The photo, the history, the blind and the seer, the future of a dying art

The photo, the history, the blind and the seer, the future of a dying art

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

It is almost as if photographs are something psychological.  If you look at your photos as if they are a way of looking backwards and the good photos are the good life or the good psychology in terms of how one feels about their own life.  Artists generally have better photos.  An artist may look for a nice back drop, frame the photo through the viewer, look at the subject’s eyes, mouth and expression, wait for the face to relax, adjust lighting and capture a nice photo, memory or history. An artist may guide the subject to achieve their best look.  An artist may set up a scene or set for their photo or use props, costumes and back drops as key elements.  Some photographers may want air brushed make up or a make- up artist or a clean hair free photo or  even plastic surgery or a hair stylist or fashion stylists as is commonly done with head shots for actors. Some subjects may want their photo heavily cleaned up with software to make corrections to defects or flaws.  Some may want to oil up their body or wax and there are ways to achieve a more perfected and cleaner image.  Some may photograph only perfected humans that blank slated etc. Sometimes one achieves a better photo wanting something for their subject.

Some people are present and looking and achieving their photo and some are just snapping.  Some have roaming eyes and some don’t.  In photography there are “seers,” who look in and around the photo.

Sometimes photos and film for that matter are just “the way it was.”  You can take a photo or make a film and weave together a true and false or representational history.  I think old actors and politicians were especially skilled at crafting history and setting up a scene or leading one to believe they were doing this or that or at the helm of a movement.  Where the context may have existed in reality the dissemination may have been fictional, a false staged march or a false staged protest when in fact they were not they key players in those movements but their ideas or art works or films became the remnants left over and ultimately all that we were left with.  Some people are aware of this power of media and utilize it.  Some things appear to be historical and in fact are films. Watch out for branded historical figures and when money changes hands in terms of products and the suffering persists.

Photography may in fact be a dying art.  All the photo labs disappeared, all the manual cameras disappeared and so did the art of photography disappear with the advent of smart phones and selfies etc.  It’s difficult to find labs or equipment and all the dots that connect the field of photography.  Most things are hinged on B&H in New York where you can still send vintage films or buy a variety of electronics for the field and variety of cameras.  You can find at B&H little devices that hook on to a phone to record an interview that a reporter might use for example.  The majority of all photographers in the U.S. must acquire equipment from B& H in Manhattan New York.

The average person lacks skills to represent their family history and needs a 10 minute shooting lesson from a professional to take a decent photo.  You can now end up without a history or with exclusively selfies and nothing more or even with bad memories from bad photos.

There’s a photo lab in London that makes really nice prints where you “order” matte or glossy or with borders and can get classic sepia effects or produce black and white photos.  What is really needed are the connections of all those dots where you have archival papers, beveled edges, borders, corners, tints, sepias, C-Prints, heavy weight paper-things that some states do not have at all.  If you were to make a strip of these connected businesses and wished for a high level history or quality or art work or to develop your  arts and crafts you might include labs, printing presses, photo studios, advanced schools like NYC Film School or Kodak, lighting equipment like flood lights etc., photographer services, things for shooting on location, and even a camera shop, retouching skills and lots of software.

And you might let it all disappear and with it quality of life and history.  Things have changed dramatically since the 70’s with photo albums and automatic cameras which were followed by disposable cameras  and later  ”no camera,” no film, no negative, no lab-no history, no art. Younger generations probably barely realize things existed.

It is possible to set up little art businesses with photography and there is a spectrum of businesses that can be started with commercial viability including vintage photo studios, magazines, real estate photography, school photos, photo walls, sets or professional photo studios, photo labs and on and on.

Back to “the way it is,” in the end the writers, artists, manufacturers and the photographers and filmmakers “make history.”  The way it is documented ends up being the way it was. Perhaps even the collectors make history, the hoarders, those desirous of making for example a “historical location,” or even a historical memory make history.

Some of the best photos utilize dramatic lighting or sets like theatrical photos that include really good advanced styling or a really good set and lighting, even theatrical spot lighting.  Sets and costumes make for some of the best photos.

The ride to take in photography and probably when you become a viable and good photographer is when you have your software.  One must acquire or develop software these days to establish a business or even to be a good or competitive photographer.  What does a start- up need-software!











Theories About the Existence of Life Main Frames

Theories About the Existence of Life Main Frames

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

The Life Main Frames may be decoded once one either asks enough questions about the existence of this or that and recognizes that it must have been run by a certain kind of computer or when one realizes that they have stumbled upon something that must have  been the planet Earth’s original recipe.

There must have been a day or time period when the planetary owners sat down to birth their nations and design their planet.   Obviously what must have occurred were we need this, we need that plus all the romanticism that would go into a planetary design.  It wasn’t until recently when this author was writing on two occasions she felt she had connected back to a Life Main Frame.  I do think some of Earth’s design was gradual and piecemeal however a lot was laid out and planned from the beginning including what would be Earthlings preoccupation, knowledge, looks, homes, wealth, cultures, languages etc.

The first occasion this author felt they had connected to a Life Main Frame was when trying to decode how diseases actually lived and maintained themselves-her theory was that they were designed and maintained by a  Life Main Frame?  Someone had to be their designer and someone appeared to have to run them.  Some diseases appear to be programs running from a host?  The design of disease may not have been purely malicious, it may have been for population control.  Obviously without disease people would not easily die off and with continuous birth may over populate quite rapidly.  Probably even some of the healthier nations, with healthy cultures and diets coupled with frequent birth may have faced other problems like over population (Mexico).  Even the design of homosexuality may have been to curb over population.  Cultures driven towards family faced incredible problems quickly with over population and running out of land.  Later designs may have included the phenomenon of over population in mind.  However later designers may have had better ideas like increasing planets or cluster models or finding unique ways for handling growing families with growing needs like more houses, more food etc.  Perhaps early Life Main Frames felt that life needs death or life cycle, at least for some?  Manufacturers or food suppliers may have been excluded from life cycle?  Human genetic designs also seem geared towards the cycling of life.  One man’s theory was that Earths plan didn’t work perfectly and the originators may have wanted to start over?

On a recent occasion this author was writing about existentialism and via a “Crackiola” session looking at roots of words and came to believe “art” was really a derivative of “are” with a T and consequently relating to existentialism.  I think the design of art relates back to Earth’s origin and perhaps a Life Main Frame’s design for existentialism.  Art appears to relate to what may have been designed on a Life Main Frame as Earthlings desired preoccupation with the dilemma of his own existence.  It may have been one of the more romantic ideas for Earthlings to experience existentialism via a variety of media like paint, drawing, fiber or photography.

Recently, I found out about Life Main Frames that run city tempo via traffic light coordination.  Other Life Main Frames may run city grids and control panels in general. Life Main Frames may also house archival systems.

It occurred to me that Life main frames may be running births, beauty, hair growth and a variety of details that maintain and originate mankind.  One thing I heard is that Life Main Frames run peoples animators or the life force in humans and animals that keeps them alive?

I also heard about a Life Main Frame titled “Life M” at the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan that studies human social life over time looking at families in longitudinal studies.

I also heard via taxation systems that Life Main Frames were able to monitor and keep track of all mankind’s income.

If you were to originate a planet today and utilize technology in the birth of the planet what kinds of things might you place on a Life Main Frame? Everything? Some things? Apparently some early scientists and their computers desired to be “all knowing,” especially those in early learning desiring to be “learned” that horded and falsified later knowledge to “throw them off the track.”

One other theory is that humans and animals are designed and birthed on a computer that they remain on for life?  Are the souls of man living on computers?

Another theory is that the trees exist on Life Main Frames, as well as the sun and moon, the weather  and the oceans with their marine life.   Still further the planet itself must exist on a Life Main Frame.




Up to Snuff #48 A Life with Writing or Key Writing Areas or Genres

Up to Snuff #48 A Life with Writing or Key Writing Areas or Genres

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu


Non Fiction

Novel Writer


Crime Fiction


Mystery Writer

Creative Non Fiction

Creative Writing

How to

Memoir or Family or Personal History Writer


Short Story




Grant Writing

Business Plans

Copy Writer

Ghost Writer



Magazine Writer

Niche or Specialty Writer

Research Writer

Social Scientist Research Writer

Science Writing

Divine Writing

International Affairs

Technical Writing

Business Writing

Professional Writing

Non Profit Writing

Song Writing

Government and Leadership Writing

Speech Writer


Financial Writing

APA Formatted writing and Research Proposals

Variety of Template Styles Writer

Art Writing

Communications Writing

Press Releases

Public Relations Writing

Promotional Writing

Field Studies


Film Screen Plays


Theatrical Writings

Prosperous Zero’s or Performance Art based writing, Living Arts Writer

Medical Writing

Medical Profiles:  Psycho Social and Psychological Writing

Architectural or Realty Profiles

Culinary Writers or Food Writers

Sports Writers

Arts and Entertainment Writers



News Writers

Features Writers

Sunday Quin Writers

Obituary Writers

Classified Writers

Job Postings, Titles and Human Resource Writing

Weather Forecasters

Technology Writers

Text Book Writers

Elementary Education Writer

High School Writer

ESL Writer

Language Writers

Historical Writer

Radio Show Writer

Script or Lines Writer/Producer

Packaging and Label Writer

Program Writer

Web Writer

Software Engineer

Bills, Treaties, Public Policy and Manuals Writer

Love Letter Writer

Romance Writer

Self Help Writer

Professional Journal Writer

Article Writer

Business Proposal Writer

Teaching Materials Writer

Brochure and Catalog Writer

Music Writer or Composer

Academic Writer

Writing Student

Professional Book Editor, Indexer, or Cover Designer

Cultural Writer

Genre Subculture

Digital Publishing


Analytical Research

Resume Writing

Computer Aided Publishing

Multimedia Writing

Popular Culture

Idea Development

Philosophical Writing


Story Teller

Fable Writer


Fairy Tales


Personal Essayist

Fact Based Writing or Justified True Belief




Science Fiction



Persuasive Writing


Food Critic

Art Critic

Descriptive Writer

Historical Fiction



Problem Solving

Critical Thinking


Expository Writing




Comic Book

Health and Human Sciences




Literary Journalism

Digital Longform

Book Seminar

Arts and Culture

Social Networking

Theater Critics Association

Historical Society

Foreign Policy

Data Journalism


International Journalism

Documentary Journalism

Investigative Journalism

Multimedia Journalism

Business Journalism

Audio Journalism

Arts Journalism

Photo Journalsim

Science Journalism




Upcoming October 8th Live Poetry Reading by Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu in Chicago at Alhambra Palace Restaurant

Global Voices ~ our second season  ~
  with Thomas Buckner, Robert Dick, Douglas Ewart, Ugochi, Nano Stern, Son Monarcas, Tato Ayress and others
From Chile, Nano Stern November 5
Global Voices Fall Series
HotHouse is celebrating its 30th year as a leading national presenter of arts and culture programming. As part of our anniversary year, HotHouse is proud to bring its signature programming expertise back to the Alhambra Palace Restaurant with the second season of Global Voices. This signature series was launched in 2016 as a vehicle for intentionally responding to anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant sentiments by emphasizing contemporary voices who are positioned at the intersection of high-quality artistic expression and social justice.
All concerts take place in the Marrakesh Room at the Alhambra Palace Restaurant
Advanced Tickets and more information:
The Alhambra Palace Restaurant is wheelchair accessible
Valet Parking $11Delicious Food and Drink Available
Sunday September 24 at 5pm
Carlos (Tato) Ayress And Son Monarcas
Sunday October 8 at 5pm
Afua Osei-Bonsu And Ugochi Nwaogwugwu’s Love Shot
Sunday November 5 at 5pm
Nano Stern
Sunday December 17 at 5pm
Thomas Buckner, Robert Dick And Douglas Ewart
HotHouse’s Global Voices Series supported in part by the Reva and David Logan Foundation

 Cuba Si ! Bloqueo No!  

Looking at the Revolution


 Opening October 13. 6pm  
at Uri Eichen Gallery 2101 S. Halsted
Photographs by Marguerite Horberg, Rose Blouin,
Marc PoKempner and Eric Torres
With special thanks to Elizabeth Oboler, Peter Kuttner and Salsedo Press
Cuba Si! Bloqueo No!
Looking at the Revolution
Friday October 13, 6pm Opening Reception with the Artists
Saturday October 14, 4pm. Film Screening 


All Guantánamo is Ours is a 37 minute film with English subtitles, shows the perspective and sentiment of the Cuban people, in particular those living in the towns around Guantanamo, about the illegal occupation of the U.S. Naval Base. The film is unique in revealing what the occupation looked like before and after the revolution. The protagonists in this documentary are the people living there who with their voices denounce this injustice convinced that one day that territory will be returned to Cuba.  Produced by Resumen Latinamericano and The International Committee for Peace, Justice and Dignity
 Introductory remarks by Marguerite Horberg and Eric Torres
 With Program Selection of Documentary Shorts by Eric Torres
Friday November 3,  6pm Closing Reception

Eyes on the Rainbow 20th Anniversary screening !
Filmed in 1997, Eyes of The Rainbow: A documentary film with Assata Shakur was recorded in Cuba 33 years after her exile. It encompasses the African Spirit Oya to illustrate the struggles Shakur has faced as a Revolutionary. Director: Gloria Rolando.
Closing remarks by Fanny Rushing and Prexy Nesbitt
HotHouse is also supported in part by grants from the Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelly Foundation, The Richard H. Driehaus Foundation through the John. D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and through individual donations and volunteer efforts. Thank You!

We remain so grateful for the simple things in life like good music with friends and being able to continue working with some of the worlds most creative artists
 HotHouse was conceived as a means to amplify first voice narratives from marginalized and disenfranchised communities
For more than 30 years we have acted to collectivize our resources in the service of high caliber artistic expression and social justice activism
Our work is not about creating entertainment options but a means to instigate a paradigm shift toward progressive culture
In the three decades we have been serving Chicago we have witnessed amazing progress toward equity – we know we have a ways to come but we will get there together
No human is illegal
War is not the answer
Another world is possible

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #23

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #23

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu


What tends to be good for menstruation:

I think an aspirin always works or a pain killer or ibuprofen, that was the only thing I would rely on. Start taking aspirin right at the onset before cramping and pain sets in to avoid pain. Showering or frequent showers may be soothing for menstruating women.  I might try some of Aveda’s stress products creams or aromatherapy like “Shampure” (it’s a clean smelling perfume oil) or Aveeno Anti Stress Body Washes.  There is also Tiger Balm that soothes feet and hands from pain, a hot water bottle, or a cup of relaxing Chamomile tea.  Perhaps a pedicure and a foot soak in salts or maybe a whole body Epsom bath.  You may want to experiment with “Icy Hot” cream on the back and maybe a little on the abdomen.  Icy Hot definitely relieves severe back pain and may help with pain or cramping.


I think Neutrogena’s Pore Refining Toner is good because hormones begin to rage and break out the skin. “Adapalene” cream from the dermatologist is good for acne and rebuilds new skin.


Birth control tablets or hormonal contraceptives control a lot of the side effects or hormonal changes and cure a lot of cramping, pain and acne. Birth control tablets also reduce the quantity of blood, give menstruation a specific cycle and completely change the experience of menstruation for the better. Birth control pills are also used in menopause to control hot flashes and replace hormones. Birth control tablets can really help women in different phases of womanhood.


Watching a film or television as is commonly done in hospitals may distract women who experience pain and give them some peace.


A nice ceremony and celebration of womanhood is very nice at the onset of menstruation and throughout  to “set the tone,” for how a “strong woman,” should think of herself.  It can also be nice to give woman interesting examples of professional woman or creative woman etc. in books and films and start saving up those examples.  A nice page turner can be great or even gift a pretty book mark to encourage peace and reading. Get a whole box of books to save up for your period or collect sheet music to work on and practice.


It’s a good time to spiritualize, pray and reflect on a female body that is contracting and passing her sacred menses. It’s a good time to spend away from the family or have some time for cleansing the body in nature’s way. What could also be good are a few iron tablets to rebuild a woman’s blood count which for a heavy bleeder may experience anemia. Very often a woman’s entire system may start to cleanse and she may become vulnerable to a cold or even the blues etc.  The time period of menstruation may be in general a cleansing time for ridding the body of toxins as is done with a cold.  The presence of blood may not be a good exercise time, but a good cleansing, spiritual and resting time.



A lot of women tend to bleed in conjunction with the phases of the moon and start their period on the full or harvest moon or women living together may both bleed in tandem.  A nice moon focused calendar can keep you abreast of the moons phases and maybe you can sync up with Mother Earth! A lot of Indian calendars were based on menstruation and the moon phases.  Things are said like “13/20” or “trece veinte” to reflect the old sacred calendars.  Calendars also worked in conjunction with harvest times and crop seasons. Women were supposed to bleed every 28 days.  In certain countries fertility calendars are distributed because during menses a woman cannot become pregnant but may want to clock the passing of her eggs for fertilization to become pregnant.  A woman’s blues may even come from the loss of an egg during menses which is part of what she sheds.  Women have all kinds of sacred numbers like bleeding 13 times in a year or every twenty-eight days.


For a wonderful technical description of menstruation and to become really “in the know” about a woman or mammalians body see Wikipedia’s definition for menstruation and their bibliography for further reading:


There are all kinds of combinations that work for sanitary napkins like sea sponges that you rinse out that work well in rural areas but leak when you laugh or cough but represent economy and no waste, or home made snap on pads that you wash or a panty liner tampon combos, or a pad and tampon for a heavy bleeder, or a winged pad to avoid spills, or super tampons for heavy bleeders and I have even heard of two tampons for super heavy bleeders or pads then panty liners at the end when bleeding tapers off.  A woman may alternatively choose a variety of supplies and enjoy the “smorgasbord” of menstruation supplies and combos.


The challenge is often not to soil your undergarments or clothing.  You may want to designate a set of undergarments.  It can really work to hand wash undergarments immediately and soak them in a bucket of bleach before washing to get them white again.  White undergarments are easier to bleach and sterilize.


It’s also important not to clog plumbing and think of good disposal methods.  Pads are nice to roll up into little bundles and wrap in toilet paper because they can be unsightly. For diapers there were hampers?  Normally tampons become a popular choice to flush down the toilet but can impact plumbing and it’s being researched at schools like the University of Michigan, the impact of tampons on the microbiome environment of the vagina.  Pulling out tampons can create suction, dry, leave filaments or impact the vagina. It’s important to maintain a healthy vaginal environment and keep it cleaned with the steam from the shower, mild soap and water and perhaps a cleaning agent like a douche of some kind occasionally.
Women tend to bleed for different amounts of time and even up to one week. It might be nice to take this time for yourself and take a much needed break maybe from sex or routine and plan something special.  Salads and greens and iron rich foods are good.  Maybe even comfort foods may be good for menstruation.  A lot of women experience bloating and water retention and look a little “pregnant.” The water retention is said to be part of the cleansing aspect of menstruation.


Some women start to bleed early in puberty around age 11 or even as early as age 8 then finish depending on if they are in their child rearing years.  Some stop bleeding in their middle 40’s or even 60’s.


The history of menstruation may be interesting to research, such as in the Middle East with the onset of  menstruation and the veiling of women.



Freedom Song #2

Freedom Song #2

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

The key is never to think about slavery or invest in racism

The key is to build security, protection, law, education, technology, creativity, writing, architecture, manufacturing, humanitarianism-constantly with momentum

Count your enemies, count your friends

Not to legitimize or take up brain tape or give power to ideas too ignorant to contemplate

Slavery can exist in Balzac or fantasy books or in the context of love and giving yourself to another

And if you faced dire circumstances or fantastical experiences to build a bookstore to house your pain/ideas and transform it into something tangible


Now Released Magic 8 & The Bone Marrow Sucker!

“Magic 8 & the Bone Marrow Sucker” has a love affair between Queen Serwah and Little Jinn, who is the Bone Marrow Sucker. Magic 8 relates to the book’s investment in the study of a “logical black magic,” and the “8” is specifically for spiders or relates to 81 “magic and flight.” While living in Puerto Rico, Ms. Osei-Bonsu was confronted with four live tarantulas consecutively, all of which she managed to kill. Black magic related Ms. Osei-Bonsu to a fantasy she has about the American South and slavery, where she thinks under duress it may become logical and available basic ideas in black magic. Ms. Osei-Bonsu uses many musical and theatrical voices, and the reader may hear singing in the book. She has written notes on beauty, love, and sensuality that are a part of her New Thought Research. The book represents a meaningful and delightful collection of poems.

“Magic 8 & the Bone Marrow Sucker” has a love affair between Queen Serwah and Little Jinn, who is the Bone Marrow Sucker. Magic 8 relates to the book’s investment in the study of a “logical black magic,” and the “8” is specifically for spiders or relates to 81 “magic and flight.” While living in Puerto Rico, Ms. Osei-Bonsu was confronted with four live tarantulas consecutively, all of which she managed to kill. Black magic related Ms. Osei-Bonsu to a fantasy she has about the American South and slavery, where she thinks under duress it may become logical and available basic ideas in black magic. Ms. Osei-Bonsu uses many musical and theatrical voices, and the reader may hear singing in the book. She has written notes on beauty, love, and sensuality that are a part of her New Thought Research. The book represents a meaningful and delightful collection of poems.

To order Magic 8 & The Bone Marrow Sucker by Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu: