

Some kind of fruit and fiber richness

Nice teacup and morning dishes happy start to the day

Other things:  iron and OJ (red blood cells), Zinc (white blood cells/immune), Ensure (all needed vitamins), carrot juice (high energy)

Clear colon methods-tea like oolong or a cup of tea

Sometimes you may want a sport or high endurance breakfast like rice cakes with peanut butter, banana and chia or sunflower seeds or other seeds

Open drapes and blinds, let light in (Circadian Rhythm)


Lunch or Dinner (a varied culinary diet for maximum joy and maximum health)

One meal vegetarian ( a nice salad, or soup and salad etc., veggie platter, hummus, should be high energy, low calories and low fat, nuts, seeds, beans) eg. Subscribe “Vegetarian Times”

One meal high protein ( nice piece of meat, especially red meat has the highest protein, rich blood)

Evening around 8 or 9 p.m. yogurt and a probiotic (Dancer recommended)

To assimilate foods

To pass BM in the morning

Assists with weight loss

Take biotin for hair and nails

Important Drinks:

Ensure, Gatorade (potassium), Joint juice, Cranberry Juice, Carrot Juice, Orange Juice, fresh squeezed juices or live juices, teas, fresh fruity and herbal teas, lemon and honey, mint and rose water, sage, rosemary, smoothies, beer for relaxation especially after driving tenseness and Starbucks Cold Brew for alertness and studying, sparkling waters, fresh squeezed sangrias and fruity mixed drinks

Weight loss 3 things

  • Colonic
  • Liposuction
  • Exercise

Main Dietary Objectives:

Establish health!

Establish a limber spine (yoga)


Roll out thighs for aging with a massage or exercise stick

Physical Therapy

Targeted exercise


Walk on a treadmill or around neighborhood or on a track or in a nature reserve or with a dog

FITBIT watch for steps

Motion is lotion

Have a selection of exercise tapes  or attend classes

Pilate’s ball as if “the world” is in your hands



Relaxation music

Strap to stretch out thighs and back

Weight resistance training for lifting and firming

Heart rate up to rev up metabolism and have an active and alive system, high anima

Enough rest

Salacyn for hands and feet, peel for hands and feet

Salicylic washes for face (Neutrogena) and microdermabrasion, Mandelic peels (healthy complexion)

See a plastic surgeon for sculptra and shaping and removing of scars, tattoos and hair

Buttocks-clench butt or gluts and release daily several times, do marching in place with ankle weights and yoga

Thin fingers and prettier hands-play piano or musical instruments

Sharp mind and improved memory leads to better intellect-music

Watch out for high acid diet, with preference for a more alkaline body

Eating 10 salads can be a natural colonic

Ayurvedic products for hair and skin (Himalaya Products,

Infusium hair tonic as hair food for shiny healthy hair

Use “Refresh” eye drops for your eyes to sparkle and be lubricated

Keep Triple Ointment in the bathroom to tend to any burn, scrape, cut or wounds

Worry about your little “pooh bear”  when you are in need of a colonic and you are looking like a bear filled with poop in your colon

Occasionally fast with a maple syrup, lemon, cayenne pepper and water drink in very short periods like one to two days depending on what’s healthy for you, consult a respected fasting book

If your knees and legs are healthy enough, be able to run 2 miles fast like a police officer for optimal health

Also for good mental health and to fight depression: keep brain chemicals balanced, stay active, fill life with positive activities, the more active the less time for depression, work with circadian rhythm and light, work out/exercise to increase positive endorphins, propel yourself with goals, have a North Star

The above is based on the author’s work with nutritionists, physical therapists, personal trainers and management of a health food store.  Author had a life-long intellectual investigation into health and fitness especially after her health was disrupted with an injury and more acute attention was needed to restore health.  Being more of a “demolition” gave her strange insight into what it takes to restore, achieve and maintain optimal health.  This author’s idea of health pertains to diet, fitness and attention to joy. She believes culinary is integral to joy and would not forsake culinary for a diet, but intends to create a scaffolding that includes it.

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #53

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #53

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

Here are some soothing fruity and herbal teas, easy on the stomach, anti-stress, without caffeine but with some other perk:

-Lemon + honey (squeeze juice of 2 lemon wedges, plus 2 tsp honey) + hot water

-Fresh mint + rose water or orange blossom water + 1 tsp sugar+ hot water

-Fresh Sage + hot water

-Fresh rosemary sprigs (newborns mother) + hot water

-Chamomile + honey + hot water

-Sleepytime Tea with milk, honey + hot water

-Mulled tea of orange peels, lemon peels, and their juice + cinnamon stick and honey + hot water

-Lemon Grass + hot water

-Sweet Basil + hot water

-Sorrel + 1 tsp. sugar+ hot water

-Bergamot Tincture 3 drops + hot water

-Lemon Verbena Tincture 3 drops + hot water

-Lavender Tincture 3 drops + honey + hot water


Fit, Lean & Beautiful #52

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #52

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

One thing I think that can be learned in a New York City Bra Shop is to position your breasts and “wear” them in a desirable fashion, lifting and holding them in place with a good brassiere.

Learning how to care for fur is high on the list of priorities.  It’s good to know where to get garment bags to hold furs and where to dryclean and condition furs.  Avoid a dried out or shedding fur.

While you’re working on your fur it’s good to invest in leather cleaner, a lint brush and fabric defuzzer. What can also be good is wool and cashmere spray.

Mothers and fathers establish ego with their child’s school lunch.  Look for parenting magazines to have good recipes like hummus and cucumbers or dumplings and sauce for children’s lunches.  Children’s school lunches may be where the tastemasters get distinguished.