Value and Service

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu


Writing she feels is value and service

Myriad ways of value

She judges writing by its value or by its service

You can condense research then write a poem

Take the key points in a letter to condense it

Proverb teaches power

Program the buttons in poem

Think over them

A poem like a nuclear bomb

A consolidation of programs

Hire the picketers

An on page revolution

The main protagonist hangs a poster

Condense it, stage it, serve

Ultimate power

Excerpt From “Sago Palm”

Closet Study

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

A white knit ladies’ cardigan

A fashion jacket with gold and lilac hibiscus print with green fronds

A red and black wool tartan jacket

A sherbet cardigan with white argyle, large squared collar

A wine-colored tartan and Sherpa vest, heavy weight

A red and tan tweed fall overcoat

A red ground and black ethnic print quilted Chinese Jacket

A waffle embossed cotton jacket, olive, with polished rectangular coconut shell buttons

A green, white, and black Mexican blanket poncho

A structured blue and grey woven castle style jacket, affluent

A German or Ukraine style quilted vest, mainly blue with sytlized baby floral, floral striped borders, tailored, favorite, blue bias tape around arms

Blue, green, white, and brown “bear” soft snuggie pullover fleece

Blue handkerchief print jacket with white sequins and beading

Warmest day wool sweater with earth striped gradations:  brown, olive, forest, ochre, plum

Seersucker pants capri, baby blue and white

Grey or silver pin-striped sharkskin pants

Red stretch with tan rope print horizontal stripe, nautical shirt with ¾ sleeves

Brown tunic with lighter tan and orange embroidered neckline and bust with contrasting blanket stitch trim, Indian, and has matching pants

Blue metallic long sleeve New Year’s sweater

Black, white and silver fair isle sweater

Blue with medium floral secretary’s dress, delicate collar, shapely and cinched at waist

Red white and blue west African wax print dress

Moroccan caftan, black, with fine red embroidery

“Long Marriage” Excerpt from Sago Palm

Long Marriage

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu


He planned the conversation

That one needs to have at the start of their marriage

To have a long marriage

He planned to hold it together

To keep it fresh

To even rehearse intimacy

To maintain respect and nonviolence

He made a deal with his wife

He asked himself and his partner, “Are we a forever marriage?”

If you do not say it, “Are we a forever marriage?”  Perhaps it is not.

Some cultures have real steady men that mate for life

Some are circulators, vacillate, some grow tired, some do not, some marry more than one

Some have tested ways for maintaining relationships

For taking care of their match, preserving them, educating and teaching them, beautifying them, grooming them, making them happy, pleasing them, romancing them

Some develop ways for coasting holiday to holiday

Some want social matches, even socialites, prepared for culinary and a lifestyle of entertaining

Some want many, many friends, some want a homemaker and a home

Some want a premium wife or a sophisticated housewife

Some want a match with good taste and good tastes home

Some want a head of household

Some want a mother, some want a father

Some want a parent that is a teacher for their children

Some will build a children’s schoolhouse

Some will garden

Some will fill the house with flowers

Some will collect recipes and fill binders and plan

Some spend summer here and winters there

Some plan family trusts, philanthropy, community building and children’s trust funds


Excerpt from upcoming poetry book “Sago Palm” by Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu




Between two cones

Between two cones

She measured the distance between two cones

Then calculated how many times back and forth to achieve a mile

She walked a mile

Between two cones

How fast can she walk a mile between two cones?

In this small space, a distance

Between two stones

She walked a mile

How far, how fast?

How can she create peace with her steps?

On the way to the right stone

She thought blue

On the way to the left stone

She thought green

Blue she thought can be water

Green she thought can be trees

She purified herself with simple meditation in this way- water and tree

The small steps that make up a great distance

How to create a context of peace within oneself

Excerpt from upcoming book, “Sago Palm,” by Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

That Poor Old Girl

That poor old girl

Strips the buttons from the discarded dresses

She strips the zips

She strips the cuffs

She strips the collar and hem

She strips the sleeves

She strips a nice yoke


That poor old girl

 From the old dresses

She pieces a quilt


That poor old girl

Grows a big piece of cloth out of scraps

That poor old girl is braiding the selvage

That poor old girl coils and stitches the braids to make a hat

That poor old girl saves for tomorrow

That poor old girl saves for tomorrow, today


Excerpt from upcoming collection of poems “Sago Palm” by Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu