Babaganoush Breakfast

Babaganoush  Breakfast

2 large eggplants, whole

With 3 cloves garlic, peeled & whole

Roast eggplant and garlic at 350 degrees for 1 hour on a baking sheet

Remove from oven.  Cut off tops of eggplants and slice open.  Scrape inside of eggplant out with a spatula.  Place eggplant without skin and roasted garlic in blender.


3 oz. cream cheese

2 tbl (heaping) Greek Honey Yogurt (Trader Joes)

Few leaves each parsley & mint

Juice 1 whole lemon

¾ cup olive oil

1 ½ tsp sea salt

Pinch of cumin

Mix all ingredients in the blender

Serve warm or chilled with pita. Makes 7 cups.


Cut 2 pieces of pita into 4 inch triangles.  Adjust amount to suit. Drizzle olive oil and sea salt on pita.  Toast in oven at 400 degrees for 10 minutes.

Mint Tea

¾ cup mint tea leaves

1 ½ tsp orange blossom water or rose water

2 tsp sugar

3 ½ cups water

Bring water to boil.  Pour hot water over mint, floral water and sugar into teapot with strainer.  Serves 2

Serve with quartered navel orange

An Approach to Art Making #1

An Approach to art making can include diverse formulae. One such formula may root an artwork in “research.” A body of research may form the foundation of an artwork.  “Rich” artwork may result from a body of research.  Research may need to employ writing, to develop the artwork or artworks.  Without writing, it is difficult to have the dialogue one needs to be engaged with an art work-before and after the artwork. Research may also involve data collection or formal methods employed by scientists in, for example, social methods or qualitative methods or quantitative research methods. An artist may also utilize methods in investigative journalism.

A second road may be a formula such as “Quepine (QPN),” Question, Proverb and News. Quepine can be a divine formula for beauty or knowledge or beauty from knowledge. Quepine is a formula that may result in sacred artworks and make an artist wise. Quepine can root a subject matter in history by attaching it to the news. News is history. Giving a subject history gives it depth and a road to travel on in time.  News has been a theme in art for a long time.  News is used in wax print textiles, art, and music of certain cultures, especially African cultures, who may name a baby or feature a notable from the news.  In some of the African music, the news may be right in the music. A small rural village may become reliant on musicians to convey the news to the people via songs.  Also, some art schools taught “news” as a way of plucking from current events, subjects relevant to the human condition as was done by a student colleague from the Parisian E’cole de Beaux Arts.  Human condition is not exclusive to the news, but it is a worthy method.  Human Condition was taught, perhaps, as a notch from existentialism and existentialism is perhaps “the root of art.”

Why this writer believes that existentialism is “the root of art”  is the relationship to “art” of the word in “Crackiola,”  “are-tea,” or  “our essence” or the “I AM” which was used by many supercomputers and by the Chinese Manufacturers.  The English language breaks down into codes and root systems.  Secondly, many crucial areas in art are easily organized around existentialism or the “I AM,” such as history, the human condition, social, observational, humanitarian and so on.  Drawing, painting, sculpting and photography etc. may all be existential.


“Planning” may also be something that architects utilize to build houses and could be a word that artists need. This writer was explained how an architect may have a very detailed and specific set of plans to build an exact design precisely and swiftly with all the electrical outlets etc. An artist may make “plans.” An artwork based on plans may have an interesting result that is often mechanical or electrical or structural. Computer Aided Drafting may be utilized.

Recently, this writer was asked “what are your goals?” and “how will you design your studio?” right after. It was asked in a sewing class and functioned like an epiphany, the student began to develop this wild list of “sewing goals.”

If one picked up a good newspaper or a selection of newspapers and thought about say for example “world peace” or integrated social elements into ones goals their studio may take a different turn. What if one had an “umbrella” under which they were working from? An artist’s umbrella.


– Studio Design


“Technique” is the fourth road. The technique provides an endless possibility. Most art schools provide students with strong technical backgrounds, which always serve an artist.  An artist may choose to hinge their artwork on a technique and be infinite within it.  The technique can be powerful when coupled with for example, “history.” Students of art may also embark on an existential path that explores diverse techniques.

“Studies” are another road that was used in Nikolai Gogol’s book “Diary of a Madman.” Studies can provide a context for future works or larger works or thumbnails or for manifestation.  With studies, one may take it apart in many ways, to ascertain many diverse things. Studies may lead to problem solving or product design or anything in the realm of possibility. Studies may serve government and help people to bridge gaps and jump over fences. In Gogol’s book, “Diary of a Madman,” his main character was engaged in studies and posted an ad in the newspaper to solicit clients for his portraiture.



-Planning (as in Architecture)



In the presence of writing an artwork can literally fall- “when it falls.” When one is writing a book, for example, and illustrating pages, drawings are easily pulled from the text.

However, most artworks are “site-specific.” An artist can search for a locale, build a locale or create a site-specific work of art.  Recently an artist went to plan an exhibition and recognized this phenomenon- that in fact, artwork is almost always “site-specific.” Or an artwork can be adapted to space and remade.

Another intersection I find very meaningful is “custom design,” for the artist and for the designer.  Custom design, commissions and site specific art works, bare a relationship. There is a necessity in art to think about space.

Custom Design may be very relevant to artists, who in turn may pursue credentials from multidisciplinary design programs such as “MDP” in the College of Engineering at the University of Michigan.  Custom design may involve manufacturing, technology or systems design mixed with artworks. For example “Church Pop,” may be installed in a house or perhaps a fiber art wall installation or a sound system. An artist may need to be an engineer. An artist’s ability to manifest their ideas has often been incongruent. But the creativity of an artist may place on paper, a vision for an entire city or even in exhibition unveil viable ideas to solve the world’s problems.

-When it falls

-Site Specific

-Custom Design

 In the Middle East, it has been said, to employ “finery techniques,” that “fine art should be fine.”  In the Middle East it is commonplace for a lot of people to reside in palaces, which would further create a desire for finery, or art that is compatible with the local architecture.

At the Central Academy of Fine Art in China, they are painting birds and flowers-not exclusively. It was said to me by a Chinese Artist that “birds are always beautiful.” If you choose a beautiful subject, the result is almost always beautiful.


Art Relevant Juncture has also to do with relevance itself. It was said to this artist that she has a “relevant” artwork. That “the more relevant, perhaps the better the art,” was said by someone from the University of Michigan.

Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

(Excerpt from “Art Relevant Juncture,” by Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu based on her research about art.

Research on Ken Ing, Originator of “King”

Research on Ken Ing, Originator of “King”

A Breakdown of Royalty Designated by Ken Ing

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

Independent Syndicated Writer


Within research about the Chinese Manufacturer Ken Ing, I found out that royalty relates to manufacturing. Ken Ing originated “King” as an acronym of his first and sir names. The “Ing” in King, relates to the Ing Dynasty. Ing can be found in English verbs and in the Spanish verb conjugation “ando” suggesting the doing and the doer. Ing relates to periods in manufacturing, work, and all action in terms of verbs. All Kings according to Ken Ing relate to excellence in manufacturing.

The term of King originated in about 1000 BC according to Ken Ing. He said he was the first King and the seconds were mythical literary devices created for actors such as King Arthur and King Lear from Shakespeare. There are now the Three Kings of The Middle East who are papal figures and have several royal descendants.

The Ing Dynasty went through several periods in manufacturing that were big in China. The first 14 out of more than 75 periods are described as follows:

  • Ing Dynasty (Drinks)
  • Hunan Dynasty (Breads)
  • Chen Dynasty (Chicken & Poultry)
  • Pan Dynasty (Pans)
  • Sem Dynasty (Pork)
  • Sem 2 Dynasty (Beef)
  • Sem 3 Dynasty (Lamb)
  • Sem 4 Dynasty (Fish)
  • Sem 5 Dynasty (Bologna & Lunch Meats)
  • Sem 6 Dynasty (Eggs)
  • Sem 7 Dynasty (Bacon)
  • Sem 8 Dynasty (Spreads)
  • Sem 9 Dynasty (Vegetables)
  • Sem 10 Dynasty (Fruits)

African culture was designed by The Chinese.  Chinese are an engineering and manufacturing culture that relate to the “chine” root or machine. Chinese, it has been said invented engineering.

“The Local Markets” (Washtenaw County, Ann Arbor, Michigan)

The Local Markets

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

Kasoa Market
How hot is the shito? Fire! Fire! Fire!
sesame seeds, palm oil, bitter leaves, yucca, groundnut paste, eggplant puree, fufu, gari, Valley Rice, yam, coconut milk, Bitter Lemon, palm wine, Ting, (need Star Beer, Ghanaian Guinness, Chamonix),
wax print, net washing clothes, shea butter, African Films, wooden spoons

Hua Xing Market
The fish that plays dead doesn’t get eaten.
The fish that plays dead is the one to eat, because they are the smartest.
The different speckled fish is there to clean the tank, not to eat.
live sea bass, tilapia, frogs, and turtles,
duck, pig hearts, dried plum, bamboo shoots, lemongrass, anise seed, rose black tea, Tie Guan Yin, jasmine tea, Thai Tea, condensed milk, Tea Break Snacks, fortune cookies, green tea late candies, lemon drops, oyster crackers
rice flour, noodles, dumplings, garlic, ginger, sesame seeds, chili paste, bok choy, Chinese Cabbage, long green beans, Chinese Chives, bean sprouts, green papaya, jicama, sesame oil, soy sauce, rice, sake, Sapporo, teacups, teapots, round wooden butcher block cutting boards, knives, chef hats, grass mats

European Market
poppy seed cake, yellow chocolate bars with little girls on them, St. Valentine and Nostalgia Teas

Mediterranean Market
rose water, orange blossom water, mate, sage tea, Mamoul, lamb, filet mignon, shish kebab, roasts, chicken breasts, halal meats (blessed),
dried lemons and limes, dill, zaatar, olive oil, tamarind sauce, tahini, grenadine molasses, olives, figs, coarse black pepper, spices, homemade pita, meat pies, kafta, bakery, chocolate croissant, babaganoush, hummus, grape leaves, feta, rose water deserts, almond wedding cookies
filo, falafel, samosa, Zam Zam Water

Bangladesh Market
mustard oil, spices

Whole Foods Market
peanut oil, freshly baked bread, sushi bar, teapots

Bombay Market
rose syrup, Jam E Shirin, chai masala tea, sag paneer, naan, good spicy frozen Indian,
fresh samosas, mangos, coconuts, basmati rice, spices, coriander chutney, dosa batter
Coconut Jasmine Oil, Almond Drops, Acacia Talcum, Vatika Shampoo, Chandrika Soap, ayurvedic products, Meswak Toothpaste, Babool Toothpaste
incense, tapestries, instruments, pictures Kali and Ganesh, music, cookbooks
trays, bowls & plates for Xi Xi

Hyundai Market
3 kinds of seaweed salad, fresh and dried mushroom, bulgogi, sea salt, sticky rice
teapots, bowls, cookbooks, Korean Films, exfoliating cloth, little umbrellas

caramel apples, no bake cookies, Windmills, German Chocolate Cakes, carrot cakes, Girl Scout Ice Cream, Stroop Waffle (Dutch Cookies), Cracker Jack, popcorn, Hershey Bars, malted, cocoa powder, starlight mints, marmalade, maple syrup, baking needs, frozen pie shells,
Corona with lime, Shandy Leinenkugel, Squirt, carrot juice
catfish, smoked salmon, bacon selection, BBQ needs
cilantro, dill, sage, mint, jicama, avocados, navel oranges, mandarin, large apple selection, papaya, carrot juice, gherkins, baked beans, fire roasted tomatoes, sweet potatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, zucchini, mélange greens, wheatgrass, long green beans, sprouts, 3-5 lb. bags potatoes, red wine vinegar, frozen spinach, coconut milk, whipping cream, molasses
Arm and Hammer Toothpaste, Aveeno Stress Body Wash, Sesame Body Oil, egg coloring kits,
classic 70’s music, Northern Toilet Paper, linen scented bleach, lined white paper and pens, tights, white underwear
roses, eucalyptus, spider plants

Trader Joes
brie, crackers, yoghurt, peanut butter cups, baklava tray, granola, nuts, Sangiovese, chai tea, Irish Breakfast Tea, coconut shrimp, spinach pie, vitamin c body wash, eucalyptus, flowers
General Tao’s Chicken, blueberry scones, dollar pancakes, Cherries in Merlot, Columbian Instant Coffee

Copernicus Market (Polish Deli)
herring salad, cabbage rolls, 3 bean salad, cured meats and cheeses, freshly baked bread, sweet mustards, pierogi, pickle salad, vegetable soup, mushroom soup, apple cake, poppy cake, rose petal jam, blackberry jam,
chocolate covered cherries with brandy inside, candy, crackers, Warka, Mouton Cadet

Dos Hermanos
mamey, elote, nopales, huazontle, aguacate, limon, flor de calabaza, tamal, tortilla selection, mole, salsa verde, queso fresco, guacamole, pozole, carnitas, barbacoa, tortas, diesmillo, carnes frescas
El Salvadoreno Crema, vanilla, canela (roasted cinnamon), carne asada, cerveza, Flor de Jamaica,
marzipan, playeras, Ojo de Venado, piñata, La Virgin, chicken’s feet