A French African Game “Changez Vous”

A French African Game “Changez Vous”
The rules:
Sing in French passionately, guttural, gritty or drunken and dramatic, preferably a lamentation:

Changez vous

Sing first the chorus or beginning and “ad lib” the rest of the song spontaneously in French. You may write or practice ahead of time with dictionaries or translations etc. You may hold a paper to read from as you sing in French.

Best done on holidays or gatherings or in French classes or by fireside or when drinking wine or when channeling the French or feeling like a little parlez vous Francais or if you are Francophone a passionate lamentation about your love, or past loves or life.

Good examples are topics like from the monster of last year or change into her mother and my lover, or yesterday Serwah today Pomme Frites or the winter for the spring etc.

Make it a love song, make it the next Jacques Brel, become a French Torch or night club singer. You can be tragic or melancholy or forlorn or in love or write wedding vows.

It’s a nice “pocket game” that is fun for all occasions, ages and just in time for the holidays. A good excuse to buy a bottle of French wine or any good drink will do it! If you’re a child, try grape juice to simulate a drunken French disgruntled lover-and don’t get any grape juice on the carpet!


By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

Stay tuned for forthcoming book “Pocket Games” by Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

Art and Design

Art & Design

By Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu


Scenario 1

Traveling with a sewing machine and a tool box of art supplies and paints.  Extension cord from the house to sew outside.  Planning a “taller” pronounced “tie-yare,” or independent enterprise in an undeveloped pueblo.  Climbing in the mountains, getting floral dressed, walking in a dry river bed.

Dying cloth with coffees and teas and traveling one hour by bus to get dyes and bolts of fabric.  Getting a large car size amount of fabric delivered from a distributor in the city to make a large amount clothes.

Having dying parties with made up garments then hand painting them.  Memorizing songs, dancing with bells around the ankles (a musician).

Scenario 2

The “art house.”  Dying textiles on the balcony, making up braided hats, making up hand dyed clothes with a seamstress, then photographing people dressed in the clothing, and reserving sets around town.  Making drawings, large photo prints, postcards, which culminate in the full moon bazaar or events in tune with the full moon. Printing on the postcards the upcoming dates of the full moon. Collecting instruments, hiring models, drawing mostly self-portraits, a dress rack of clothes, shopping for fabrics in old jobbers, back drops and an obsession for color photography, making homemade lip balms while maintaining a corporate job in the stock market. Walking to work to stay in shape and playing castanet rhythms on the way.  Studying flamenco.

Scenario 3

Off to school of Art and Design. A collection of research photos.  A taste for photos with white borders.  Sketch books. Silk screen fabric prints for garments, silk screen paper prints for art. Silk screen fabric prints for art too.  Embellishment.  Fashion illustrations.  Making up garments, taking pictures.  Small mini drawings, making printed boxes to put things in, making shoes, making boots, printing techniques, visiting silks in the fabric district.  Collecting sole prints and deconstructing them into new combined textile patterns.

Scenario 4

A pedestal to draw still life’s or a variety of daily objects.  A stage to draw costumed models.  A stage for prosperous zeros.  Collecting and sampling the entire environment in drawings.  Nibs for the garden paintings.  A drawing board and horse in the house for portraiture.  The home office with 5 stations.





Fashion and Textiles #2 Opulent Dress

Opulent Dress

By Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

  • I prefer an opulent dress. I choose an opulent dress. I choose a clean and bright dress.  I choose brilliance.  I wear an intelligent cloth.  I adorn myself as a way of love and celebration.  My costume and jewels increase in value in tandem with my character.  I have a collar I place on myself to achieve my level of opulence in all dress.
  • It was a devastation feeling as though I had lost my mind and an asset the emphasis on the brain. I wonder if my Jewels should place emphasis on a location that could serve as a Divine Action.
  • Sole Prints. The Divination of the Foot. The Making of Spiritual Beings, Make shoes with patterned soles or souls.  Walk in shoes a pilgrimage.  Use sole to make art, use art to make a village. Extract intelligence from products.
  • The Making of Divine Beings and Products
  • Prosperous Zero
  • I wear tatting, embroideries, jewels and beading.
  • I wear fine buttons and imaginative fastenings.
  • I wear head dress styled, regal, plumed, floral and exponential.
  • Original Tastes
  • My dress is an arrangement of love and the placement of poetry.
  • Body consciousness.
  • Living Arts.
  • Si Mi Pongo
  • Collars and bibs, Serwah related to babies,
  • Bows, candy combinations, confection,
  • Doll, lockets, light, the first light to reach a baby’s eyes, kaleidoscope
  • Vicky Ghindia