La Mirada (cancion en espanol)

La Mirada

por, Afua Osei-Bonsu


En la montana

En la bosque

En la selba

En el campo

En el espejo


En el edificio

En el cuarto

En el rio

En la cascada


En la ventana


En tu Mirada

Encuentro mi amor


Fui buscando


Y llegaste, mi amor


Lla llegaste

Lla llegaste

Lla llegaste, mi amor

Vamos juntos

En caballo

A la bosque

A comer frutas


Lluvia de estrellas

Luna llena

La Locura

De nostros


Quitaste la


Del lobo

Que vivio

En arbol

De la magia

Pura magia

Que guardaba

Por ti


Lla llegaste (3)

Por mi


Te quiero


Happy Belated Valentines, The Gods of Love

The Gods of Love  6/29/2014, (Excerpt from Artillery) by Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu


Teros-Tea/rose, sperm and erection

Norgie-Pleasure, he denied her orgasm



Fancy-To adorn for a lover or to admire, to posture


Saudade-Missing, longing, forlorn, melancholy

Flaccid-The way in which one lays

Habibi-I love you

Foro-To penetrate

Infigere-To fasten in or to insert


Mamoul-Sweet vagina

Little Dove-Vagina

Pearl-Part of female sex

Fornax-An oven, furnace or kiln

Fornacula-Female sex, a little oven

Formositas-Female sex, beautifully formed

Vlasic-Male sex

Forabilis-Male sex, that can be bored through, penetrable, folding doors, forming, shaping, out of doors, sometimes abroad

Unison-Together as one

Moreno/Morena-I love you, I love your skin, all skins

Speculum-Mirrors and tools used to open the vagina or anus, seeing oneself in another

Vestem-to dress and undress






Navem-Navel, touch, lineage love, birth, paths to genitals


Positivus-Love is in the direction of positive

Idealus-Love is ideals

Servus-Love is service

Clavis-Love is a key to the soul

Bestus-Love is wanting the best for you


Positivus, Idealus, Servus, Clavis, Bestus

Positivus, Idealus, Servus, Clavis, Bestus


Virilis-Virility in sex

Sexus-Sex, intercourse

Coitus-Sex, intercourse

Sexton-Frequent intercourse
Sangiovese-A vase of blood, to love ones blood, to love deeply or until death



Autobiography From The Wedding Album

Autobiography Queenie Serwah 5/28/1971

Queenie Serwah was the child bride of a manufacturer, film producer and MIT Scientist. He became her poetry love Little Jinn and he assumed the name Li Jinn after the title of her poetry book.  Li Jinn is also associated to the King “Ken Ing” of the Ing Dynasty. Li Jinn gave Queenie Serwah her title and the family sir name of Vielchenblau and on their bridal napkins it was engraved, a Chinese lamb and a blue rose in 14 Karat Gold.  Queenie Serwah was a hostage of the Jinn Royal family for years, held under dire circumstances by a voyeur and apart from her wealth.  Little Jinn and Queenie Serwah via Haptic Technology, during this time wrote several books of poetry as well as music, including symphonic orchestrations. The love of Little Jinn and Queenie Serwah endures within their diverse artistic creations.  Queenie Serwah has a dance that she does where she places her hands on the shoulders and waist of Little Jinn, an imaginary dancer, she sways and in his absence says, “I am dancing with Little Jinn.”

Tempo of the Falling Snow

She had the tempo of the falling snow

She had the tempo of the tropical

Guayaba, avocado, peanut, sesame, jicama, mango, banana, pineapples, coconuts, oranges

She had the falling of madness

She had a love for the unbridled

She wanted kisses to remind her of the sweetness in life

Impress her with your kindness

Impress her with your maturity

Impress her with your creativity

Impress her with your scholarship

Impress her with your beauty

Love is what you make it





Excerpt from “Magic 8 and The Bone Marrow Sucker”

The animals said
Small bird
Big bird
Green bird
Purple bird
Pink bird
She bird
He bird
No bird
Every bird
Any bird
All bird
Animal bird

And that other bird said
Knowledge bird
Teacher bird
Draw bird
Print bird
Poetry bird
Singing bird
Science bird
Organism bird
Locura bird
Pranayama yoga bird
Love bird, Love bird (2)
Big bird
Flying bird
Love bird, love bird (2)