Fit, Lean & Beautiful #29

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #29

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu


Sometimes strange things can be too much.  Even conditioner can be too heavy for fine hair and an all in one shampoo that mixes light conditioner with shampoo can be lighter for hair and give it new life.

A shampoo such as “Pert,” can be wonderful for fine hair.  Pert may return curl in hair or uplift hair that is too weighed down by heavy conditioners.  Pert leaves hair light and shiny.  Pert also has a hair thickening brand.

One doctor also recommended when he felt a diet was “adequate,” don’t adjust your diet, adjust your exercise.  What can become the best work out is a hustler’s job like say pizza delivery where you are running around and in constant motion.  Food Service in general is fast paced and can be a good work out.  Basic sweeping and mopping of a restaurant can be a surprising little work out.  Sometimes getting a new job can activate you and make a necessary financial change, physical change and even sometimes a social change.

Simple beauty changes can mean alot like a new shampoo, new body soap, and a new eyelash curler.  Oil of Olay Almond Milk Body Wash Products leave you really, really soft and slinky.

Look for an avocado sale.

Build up stamina utilizing a job.

Summer is good time to make sure you get enough lemon such as with lemonade or lemon water.

If your stomach starts sticking out start getting colonics and keep getting colonics according to one old friend.

One interesting thing to remember is to stretch out your body to relieve alot of pain and knee problems.  It’s important to strengthen your body to be strong for different jobs or even hard physical labor.




Fit, Lean & Beautiful #28

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #28

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu


Being healthy always creates beauty.  Some health treatments can result in greater beauty such as the CPAP device that gives oxygen via the nostrils.  The CPAP device can oxygenate the body and cells. One may notice small changes to their skin or their lips may become pinker.  The CPAP device is used for patients of sleep apnea and asthma or people with sleep disorders whose breathing may become interrupted while sleeping.  It is unknown by this author what percentage of the population is impacted by things like snoring or unusual breathing at night, perhaps most? The treatment for sleep disorders using the CPAP can impact the overall health and result in greater beauty via oxygenation and may even be good for brain cells or for the brain in general via the cells flourishing from an abundance of oxygen.

It is also possible to build one’s “healing library” and pick up a variety of books on healing.  There are old books that give a great description of the body that were once popular with young people called “Our Bodies, Ourselves.”  There are other books like “The Doctor’s Book of Home Remedies,” “The Healthwise Handbook,” “Jude’s Herbal Home Remedies,” and for the hardcore healer, there are medical books like “Handbook of Gastroenterology,” “Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine,” “Emergency Medicine The Medical Students Survival Guide,” “Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support Provider Manual.”  What can be really wonderful is when you look up proper vitamin usage in the “Handbook of Gastroenterology” and find that hair loss can be helped with zinc, biotin and protein-I think also sunlight may impact your little plant.

Plus perhaps find good anatomy books and reference Wikipedia for current and in-depth encyclopedic information about health that is often written by doctors.  Some of the best information you can find is right on Wiki, from depression to almost any disease to vitamins or great bibliographies.  You can even make a binder about bumps or your particular illnesses with things from Wikipedia or illnesses that run in your family in your health library.  You can also print out vaccine information from the Centers for Disease Control or your local Travel Clinic.  Try researching vitamins on Wikipedia; it has some of the most up to date and comprehensive information available and generally very accurate. Even things like menopause and menstruation can be found on Wikipedia.

The summer weather may have really intensely strong sunlight and humidity and while at the doctor’s this author noticed a man who had been on his boat and had severe sun damage and arrived in a wheelchair, perhaps from sun stroke.  His skin had severe sun burns, extremely red and raw looking.  Word to the wise-it’s best to be careful in the sun and always pay for air conditioning in the summer months.  Really gauge how much time you can fish and withstand the sun and perhaps skin needs layers of protection under clothes, hats and creams.  Plain seltzer water with lemon over ice is really refreshing.   You can easily flavor seltzer water and make a custom soda. Be sure to replace salts and electrolytes-even chips can be a health choice in the summer.  It’s a good time to recharge the air conditioner in your car. It’s a good time to work out in an air conditioned gym. It will be a good time shortly in the fall and winter to remove scars and stretch marks that you may not want to heal in the summer with short sleeves or shorts. It’s a good time to buy an extra-large leak proof water bottle and keep water with you at all times.

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #27

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #27

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

A boxer’s son once said to prop a broom horizontally across your shoulders and twist back and forth for a good waistline and posture.  You should hold onto the broom on both sides as you twist with it across your shoulders.

Moving can lift an old depression and just change the “set.”  Perhaps one can look into getting a “sunset life” or planting a forest and moving to the center of the forest.

For a new radiance or general glow and to clean the pores try epsom salts with lavender or go to a sauna.  It’s also nice to soak the “gens.”  What can also be incredibly uplifting is Aveeno Stress Relief Body Lotion with Ylang Ylang which smells divine and angelic.  Another wonderful spa type lotion that makes the skin incredibly soft is Himalaya.

A nice simple and inexpensive beauty makeover can be to purchase an eyelash curler to open up the eyes.

A few good stretches for the knees may be things like butt kicks, where you bend your knee and attempt to kick your own buttocks.  Butt kicks are actually used to help remedy knee pain that benefits from deep stretching around the knee area.

One may also benefit from a good detoxification using “Detoxify Ready Clean.”  Ready Clean comes in a 16 oz. red bottle.  The key is to after you drank the juice down to keep refilling that same Ready Clean bottle  with water to purify your body of toxins, smoking, alcohol etc.  You may experience chills as it attempts to clean your blood, you may defecate and urinate alot.  It’s works well to continue drinking water and eating a simple cleansing diet for a few days.

Another good thing that is extremely beneficial when you’re working on your health is looking for good healthy food choices.  One excellent choice is cranberry juice and probiotic yogurt to correct or avoid yeast imbalances or urinary problems.  A nice thing to get at the grocery store are just peanut butter bars by Little Debbie as a sweet and spinach dip with oven toasted pita for breakfast.  Pick up sprouts and carrot juice.  Make delicious salads, even I saw one in several bowls to make a salad bar spread, with dressing and meats and sautéed this and that and layered together on your plate with greens for a gathering.

If you switch to a mostly vegetarian diet, but not vegetarian diet or lots of salads your stool will soften and loosen then your metabolism will start to speed up.  Fruits and vegetables are a quick road to elimination.   Vegetarian can be used as a “diet” to reduce bulk.  However steaks can be good as iron rich foods that are good for anemia and the blood.

What is also a little magic and can be a quick 10 lbs. reduction is dedication to the recumbent bike.  Every time you ride, try to ride 3-5 miles and if you ride 4 times a week it’s easy to have rode 20 miles for example and build up some heat.

What I have also noticed is running after balls gets you a lot of running in, like tennis and basketball’s back and forth.

Another thing I will say is to get your car detailed, shampoo the interior, wax, wipe it down and keep it clean for a beautifier.  Don’t forget the little tree air freshener or new car spray.

When going to create your new look you can think of things like an interesting “part,” (in hair or afro) or side burns or a “smart angel” concept or a nice scientist look.  Perhaps channel Einstein or whomever is your favorite and most fashionable scientist.  There are alot of nice hair ornaments to try out like little leather pieces with a stick or even shop for hats.

Try freshening up a glass of water by dropping in a cardamom seed.

What really may way heavy on your mind if you become a parent is your children’s role models or even your people’s role models.  Try to make being “smart cool.”  Many things on the market were promoting of misogyny, crime, thug life, illiteracy, poor speech, killing, violence, promiscuity, drugs etc.-try to help guide your child/family/people to quality choices in music and dress so they are not dressed up like a criminal. Even “grunge” choices can be extremely either “comfortable” or sometimes dirty looking and unattractive.   It’s good to look and walk and talk smart.  It’s good to promote being smart and making healthy choices and choose health for your life.  What can be one of the most devastating things about smoking, for example, is it may dawn on you that you may not have chosen health; you may have chosen something else that may impact your later years.  Some choices may make you feel ignorant later on.  Many choices you make when you’re young deeply impact your beauty.  It’s like asking yourself will I be beautiful later on?

One really nice thing to invest in is Sirius XM radio for your car and home streaming which includes good news stations, punk rock stations, soul stations plus a kitted out 70’s station which is by far one of the best and highest quality musical decades.



Fit, Lean & Beautiful #26

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #26

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu


The long term quest for thicker natural hair persists.  What seems to be effective are things like Pantene Shampoo’s “Curly” line to wave and curl the hair then comb it out for more volume.  What is also nice is to every two months prune back your hair to thicken it and give it a little kick at the ends in your cut.

What also works is a warm, not hot, hair dryer with a diffuser and Aveda Hair Thickening spray which has a wonderful natural aroma.  Apparently hot gives you straighter hair and if you want volume or curl go for warm.  A great blow dry can give you volume by blowing in opposite directions.

Once you have achieved a nice head of natural hair, after all the Biotin etc. go for great skin.  Let attention to your skin take over.  It’s possible to take off 2 layers of skin with a microdermabrasion and 2 more layers with a mandelic peel and be 4 layers younger.

What really helps to soften skin in the winter is a humidifier.  Winter is also the time to resurface skin and smooth it out.  The most beautiful people have well cared for skin.  Get good lotions like Lubriderm or Himalaya.

What comes highly recommended are the FIT BIT Scale and Watch.  Strangely you can enter your ideal weight and the Wi-Fi technology of the FIT BIT tries to match it?  It is as if you can program your weight to decrease.

Getting skinny is a challenge.  You may want skinny fingers and try piano to refine your hands.  You may want skinny legs, and may try thigh high compression stockings.  If you want a skinny stomach try a waist trainer.  If you want all over skinny -lipo, colonic-take out all that stuff that just accrues.  By the time you get to your middle years there’s some accrual to deal with. Between ones accrual and rough birth, plan on looking good in your older years with some care.

Blank slating and removing tattoos and stretch marks and scars and hair may take years to do.

Another recommendation is to acquire a good dentist and make certain your basic scaffolding is in good order.  A good dentist is one that shapes your teeth while they clean them.

Have your hands and body checked for any bumps or rashes etc.  and keep a good dermatologist. There are some little miracle creams out there and good acne medicines like Adapalene from the dermatologist as well as creams like Triamcinolone Acetonide that clears weird little rashes  and scaly hands.

Invest in good athletic shoes and perhaps a pair of insoles to straighten legs or posture.  There are professional places for gauging the correct insole like Running Fit in Ann Arbor, MI.

Heavy perfume can smell very maternal and command respect.  Heavy perfume probably impacts the personality and carries memory.













Fit, Lean & Beautiful #25

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #25

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

Many years ago a woman was asked what made her hair grow so fast.  She replied “gelatin.”  Lately in remembrance of this answer I have been eating lime Jell-O with fruit cocktail and whipped cream in the off chance that gelatin aids in hair growth?  However the tried and tested sworn by hair growth sprouter does seem to be biotin.  Biotin truly works.  Aveda has a Hair Thickener tonic spray that also appears to really work and is highly recommended.

One thing that seems to be life’s challenge in terms of aging is gravity and the general natural pull down of the skin, chin, breasts and stomach and buttocks.  Gravity eventually pulls them down and it’s up to each of us to develop a plan for it.  What seems to lift often are things like weight resistance training that strengthens muscular regions or yoga where you hold poses or tense and pump areas.  Yoga which is based on a warrior may be what one needs to fight back against the gravity which pulls down the body and is one of the world’s greatest transformers. Yoga gives the body grace, strength and shape.  Yoga is famous for lifting the buttocks. Exercises like bending at the waist and placing your hands on the floor and lifting behind you, your leg as high as possible and holding each leg for 17 seconds will eventually lift and firm the buttocks. Weight resistance training appears to lift the breasts and make them firmer and smaller.  It’s possible to hire a fitness or personal trainer to write specific exercises for your body type and lift all the aging or sagging areas.  Targeted exercises works every time!  It may be safer in the long run to have a personal trainer to teach you exercises, plan with you and monitor your progress.

A plastic surgeon is also a great help with a variety of services to work on a sagging chin or chicken or turkey like neck.  Sit down and map out your own body and figure out how to offset with medicine or industrial practices and specific exercise regimes to firm, lift, tighten, strengthen and maintain a healthy physique into old age.  Aim to be a good looking older person or look good in your old age, even have that thought young.  The arms droop, probably even the testicles start to droop from weight and gravity.  Men’s obsession with sex appeal may keep them working out and looking good longer.  Some doctors or plastic surgeons eventually end up pinning up testicles so they don’t droop too low, toro!

I have found that plain apple cider vinegar is potent in cleansing or weight loss.  Vinegars come nutritionist recommended and may be something to utilize when cleansing or in conjunction with fitness training.  Perhaps add vinegar to salads or in recipes.  There are old wives tales to even consume a teaspoon of vinegar before a meal to lose weight. Apple cider vinegar is supposed to melt fat.  It also cleans certain household items.

Gaim TV on Xfinity cable premium channels has wonderful exercise classes including with an exercise ball.  Gaim can be added to a home practice by acquiring some very basic equipment like balls or straps.  Gaim is one of the most beautiful things to watch on TV right now.  Try making an interesting exercise calendar for yourself including at the gym, with a personal trainer, cycling, home gym or pool, recumbent bicycling or a few walking buddy dates on a gym track or around a city or neighborhood.  It can be fun to design on a calendar ones “fitness life” and make it beautiful and even a catchup time with family or friends during walking buddy sessions. One can add dance or a sport or a low or high impact exercise routine or martial arts or classes.  I met a very interesting baseball player/ sports medicine doctor recently.   Even one day can be devoted to sauna or massage to reduce stress and relax after a strenuous workout or work week. It’s good to take one day alone for just stress.  Try to schedule in smoothies or salads or a juice bar date.  It can also be good to add spiritual and physical scholarship like Falun Gong to your morning or week.  Make sure to add some spirituality or readings each day.  Photo copy a stack of writings, poems or articles to work on your spirit and mental health at the same time.  In general a fitness calendar is the way to get started.  On time and you can download a basic calendar. Fitness is a part of life.  It’s easy with a fitness calendar to transform yourself, rejuvenate, achieve greater longevity and happiness.  People who work out have thicker longer hair, are leaner, 30 minutes of cardio gives you faster metabolism, live longer, experience greater beauty and strength.  People who work out get more jobs, have more money, greater stability of wealth and experience better health.  Fitness is a trait of the affluent.  Assuming a healthy lifestyle attracts you to all things healthy, even people.  Beware of how affluence inspires gluttony and many people who gain wealth become alcoholics and lose their health.

Another good thing to do is to find problem solving cool!!  Write down your problems and try to solve them.  Make appointments, go to the library, make calls, research online, ask questions, but try to solve deeply one’s own problems including all of your health problems.  It helps to research your own illnesses and talk to different doctors, look online and at the Centers for Disease Control for vaccines or a travel clinic etc.  Sometimes your doctor may not be aware of something that has come out and things change over time and get researched at universities every day of the week.  Things change and generally improve.  Figure out what it is, dissect it, break it into pieces and go to the doctors with a list even if they don’t like it.  Work on long term healing and try to find the right path to solve your problems.  It helps to research health and start for example a bump book to research bumps, know who heals what and keep a chart notebook for yourself with records and journal your progress in a variety of journals.  You can document all of your health issues from the time you are young, sometimes your children end up with the same issues and things run in families or come back.

In terms of problem-solving you can get ahead of problems and for example go for a check-up or diagnostic for your car you don’t have to wait until you or your car or family breaks down.

If you are in the city, the best thing about cities are blocks and walking.  Try long roaming or walking in the city and checking out interesting cultures etc. or just free running in the city’s parks. Make sure you have someplace to walk regardless of where you live.

One thing I came to realize to socialize oneself is include in your training common dances like salsa, merengue, basic party dancing in about 10 styles, ballroom dancing, drum or African dancing etc.  So that when you travel and there is, for example, a salsa craze in East Africa you know the steps or you’re at a concert and everyone is salsa dancing you’re not a dud.

There are wonderful products at Aveda for conditioning lips and Beauty Composition Oil and Shampure clean smelling oils and great shampoos and hair styling products for men and women.  There are even great hand lotions to be an old lady and stash in your handbag along with some tissues. Alternatively, from a plastic surgeon are the Glymed Products that seem to have a beautifying program on them and make you prettier-things such as face soaps.  Some Glymed products tan and even the skin-they are really good products and come highly recommended.

Depending on your hair texture or the shape of your skull or hairline, pinning hair up in different ways can be a way to sweep it up or frame the face or even make it look thicker or cleaner and neater and more refined.  Try good hair stylists to learn tricks or buy yourself some bun rings or hairpins or sticks or big clips.  Long or medium length hair can easily be transformed into neat and clean and command the respect alot of older women desire.  Even rubber bands can be nice to have in stock.  Braids piled on your head for longer hair or French braids for thicker hair, many things can be refining. Wholesome, natural and respectable can be an affluent look or intelligent look.

Beware of hair dyes.  As people get older some like gray, some don’t and will dye their hair or shave bald. Some dye gray to catch more respect.  Simple or natural hair color is almost always the best because what you were born with is matched to your skin tone that is why less is better.  Many people try jet black, try blond or try auburns or red tones and have the ugliest times in their life and ruin their beauty.  One’s born color is often the best for their skin tone.  It is possible to bump up or get things from a stylist that enhance shine or color. Products like infusium can be a little hair tonic for natural hair.

I had a bad experience at a hair party where a stylist dyed everyone’s hair blond at the party and everyone had to re-dye or shave it off.  One woman with long beautiful Mexican hair, re-dyed her hair her natural color over the blond or after stripping the color, then let her hair grow in her natural color and kept her hair and let the color grow out and has her beauty intact.  Some women with long hair know tricks like that to keep long hair under many circumstances, others with short hair just cut it off entirely and started fresh.  One went to a men’s barbershop for a nice professional clipper cut.  Most of us ended up without our hair or starting our hair over.  Blond tends to be the most common dye choice and often the most cheapening or unattractive. Sometimes people start to look like chemical roni with too many chemicals or dyes on the hair and look stupefied.  A lot of people who dye their hair blond lack respect.

Be careful of stylists wanting bigger bills and advising to dye your hair for their greater profit which is common or even racist stylists that will do things like leave chemicals in your hair and leave them on too long and damage the hair follicle. Beware of brassy or cheap looking colors that look truly like chemicals poured over the head and therefore unintelligent looking.  There is a way out for the wild ones or the experimental ones or the hipsters or the starlets or the rockers or the teenagers who always suffer.  Don’t be afraid of good old natural, of starting over or of simplicity when it 100% of the time looks more intelligent and more affluent.  Don’t be afraid to let it grow out long natural or even medium long to have something to work with, although short styles are nice too. The exception I would make is for little punk rockers with pinks, and blues and purples etc. who tend to look like a subculture or bird-like and are usually cute and attractive.

Even perms can be really wonderful to transform hair from limp to voluminous but many times inexperienced stylists will make your hair fall out.  Sometimes hair may not be old enough for a perm or strong and aged or waxy enough to perm it.  One may have young or too much new growth for a strong chemical treatment.  I have seen sort of “German” styled curls or corkscrew curls or “mops” or slightly relaxed curls or big curls or ringlets that look wonderful. Curly hair on men is insanely attractive.  I think it requires going to someone like Fekkai or an expert or one that is practically a human designer.  Some hair stylists do spa or plastic techniques too.  If you fear the chemicals try good old curler sets and styling lotions or mousses and curlers and sit under one of those bag hair dryers then curl it with a curling iron.  You can program your hair by adding a lot of regular volume. Another great thing to do is cut your hair regularly for clean ends or every 3 months if you’re looking for growth.  There are great cuts out there in biblical books like “friar cuts” or elliptical cuts.  What I would also mention for the German curls are a wide toothed comb and heavy conditioners like Nexxus to comb it out, it really depends on the care how well your curls display.

It can be great to get into Halloween with a goth look or just to add heavy black eyeliner for the month and write goblin and ghoul stories.  One may form a group and start a subculture with an aesthetic.

So if you’re in New York get a walking buddy or try walking and roaming.  What is also nice are reading parties.  I once had a dinner guest who picked up a book at my house and read the entire book while I was at the computer writing and I loved being together like that.  It’s possible to stage a reading of a play together with friends or print out copies of a research paper to read in a group as if in a convention or everyone bring copies of their poetry or go rent a cottage with a box of books alone or with your mate and read-reading parties are a nice life choice.  One may have a little more to show for their life if they choose some intellectual good times above 100% sexual ones.

Choose your style carefully to attract an intelligent match.  “Star power” can sometimes attract all the ignorant matches.  It’s good to command respect and even academic or collegiate clean styles can be nice.  If you pursue a plastic surgeon and you should, try one that prefers more natural, intelligent, academic, sports physique or dancer physique, healthy, even cultural, or perfected blank slates or professional looks like Dr. Gowda with offices in Troy and Novi, Michigan.

If your by chance near the beach it can be nice all those homemade coronas or just a strand of beads or tie a string around your wrist or waist or ankle to beautify maybe even a little African style or Mexican style.

I once made a homemade swimsuit that actually turned out beautiful.  If you have never tried it, you may like hand stitching your own clothes with maybe a strong blanket stitch or machine sewing some special things to have variety of clothes in your wardrobe.  It can be easy to make vests or get an industrial machine and work with leather or even a hole punch and leather cord can make leather products.  Getting creative with your own things can be rewarding and good times.

The last thing I will mention is something about “letting yourself go” and being one of those people who says that and “peer pressure.”  Meeting someone new or a colleague or family gathering or falling in love or a new job etc. can create really intense peer pressure that catapults you spontaneously to success.  Don’t be afraid when that happens when you get around a young hipster and feel like hell or fear you have lost your beauty.  Guard your spiritual and valorous beauty and work on your physical beauty aggressively.  Try never to lie and mess up the smooth running of your brain and work hard to achieve good thoughtful loving decisions for more wisdom.

A nice thing to purchase is a “gong,” that you can punctuate things with-begin and end spiritual sessions or exercises or love making or after finishing a degree or starting a marriage, or to clean your house-give yourself a nice GONG! To call up energy to a moment or radiate energy or spiritualize time, try a gong.  There are very nice writings about gongs in Falun Gong.

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #24

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #24

By Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

Getting back to basics once one has gone off track can be something like GO FOR ORANGE!

Much success can be had with a simplified diet that includes lots of carrot juice for energy and speed, oranges for immune health and turmeric, lots of chicken curries to cleanse.  What I am noticing is that it’s really good in older age to get into deeper and deeper healing practices.

If you find yourself needing compression stockings for your circulation its really good to question your primary care whether or not you have any vascular problems with varicose veins etc. or heart problems that include blockages and require percutaneous treatments with scopes to clean out arteries.   It’s really easy to  get circulation problems and pressure in the legs and feet.  There are lots of tests that can be done for both vascular and the heart, even blood tests.

I am finding its best to probe and clean parts of the body even the heart just like the teeth especially when you have gained weight or with aging.  Apparently many cardiologists insert stents into the arteries to open them up for better circulation and insert scopes through the groin up to the heart to clean out plaque and blockage.  Heart blockage may be something common that needs routine care or at least once in a life time care or maintenance.

What is also something nice to work on in older age is ones posture and see a chiropractor.  People very often start to slump while pregnant, or with larger breasts or with older age-see a chiropractor for their set of spinal treatments that straighten and align ones spine to look and feel better in older age.  Perhaps look into “Rolfing” and making sure one’s body is properly lining up. Yoga helps a lot with alignment problems with the good ol’ kundalini trick where you place an imaginary string on top of your head and pull yourself up straight.  Aim to stand tall, straight, proud and peacock.

If one has any pinched nerves in the knees or pulled tendons get excited for a trip to a good physical therapist like ATI in Ypsilanti, Michigan.  Down the medical chain different practices get a lot of expertise in different areas.  Don’t be afraid to talk to a lot of people until you find your expert.  Many sports medicine and physical therapists or (PT) tend to be experts of the knees.  There are very interesting exercises that can be learned from physical therapists including just standing for 30 seconds on the balls of your feet to pump up calves, or propping feet at an angle on a half foam roll to give the legs a stretch. If you’re at home try using your stairs to stretch. Figure out good stretches in and around your house.  What I found really interesting was exercising on a padded table with a belt connected to my ankle and pulling my leg up from behind to deeply stretch my thighs and knees. Exercising on a table may be better for older or injured persons and is commonly done in physical therapy.  I also did some bridge like buttocks squeezes to firm that area.  What was really the magic of physical therapy is many things are pulled tendons or pinched nerves and it’s possible to target specific regions to alleviate pain with stretching.  Absolutely magic!

Getting in shape with injuries can be difficult.  What one physical therapist recommended was if for example you have a knee injury to try “low impact exercises:” like swimming, bicycling, resistance training, and yoga.  There are great things that can be added to a home gym like: the belts that strap around the legs to pull them up from behind or pull you down in a stretch, half foam rolls, balls to use against the wall, stretchy tape that fits around ankles to do side stretches, timers, ice packs, 2-3 blocks to stretch on or do steps on, a padded table, stretching cages, recumbent bicycles, handheld weights and weights in pouches that strap on etc.

What one doctor also recommends are professional orthopedic prescribed insoles that will balance or tip your leg in the right direction.  Stores like “Running Fit,” in Ann Arbor sell a variety of insoles to correct a variety of feet including flat feet etc.

One of the best places to look for good shoes is in your local uniform supply like “Scrubs.”  or    There are a lot of really well made, comfortable, good shoes that are sold with uniforms or medical or nursing supplies.  Imagine those really nice shoes your doctor wears, good proper healthy shoes. You can find slip resistant shoes or things good for culinary too.

Compression stockings can also be prescribed in 20-30 strength or 30-40 or 40-50 for extra strength. There are many varieties of compression stockings that can be purchased from an orthopedic supply, over the counter or from a uniform store.  Compression stockings may even be good for sedentary people or depressive traits.

Another interesting tidbit is not to give up on your legs if you have knock knees or bowed legs.  A good plastic surgeon can align the legs and correct them above and below the knee.  Many people have legs or knee problems from osteo arthritis that tip their legs one way or another.  There are options for leg/knee correction that includes plastic surgery or insoles in shoes for a simpler correction.

Try saving up for quarterly liposuctions with sculptra to shape the body after.  Liposuction can cost about $5000 or even as low as $3000 depending on what you need or where you go.  It’s best to pay more for sculpting services.  Liposuction can alleviate many future heart problems and mobility issues with weight gain and even elongate one’s life. Liposuction is a worthwhile investment and a good health option.  Liposuction is performed as outpatient surgery and needs to be done by a plastic surgeon.  It’s not always realistic to expect fat to disappear even with exercise.

One tip for the hair is Biotin really, really sprouts the hair.  The hair has to age after but it’s possible to grow one’s own hair with Biotin.

I was reading about a Yogi that had practiced yoga as a way of life for over 37 years in “Natural Awakenings Magazine.” I was so moved to think about long term health options and how beautiful a life with yoga is.  It’s nice to make one’s life devoted to positivity using exercise, healthy diet and teachings.

One aside is Zinnia’s bloom and bloom.  I have a patch of Zinnia’s that are still blooming in October and I saw some new buds.  They have been blooming in a staggered fashion all summer and continue to bloom in the fall.  I just cut a few off and bring them inside and have fresh cut flowers all the time.  I have never known a heartier flower.  They need water every day.  There is a bag of Zinnia seed mix that comes with its soil and fertilizer from Meijer’s.  Look for flowers that stagger their blooms for endless blooms.  (Encap, Zinnia Mix, All in one mulch, fertilizer and seed annuals blooms in a variety of colors attracts butterflies and hummingbirds, 2 lb. bag Apparently Encap is using advanced soil technology.

The other thing I would like to recommend is starting a computer file to collect vacation ideas such as:   raw food yoga retreats, or Nia dance retreats, or African walking treks, or even a variety of cruises (  It’s nice to plan a cleanse, or an exercise vacation or even a resting vacation out of society. It’s good to study maps and search beach websites and generally look around for your states natural areas for nature walks or look for bird sanctuaries.  It can also be nice to find out about international holidays to sync up ones trip during a festive time period.  Look for international calendars or books on international holidays.

Enjoy fall with outdoor fireplaces, cider mills and add a private shrine or maybe a virgin to spiritualize.  Don’t forget to get every fall goodie, all the squashes, apples, pumpkins, donuts and quick breads, at least one caramel apple and go for a fall glory country drive to lift up your soul.

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #22

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #22

By Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

A new toothbrush can spruce up a mouth and brighten teeth.  A nice mouthwash can really deeply clean and freshen the whole mouth after flossing.

Recently it was found that a stay too long in the sauna can enlarge pores of the face.  Try a pore refining toner to change the chemistry of the face.  If that doesn’t do the complete job, try resurfacing the skin at a plastic surgeons office.  Appointments are better made in the winter.

Pruning back the hair can thicken it up.  Shoulder length hair dries quickly, you can still pin it up and where it long.  At the salon they may blow it in five directions to build body with a blow dry. There are some stylists who lay the hair over the nozzle of the hair dryer to curl it after dividing it into small sections with clips.  Try a round vented brush.  Aveda’s Hair Thickener works wonders.

Aveda has great scented oils such as Shampure that just has a clean scent and Beauty Composition Oil that is more plant smelling. Aveda has wonderful lip colors such as the sheer mineral colors like rhubarb that complements tan skin.

I found out that shiny textiles, shiny or silky cloth can be nice to convey affluence or for a new and clean feeling.

What’s really nice are the combination base and top coat from Sally Hansen’s for manicures and pedicures.  If you sandwich your nail color between a base and topcoat, a pedicure can last even a month sometimes.

For around the house, it’s important to spackle all the holes made from picture hangings and shelves etc.  Bugs can make holes in the wall their home and burrow.   Try spackling, letting it dry, sanding then painting over holes.

If you want a brand new feeling, try a new wardrobe every quarter and a fresh haircut every three weeks (or more for men) and several showers a day to freshen up.  Stock up on white shirts, new underwear and socks frequently.

One really nice style is “Arab.” Try tunics with pants, nice sandals and fine jewelry.

The other little thing to stock up on is meat tenderizer from the supermarket (available at Meijer’s).

A quickie bookshelf can be done with cinder blocks and custom cut wood from the hardware store (Home Depot).  It’s always possible to build on the wall, sometimes you have to build free standing and in front of the wall if the wall studs cannot support your shelves or books weight.  It can be nice to get creative by speaking with a carpenter and looking at the number of shelf designs available.  All scholars invest in shelves.

What’s also really nice is right before a special event such as a job interview or some place where you may see several colleagues or in the variety of tribes with which you are connected-its nice to cut your hair, have fresh ends or make a trip to the beauty salon.  Eyebrows can be spruced up.  It’s nice to also remove all the “shadow” from your face with electrolysis.

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #21

Fit, Lean and Beautiful #21

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

After getting into your workout routine it’s nice to think about adding calcium for the bones and joint juice (Meijer’s) to make yourself stronger in your skeleton.

There are three machines at my gym that you can look out for at your gym the 1)Chest Press, 2)Fly and 3)The Lat, that all magically firm the breasts.  Before you consult a plastic surgeon you may want to try really toning, firming, shaping and lifting the breasts with weight training, it truly works.  The quality of your breasts can dramatically change with the right weight training.  Also hand held dumbbells or free weights at about 5lbs or 6 lbs. done in bicep curls can also assist with the breasts (lock your elbows and lift up).

One interesting thing I noticed doing bicep curls while standing on one leg grounded me in my leg and gave me balance.  Following one leg bicep curls I practiced balancing on one leg for 10 seconds with my eyes closed and was grounded in my legs from the former exercise.  There are ways to create and instill balance using free weights.  It’s kind of like being grounded into yourself with weights pulling you down.

I have noticed skin doesn’t tend to sag when you do weight training, the skin tightens nice and taught.  I find that with weight training exercises like the “Fly” or the “Lat” also my double chin is going and tightening and my feet are getting smaller.

One’s face can thin out and it’s possible to start looking like another person.

I don’t want to retract my stomach article in Fit, Lean & Beautiful #20, however, to get rid of a big belly quicker there are standing abdominal weight training machines that are upright and good old sit ups/crunches 3 reps of 10 can do the job.  If your belly is big then try just gliding your hands up your leg to your knees and do a baby crunches or sit ups on a stability ball.

It was recommended to me to sauna and shower at the gym for a little lux and increased weight loss after a work-out.  One can sauna-sweat out, shower wash off and use the bathroom to let go of as much fat etc. as possible. Give fat lots of exits.

I will kind of miss my big belly, it had/has a maternal feeling for a woman.

I would also like to upgrade that one can ride the recumbent bicycle for 20 minutes of cardio and very easily bike 3.5 miles.

Step counters and special watches and gauges are fun too.

Particular use of color like respectful blues or a nice patterned silk scarf or even a wrap, shawl or Reboso can bring a lot of  beauty.

There is a wonderful “Beauty Composition Oil” from Aveda that smells plant/herb like and is absolutely divine.

Frequent showering is also a beautifier-just being frequently fresh.  In some countries like Puerto Rico where temperatures are hot, people generally shower a few times a day and look their best right after.

One of the most sensual things one can do is just buy undershirts and underwear, a snug and clean feeling is very beautiful.





Fit, Lean & Beautiful #20

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #20

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

It may be interesting to adjust the stomach size.  Stomach size may be the whole premise behind bariatric surgeries that adjusts stomachs that may have equalized in tandem with the body and spiraled out of control.  It can become difficult to “power on” a large body without adequate food.  It’s interesting to make an adjustment to the size of ones stomach first psychologically and consciously choose to have a smaller stomach.  By starting a habit of smaller portions, even if your quantity is okay, you may make this adjustment to your stomach size with portions or heavy on soups etc.  It’s a little low impact bariatric shrink home spun-adjusting stomach size with portions, DIY.

Another stomach oriented tip one may find interesting if you have a large stomach is in weight training you may exercise the whole body and not the stomach and the stomach will still drop off.  It might even be crucial to protect your organs?  One theory is that if you exercise the whole body and not the stomach, the body equalizes and increases in circulation and the stomach runs tandem with the rest of the body and the stomach goes away.

Twenty minutes of cardio every time you exercise is a bit of magic to your metabolism.  Consistent and regular cardio wakes up the heart gives the body momentum-amazing!  Cardio, cardio, cardio.  So even if you exercise twice a week, after the 3rd week you may start to see definition in your body (cuts) from weight training and stamina, energy and calorie burn from cardio.  Apparently, you can spin fat right off with recumbent bikes.  In twenty minutes it’s easy to bike 3 miles.  Another nice thing to inspire you is music, with an IPOD or cell phone radio, bike to the music; you will bike harder, faster and longer.  Get an upbeat 70’s or 80’s station, and bike away. Or even design your twenty minutes with a playlist on your IPod.  The first things to go are often the cup size (breasts) and buns.

I have been analyzing what truly gives one energy?  One thing is cardio to increase the heart rate, and circulation, to get you really pumping and faster. Another thing that gives energy is to build the blood with folic acid over the counter or iron tablets.  Another thing that gives energy is air, for example from an albuterol inhaler before working out.  Carrot juice is another thing I find to be really speedy and impactful to the metabolism along with fresh fruits and vegetables.  Possibly a probiotic may also aid in foods assimilation and be energy producing.  The other thing that gives energy is green tea and lots of it.  With green tea you can even be nocturnal.

If you have a health hurdle look for a medical fitness class in your local gym and try intellectualizing your fitness, health or weight loss to make it something educational for yourself to come away from the journey with alot of knowledge.  Even weight loss can be wonderfully intellectual.  There are also great degrees to be had in physical fitness.  You may consider a renovations loan to build a fitness room onto your house with a pool, recumbent bike or to your taste bud.

The other thing I have found really exciting is fitness, health and spirituality on TV.  Try ordering premium channels from your local cable TV such as Xfinity like Gaia or Gaiam and catch belly dancing classes on the fly and really good ones, see lectures from Deepak Chopra on happiness or yoga classes.  Premium channels can be a wonderful thing to add to your fitness life right at home anytime.  While you’re adding premium channels it’s nice to get foreign language channels like Latino TV or French TV and integrate linguistics into your TV programming.

The other thing that really struck me from a Deepak Chopra lecture was something he mentioned about building happiness with “practice.” Having practices, like exercise or music etc. can turn into skills and ultimately joy. Having things you “practice,” can be very rewarding and a good thing to integrate into the mix of one’s plans for wisdom/knowledge/mastership.

The 40’s are best spent cleaning up the all the wildness of the teen’s, 20’s and 30’s.  Some may clean up sooner.  Such as removing silver fillings from teeth and putting in porcelain or removing tattoo’s with laser, or removing hair with electrolysis. Clean up time.

There is a lot of great stuff on happiness and spiritual building blocks on Gaia TV for those who need a spiritual tune up or internal work out.  It can be great at the end of the day after work just to hear some positive thoughts or catch a lecture and hear some positive advice and it’s highly recommended.

The other nice thing to start can be to stack up a coffee table as a “knowledge table.”  Stack up unread magazines, French books, Spanish books, note cards, culinary magazines, Culinary Institute of America books, Falun Gong books-whatever you like.  Create this inviting atmosphere of knowledge in one area that you sink into and that can dramatically improve life in connection with one’s private library.  It’s really nice to build a valuable collection of books in one’s library.



Fit, Lean & Beautiful #19

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #19
By Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

It was suggested in an earlier article that Jasmine Tea is for women and
Green Tea for men, however there may be some exceptions. Green tea may be well suited to a heavier or larger woman or a person in need of something stronger that may have been created for a man, as opposed to Jasmine that may be lighter, and more fragrant.

There are several fantastic kinds of breathing to learn such as with singing and weight training. With singing you inhale and fill and push the abdomen and send your voice on the thread of breath in the exhale in counts of 4 as in 4 beats in a measure. Inhale 4, exhale 4. In weight training it is opposite where you exhale while lifting and push your air out etc. then inhale when coming back down. Breathing exercises and techniques can be a fun thing to collect and learn to improve performance and optimize fitness. One may achieve a very different voice or a very different physique based on their breathing regimen. Weight training or weight bearing exercises help to build strength.  Strength is a good thing to build first to help you with other kinds of fitness training.  Weight training impacts definition, target areas, strength, firmness and flexibility-it stretches you out.
What are also nice are windows like a juju window box or perhaps crafting a nice vista for window viewing-even in all of your windows.

If you are one to plant, pay close attention everywhere you go to see what are the early bloomers thriving in your area.  It’s lovely to take note of all the varieties of spring’s early bloomers and make a small research.  I have noticed lots of honeysuckle, hyacinth, daffodils and some buds on blooming trees fragrant enough to scent the exterior of the house.  It can be such a joy to plant or care for or live with plants. It’s even nice to be happy for rainy days that bring more flowers.