Raison d’etre

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

The “reason to be” of a product or idea.

How something, particularly legal, can be based on “rationale,” or evidence, which becomes intelligent once justified and therefore “truth,” then is subsequently believed.  It is “raison d’etre” or “reasoning” that uses a technique such as “rationale” which informs how it is transferred into a knowledge status or belief status.  It is the process from which something abstract will use information to mold a kind of truth, from where there is nothing.  It is how something, either, comes to exist as in the case of  an artwork, or how something comes to be accepted as truth or considered factual. It also relates to how things such as “justified true belief” or “JTB” are considered knowledge.  Raison d’etre is a kind of gateway to knowledge and a kind of birthing into existence.  It may use things like because of here, there.  It is to exist based on criterion.  There are guiding forces in raison d’etre. It is the cracking down in design.  It may be evidentiary, as if via persuasion, one may arrive at clear points directed towards a thesis. 

Excerpt from “Sago Palm” By Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

Learn From Everything

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

There was a man, “Little Jinn,”  he wished to be “all knowing”

He told me, “Learn from everything”

Learn off things, from things

Learn off things like books, art, classes, articles, journals, magazines, practice etc.

Even aggressively learn, to become an aggressive learner

To be in the mindset, that from this, you may learn something

Or ascertain what may be learned, extracted, or analyzed

To graduate your thought

To keep graduating your thought throughout your life in the pursuit of genius as a formula

To volley in dynamic conversations

The development of inferential writing

To arrive to conclusions, the germ of something

Like Heraclitus an early Greek Philosopher

Asking questions to grow smarter in an earlier time

He felt it was not the gathering, but the understanding

Your analysis, your questioning, your scaffolding

Are part of the basis of your genius

To do it often is genius, as was the practice of early thinkers

Excerpt from Sago Palm due out sometime in 2023

Something for the poets

These ones without housing

They became something for the poets

Something for the artists

Something for the social system

Something with which to shame leaders

Something for history

Something for the fighters

Some reflection of you and I

Something to fear

An architectural problem

A health crisis

A substance problem

A failed economy

A situation of overpopulation

Something to change in the future

Or a state of emergency right now

Or a time to un-brand

Or a time for valuation

Or a time to do what you would want done for yourself

Or a problem helped at too late a stage

Or a call for rent abatement organizations

Or a call for temporary housing

Or a free world

To lift them up, respectfully, to protect them from harm

Without placing them on a list

Without attaching a title

Without making this “moment” last forever

To have correct emotion, to have care

Rock Pillow

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

I see his face

Slate or grey wash, blueish wash

A little grey rock pillow

You give me a little yellow

I think I have the sun

He carries a staff

He may be a hobo

He may be disabled

He is laying

He is moving




He builds a fire

Not of sticks

Something larger

Next to the man

Or of the man

You give me red

I think I have fire

You tip the red in orange

A very hot fire

The ceramic

The staged object

Now a wash

It has five

I think I have a hand

It has two

I think I have two legs

2 erect

2 halfway

1 stub trying

Can you give them a hand?

This bowl

This earth

Half this world

This family


Can you give them a hand?

They will burn him

This grey wash world

They will burn him

And all those like him

They will burn them

Be very positive

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

“Be very positive,” one wealthy businessman said.  “I am very successful as a result of positivity.” 

The PR woman was also very positive, something like a “cheerleader,” she desired a positive result and infused all her communications with positive language.  “Awesome!, Great!”  Big, large and positive. The PR woman was able to make miracles happen by way of her skill and constant positivity.  Not one drop of negativity.  With each communication, she sent positive energy into the world, and very often responses matched that positivity and came back with interesting offers.  Be very “yes.” Yes gets yes.  No gets no.  Follow me or repeat after me, “yes, yes, yes….yes, yes, yes.”  It becomes very logical.  A “yes” may be very affirmative, meaningful, intelligent and positive in PR.  The delivery and content should be a yes.    

One spiritual leader said to her children, “do positive things with money,” that is how I got into a position of leadership via active caring.  Many had said to her later, I wish I had given you my money.  Many put her into their will.  Her first idea for money wasn’t luxury, but was problem solving.  Money for her meant extreme responsibility.  The excitement of having money was her ability to problem solve. Her attention to problem solving and doing positive things with money attracted others who shared the same vision and they put her into a position of leadership.  The ability to direct money really positively and elicit successful outcomes also gets you into a position of leadership.  If you spend money really wisely, even on humanitarian concerns, people may even offer you their money or a government budget for which to apply your ideas.  Leadership, is not just fame or legacy, leadership is giving and becoming a caretaker of mankind.  A giver, a caretaker-those are leadership qualities.  The one’s who will provide the necessities, teachings, opportunities, quality of life, healing, beautification and beyond-those are the leaders.  The problem solvers are the leaders.  The cleaning, the air quality, the roads, the food supply, the clothes, the education-that is leadership. 

If you are in a court case, justified true belief can also elicit a positive response or verdict.  An intelligent truth can be positivity. 

An excerpt from upcoming book, “Sago Palm,” by Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

You have to get up so far

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

You have to get up so far

That you may study on your own

Get so far in reading as a child

That you may constantly read

That the world of books opens to you

You have to get up so far

In music

That you may read music

And study on your own a piece of music

That the world of music opens to you

That you will be able to make beautiful music

But  you have to get up so far

You have to get up so far

In writing

That you have the skills of a writer

That you may write on your own freely

That the world of writing opens to you

That you experience limitless potential

But you have to get up so far

Design is?

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

Design is:

  1. Necessities
  2. Considerations
  3. Problem Solving
  4. Quality of Life
  5. Helms
  6. Analysis

Considerations + Technological Precision = Design

Considerations +Technological Precision + Testing=Design Quality 1

The formative process= cracking down aspects

A research car was issued for a longitudinal study

This one the defogger gave it a high safety rating

This one has advanced cargo space

This one parks with ease and has an advanced reverse steering mechanism

This one is a cargo van with a short front end that drives like a small car

This one is a heavier weight and stronger engine is more suited to winter

This one has a low chassie and cannot get through the snow

This one is a light material that dents easily, but has the highest gas mileage due to its light weight

That woman said she could nearly go a month on one tank of gas

The material was barely conductive and could not well maintain heat

The light material she said was the cheapest gas, but the worst in winter

In her winter state, she nearly died twice in the car

Each environment likely needs its own car

The unique radio/stereo company gave the brand its claim to fame, tourists drive them to hear national music

He says it’s not the price of the car, but the “metering” and actually price of it’s gas

She has problems to read the symbols and be knowledgeable about her cars operations, if the word is short why not write it, does direct knowledge improve its safety rating?

The steering was so “soft,” she didn’t feel safe, it had a low safety rating

Design is then the long-term perfection of one model

The development of the design

The more sensitive the considerations

The greater knowledge over time

The comfort

The ideals

The safety rating

The safety rating getting higher and higher

The testing more precise and sophisticated

The design and advancement of the making, of the manufacturing

The comfort of the maker

The measuring of his head space, leg space, the testing of the passenger’s air quality

The visibility, the greater safety rating

Many had died trying until at last greater perfection equaled greater safety, the design normalized and evolved

The designs subsequent value within the transportation for work and within the supply chain created an enormous value

The new design, will they move things without the vehicle, will they move cars without the road, the further considerations.  And advance still the roads?  The heated driveways.  The heated highways.

She considered the dress without the thread, without stitches, with cutting, with fusing?  She placed within the dress a series of holes and the dress wrapped around her body via the three arm holes. 

Fusibles, interfacing?  Fine buttons?  Inlay buttons.  A new high end?  Should we weave the seam?  Should we vapor the seam and fuse.  Stain resistant, endurance?

Making something “purposeful” versus making something intellectual (art) or just beauty. Making something that achieves a point or is made for analysis (type of art) versus something made for a specific purpose with specific considerations. Hence, the dividing line between art and design emerges.

His daughter didn’t make it

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

His daughter didn’t make it

When she was too sick to care for herself

Sick, with no place to go

His daughter didn’t make it

When her housing transitions weren’t smooth

His daughter didn’t make it

When finally her health problems overpowered her

And the bills she couldn’t cover

His daughter didn’t make it

When also, racists and thieves were pulling her down

His daughter didn’t make it

When she arrived young to old age

Her legs started to give out

His daughter didn’t make it

The accumulation of long-term neglect

By her late 40’s she was barely walking

His daughter didn’t make it

At 50 barely walking

Trying to finish a bachelor’s degree

His daughter didn’t make it

By age 50

All her teeth had rotten from dental bills too high

His daughter didn’t make it

He said, “That’s my unspoiled child”

His daughter didn’t make it

As a child they didn’t read to her

His daughter didn’t make it

“You know what,” she said

Probably if they don’t read to you

You won’t make it

“Probably” she said

“If they don’t read to you

They don’t know how to properly raise a child”

“Probably there’s no plan for your success”

“And, you don’t make it”

Some children are reading 1000 books a year

About 3 books a day

Those are the ones who make it

Daddy’s example was only so good

Daddy didn’t read or exercise or give or love to good

She didn’t make it

On her death bed

Can’t work no more

She calls him for money

His daughter didn’t make it

I have an open energy, I want to make friends

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

I have a closed energy

I do not want to make friends

Because my energy is closed

It has stagnated and festered

It is not flowing outward, it is trapped

It becomes a “negative” energy

Very often, for one reason or another, sometimes safety or criminality

You have a closed energy

You cannot choose love at the juncture

It is a dark and negative energy

It is an entrapped energy

You have a closed energy

I have an open energy

My energy is free flowing outwards

My energy is light and airy

I want to make friends

I have a loving and friendship energy

My energy is positive

I have chosen love at the juncture

I have an open energy

I have a closed energy

I do not want to make friends

I have an open energy

I want to make friends

There was a predatory energy at the school

Many students were competitive

Some copied other students course work

Even teachers used students course work or plagiarized them

The energy at the school due to the presence of crime

The energy is now a closed energy

Very often when energy is closed

There is a presence of crime

My energy is closed

I do not want to make friends

My energy is open

I want to make friends

Very often, in the presence of crime

One may close their energy

One may re-open their energy

By being alone

When one may trust in their own energy

Sometimes your friend must be yourself

I am alone

I want to make friends

I have an open energy

I have an open energy

I want to make friends with myself

Stay within contexts

Where you are free of crime

And you may have an open energy

I have an open energy

I want to make friends