Fit, Lean & Beautiful #32

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #32

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

Planning Good Times Around the Calendar

Continued from the work of happiness


End of month China, Chinese New Year 5 days (4000)

Skin resurfaced

Frenchie Faire, reading in French



Warming alcohols, hot toddy’s

New Years



Chinese Take Out Party, Sake, mai tai, Sapporo, sodas,

Cocoa Party and Cakes (250)


Valentines (100)

Drawing and painting, collage, illustration

Quilted art

Make prints

Movie Night


Mexico  4 day weekend  (3,000)

Mexican Fiesta, Margarita’s, Posole, meat pies, bunelos

Sewing Bee

Movie Night, Danzon

Drawing session

Reading days in Spanish

Arizona or Texas out west, mountains, resort, restaurants

Study Spanish

Meet Spanish teacher in Mexico

Get work books

Flash cards out

Spanish TV

Spanish subtitle movie

MUSIC, Susana Baca

Agua de rosas


Corona with lime




Gardening (100)

Cleaning (300)

Easter (300)




Eggs and Babka


Ham and Cheese

See a Play

Spring Recital

Rites of Spring



Facial and spa

Choir, classical, nature, relaxation, hippie faire, folk, Joni, carpenter, 70’s

Movie night


Spring cleanse

Get spiritual

Falun gong readings and exercises

Plant a garden

Prune bushes


Buy some plants for the inside





Panera take out pastries


Blood of Christ



Bunny cake


Bake Bread

Little salads



Ice cream cones

Look through recipes

Pad Thai

All favorite dishes

Invite chefs to cook

Culinary travels

Garage sales

Fire pit



Music store

Fairlane shopping trip

Order clothes


Open up pool


Plan presents for yourself

Rehearse music

Musical theater

Drawing and painting hire models

Bake birthday cakes all month

Game Night (250)

Frankenmuth (150)

SPA facial, mani, pedi, hair conditioned, cut

Buy new beauty products

Work on beauty

Get lots of exercise


Quiet writing time



Movie night


BBQ (150)

Poolside with cocktails (250)

Shopping Trip Fairlane Detroit (600)

Cocktail Party

Vintage Photo

Breakfast with Panera and eggs sausages, casserole, frittata



Road Trip

Holland Michigan

Pentwater rent  beach cottage  (500)

Dinner party (400)



Friend visit 4 days, pub, dinner, cook, Vietnamese, bucket a chicken for lunch, Michigan Theater, ARK, case wine, Copernicus, desserts, movies, Midnight movies, matinee, Café, The Earle, BBQ, drawing, photo, pick up pastries, bake, parfaits

Summer Solstice Celebration

Crochet, Baci, Badminton, pool sports

Shopping dishes

Brazilian Samba



Wiards Orchard and Farm visit

Beach  (1000) Traverse/ Petoskey Camping , Mackinaw, thrifting, antiques,

Grinders,  hotel, Ypsilanti, cook, BBQ, Swim, concert, French restaurant, rubber raft, kayaks, pop up van, smores,

Fireworks (100)

Steak house

BBQ Soul food

Burger Bash

Friend visit,  read,  eat, drink,

Jamaican Night


Ghana  (3600)

NYC Film  (2500)

Cherry Trees and picking

Seasonal fruits and veg


CBC Road Trip  Book Signing

Plymouth Cider Mill

African Night, African Music,

Reading African books

Cider Mill (100)

Tailgating (250)

Fire pit

Reading play or poetry, singles, articles

Shopping Trip Detroit (350)

EMU Football Game



Music Store



Fire pit

Tailgating UM & Michigan chili dogs, brats, nachos

caramel apples

Halloween Candy

Spider cookies with Peanut butter cups and chocolate legs with eyes

Oktoberfest Frankenmuth

Bar for beers

Friends for beers and brats

Country Drive

Read Edgar Allan Poe, Hawthorne, Mystery, Dumaurier

Visit dead relatives, go to a cemetary

Poetry reading

Cider Mill

Halloween notes and films

Donuts and Coffee

Witches coven, pagan, Macbeth

Movie Night

Zombie thriller



Herbal first aid kits



Sewing Bee


Live Music

Michigan Theater


Plymouth Cider Mill

Day of the Dead and Mexican Faire


Thanksgiving  (1200)


Chicago play  or a concert, shop xmas, restaurant (125)




Christmas shopping fairlane, boutiques,


Movie Night


Tree lighting (50)


Read Russian


Christmas Lights

Meat pies

(2)Cocktail Parties (550)

Merry Mary  (400)

Opera (300)

Movie Night

Recital, rehearse Christmas music

Frankenmuth (400)

Loved ones Christmas Eve

Dad 2 days after Christmas exchange gifts meat pies christmas stuff

Homemade Egg rolls





EID  Middle Eastern Night

Caramel Corn



Carolling Christmas piano

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #30

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #30

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

The personal trainer asked what size were you before?

All the shrinking and lifting that gets done at the gym.  The breasts easily lift with chest exercises like the LAT, FLY, Chest Press and arm curls.  There are three sculptors out there, one is a plastic surgeon, the second is a personal trainer and the third is yoga.

College events are nice places to meet intelligent and pioneering partners.  Dinner parties with friends are a sign of social health.  Ones time in nature also impacts their beauty.

The evidence of one’s beauty can be measured with:   a scale, mirror, self- assessment, exercise regime, wardrobe, health quality and quality of life, plus photographs.

Chronic pain can be a symptom of aging.  What ends up working for something like knee pain during aging or with arthritis are things like:  steroids, exercises, corrective shoes with insoles, joint juice, weight loss, tiger balm massage, ice or heat, aspirins, compression socks, sitting/standing/and laying percentages of time, yoga, stretching all of the body and all parts of the knee and frequent showers to warm muscles and joints.  Alot of people while aging may have problems with their knees.







Fit, Lean & Beautiful #29

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #29

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu


Sometimes strange things can be too much.  Even conditioner can be too heavy for fine hair and an all in one shampoo that mixes light conditioner with shampoo can be lighter for hair and give it new life.

A shampoo such as “Pert,” can be wonderful for fine hair.  Pert may return curl in hair or uplift hair that is too weighed down by heavy conditioners.  Pert leaves hair light and shiny.  Pert also has a hair thickening brand.

One doctor also recommended when he felt a diet was “adequate,” don’t adjust your diet, adjust your exercise.  What can become the best work out is a hustler’s job like say pizza delivery where you are running around and in constant motion.  Food Service in general is fast paced and can be a good work out.  Basic sweeping and mopping of a restaurant can be a surprising little work out.  Sometimes getting a new job can activate you and make a necessary financial change, physical change and even sometimes a social change.

Simple beauty changes can mean alot like a new shampoo, new body soap, and a new eyelash curler.  Oil of Olay Almond Milk Body Wash Products leave you really, really soft and slinky.

Look for an avocado sale.

Build up stamina utilizing a job.

Summer is good time to make sure you get enough lemon such as with lemonade or lemon water.

If your stomach starts sticking out start getting colonics and keep getting colonics according to one old friend.

One interesting thing to remember is to stretch out your body to relieve alot of pain and knee problems.  It’s important to strengthen your body to be strong for different jobs or even hard physical labor.




Fit, Lean & Beautiful #28

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #28

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu


Being healthy always creates beauty.  Some health treatments can result in greater beauty such as the CPAP device that gives oxygen via the nostrils.  The CPAP device can oxygenate the body and cells. One may notice small changes to their skin or their lips may become pinker.  The CPAP device is used for patients of sleep apnea and asthma or people with sleep disorders whose breathing may become interrupted while sleeping.  It is unknown by this author what percentage of the population is impacted by things like snoring or unusual breathing at night, perhaps most? The treatment for sleep disorders using the CPAP can impact the overall health and result in greater beauty via oxygenation and may even be good for brain cells or for the brain in general via the cells flourishing from an abundance of oxygen.

It is also possible to build one’s “healing library” and pick up a variety of books on healing.  There are old books that give a great description of the body that were once popular with young people called “Our Bodies, Ourselves.”  There are other books like “The Doctor’s Book of Home Remedies,” “The Healthwise Handbook,” “Jude’s Herbal Home Remedies,” and for the hardcore healer, there are medical books like “Handbook of Gastroenterology,” “Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine,” “Emergency Medicine The Medical Students Survival Guide,” “Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support Provider Manual.”  What can be really wonderful is when you look up proper vitamin usage in the “Handbook of Gastroenterology” and find that hair loss can be helped with zinc, biotin and protein-I think also sunlight may impact your little plant.

Plus perhaps find good anatomy books and reference Wikipedia for current and in-depth encyclopedic information about health that is often written by doctors.  Some of the best information you can find is right on Wiki, from depression to almost any disease to vitamins or great bibliographies.  You can even make a binder about bumps or your particular illnesses with things from Wikipedia or illnesses that run in your family in your health library.  You can also print out vaccine information from the Centers for Disease Control or your local Travel Clinic.  Try researching vitamins on Wikipedia; it has some of the most up to date and comprehensive information available and generally very accurate. Even things like menopause and menstruation can be found on Wikipedia.

The summer weather may have really intensely strong sunlight and humidity and while at the doctor’s this author noticed a man who had been on his boat and had severe sun damage and arrived in a wheelchair, perhaps from sun stroke.  His skin had severe sun burns, extremely red and raw looking.  Word to the wise-it’s best to be careful in the sun and always pay for air conditioning in the summer months.  Really gauge how much time you can fish and withstand the sun and perhaps skin needs layers of protection under clothes, hats and creams.  Plain seltzer water with lemon over ice is really refreshing.   You can easily flavor seltzer water and make a custom soda. Be sure to replace salts and electrolytes-even chips can be a health choice in the summer.  It’s a good time to recharge the air conditioner in your car. It’s a good time to work out in an air conditioned gym. It will be a good time shortly in the fall and winter to remove scars and stretch marks that you may not want to heal in the summer with short sleeves or shorts. It’s a good time to buy an extra-large leak proof water bottle and keep water with you at all times.

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #27

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #27

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

A boxer’s son once said to prop a broom horizontally across your shoulders and twist back and forth for a good waistline and posture.  You should hold onto the broom on both sides as you twist with it across your shoulders.

Moving can lift an old depression and just change the “set.”  Perhaps one can look into getting a “sunset life” or planting a forest and moving to the center of the forest.

For a new radiance or general glow and to clean the pores try epsom salts with lavender or go to a sauna.  It’s also nice to soak the “gens.”  What can also be incredibly uplifting is Aveeno Stress Relief Body Lotion with Ylang Ylang which smells divine and angelic.  Another wonderful spa type lotion that makes the skin incredibly soft is Himalaya.

A nice simple and inexpensive beauty makeover can be to purchase an eyelash curler to open up the eyes.

A few good stretches for the knees may be things like butt kicks, where you bend your knee and attempt to kick your own buttocks.  Butt kicks are actually used to help remedy knee pain that benefits from deep stretching around the knee area.

One may also benefit from a good detoxification using “Detoxify Ready Clean.”  Ready Clean comes in a 16 oz. red bottle.  The key is to after you drank the juice down to keep refilling that same Ready Clean bottle  with water to purify your body of toxins, smoking, alcohol etc.  You may experience chills as it attempts to clean your blood, you may defecate and urinate alot.  It’s works well to continue drinking water and eating a simple cleansing diet for a few days.

Another good thing that is extremely beneficial when you’re working on your health is looking for good healthy food choices.  One excellent choice is cranberry juice and probiotic yogurt to correct or avoid yeast imbalances or urinary problems.  A nice thing to get at the grocery store are just peanut butter bars by Little Debbie as a sweet and spinach dip with oven toasted pita for breakfast.  Pick up sprouts and carrot juice.  Make delicious salads, even I saw one in several bowls to make a salad bar spread, with dressing and meats and sautéed this and that and layered together on your plate with greens for a gathering.

If you switch to a mostly vegetarian diet, but not vegetarian diet or lots of salads your stool will soften and loosen then your metabolism will start to speed up.  Fruits and vegetables are a quick road to elimination.   Vegetarian can be used as a “diet” to reduce bulk.  However steaks can be good as iron rich foods that are good for anemia and the blood.

What is also a little magic and can be a quick 10 lbs. reduction is dedication to the recumbent bike.  Every time you ride, try to ride 3-5 miles and if you ride 4 times a week it’s easy to have rode 20 miles for example and build up some heat.

What I have also noticed is running after balls gets you a lot of running in, like tennis and basketball’s back and forth.

Another thing I will say is to get your car detailed, shampoo the interior, wax, wipe it down and keep it clean for a beautifier.  Don’t forget the little tree air freshener or new car spray.

When going to create your new look you can think of things like an interesting “part,” (in hair or afro) or side burns or a “smart angel” concept or a nice scientist look.  Perhaps channel Einstein or whomever is your favorite and most fashionable scientist.  There are alot of nice hair ornaments to try out like little leather pieces with a stick or even shop for hats.

Try freshening up a glass of water by dropping in a cardamom seed.

What really may way heavy on your mind if you become a parent is your children’s role models or even your people’s role models.  Try to make being “smart cool.”  Many things on the market were promoting of misogyny, crime, thug life, illiteracy, poor speech, killing, violence, promiscuity, drugs etc.-try to help guide your child/family/people to quality choices in music and dress so they are not dressed up like a criminal. Even “grunge” choices can be extremely either “comfortable” or sometimes dirty looking and unattractive.   It’s good to look and walk and talk smart.  It’s good to promote being smart and making healthy choices and choose health for your life.  What can be one of the most devastating things about smoking, for example, is it may dawn on you that you may not have chosen health; you may have chosen something else that may impact your later years.  Some choices may make you feel ignorant later on.  Many choices you make when you’re young deeply impact your beauty.  It’s like asking yourself will I be beautiful later on?

One really nice thing to invest in is Sirius XM radio for your car and home streaming which includes good news stations, punk rock stations, soul stations plus a kitted out 70’s station which is by far one of the best and highest quality musical decades.



Fit, Lean & Beautiful #23

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #23

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu


What tends to be good for menstruation:

I think an aspirin always works or a pain killer or ibuprofen, that was the only thing I would rely on. Start taking aspirin right at the onset before cramping and pain sets in to avoid pain. Showering or frequent showers may be soothing for menstruating women.  I might try some of Aveda’s stress products creams or aromatherapy like “Shampure” (it’s a clean smelling perfume oil) or Aveeno Anti Stress Body Washes.  There is also Tiger Balm that soothes feet and hands from pain, a hot water bottle, or a cup of relaxing Chamomile tea.  Perhaps a pedicure and a foot soak in salts or maybe a whole body Epsom bath.  You may want to experiment with “Icy Hot” cream on the back and maybe a little on the abdomen.  Icy Hot definitely relieves severe back pain and may help with pain or cramping.


I think Neutrogena’s Pore Refining Toner is good because hormones begin to rage and break out the skin. “Adapalene” cream from the dermatologist is good for acne and rebuilds new skin.


Birth control tablets or hormonal contraceptives control a lot of the side effects or hormonal changes and cure a lot of cramping, pain and acne. Birth control tablets also reduce the quantity of blood, give menstruation a specific cycle and completely change the experience of menstruation for the better. Birth control pills are also used in menopause to control hot flashes and replace hormones. Birth control tablets can really help women in different phases of womanhood.


Watching a film or television as is commonly done in hospitals may distract women who experience pain and give them some peace.


A nice ceremony and celebration of womanhood is very nice at the onset of menstruation and throughout  to “set the tone,” for how a “strong woman,” should think of herself.  It can also be nice to give woman interesting examples of professional woman or creative woman etc. in books and films and start saving up those examples.  A nice page turner can be great or even gift a pretty book mark to encourage peace and reading. Get a whole box of books to save up for your period or collect sheet music to work on and practice.


It’s a good time to spiritualize, pray and reflect on a female body that is contracting and passing her sacred menses. It’s a good time to spend away from the family or have some time for cleansing the body in nature’s way. What could also be good are a few iron tablets to rebuild a woman’s blood count which for a heavy bleeder may experience anemia. Very often a woman’s entire system may start to cleanse and she may become vulnerable to a cold or even the blues etc.  The time period of menstruation may be in general a cleansing time for ridding the body of toxins as is done with a cold.  The presence of blood may not be a good exercise time, but a good cleansing, spiritual and resting time.



A lot of women tend to bleed in conjunction with the phases of the moon and start their period on the full or harvest moon or women living together may both bleed in tandem.  A nice moon focused calendar can keep you abreast of the moons phases and maybe you can sync up with Mother Earth! A lot of Indian calendars were based on menstruation and the moon phases.  Things are said like “13/20” or “trece veinte” to reflect the old sacred calendars.  Calendars also worked in conjunction with harvest times and crop seasons. Women were supposed to bleed every 28 days.  In certain countries fertility calendars are distributed because during menses a woman cannot become pregnant but may want to clock the passing of her eggs for fertilization to become pregnant.  A woman’s blues may even come from the loss of an egg during menses which is part of what she sheds.  Women have all kinds of sacred numbers like bleeding 13 times in a year or every twenty-eight days.


For a wonderful technical description of menstruation and to become really “in the know” about a woman or mammalians body see Wikipedia’s definition for menstruation and their bibliography for further reading:


There are all kinds of combinations that work for sanitary napkins like sea sponges that you rinse out that work well in rural areas but leak when you laugh or cough but represent economy and no waste, or home made snap on pads that you wash or a panty liner tampon combos, or a pad and tampon for a heavy bleeder, or a winged pad to avoid spills, or super tampons for heavy bleeders and I have even heard of two tampons for super heavy bleeders or pads then panty liners at the end when bleeding tapers off.  A woman may alternatively choose a variety of supplies and enjoy the “smorgasbord” of menstruation supplies and combos.


The challenge is often not to soil your undergarments or clothing.  You may want to designate a set of undergarments.  It can really work to hand wash undergarments immediately and soak them in a bucket of bleach before washing to get them white again.  White undergarments are easier to bleach and sterilize.


It’s also important not to clog plumbing and think of good disposal methods.  Pads are nice to roll up into little bundles and wrap in toilet paper because they can be unsightly. For diapers there were hampers?  Normally tampons become a popular choice to flush down the toilet but can impact plumbing and it’s being researched at schools like the University of Michigan, the impact of tampons on the microbiome environment of the vagina.  Pulling out tampons can create suction, dry, leave filaments or impact the vagina. It’s important to maintain a healthy vaginal environment and keep it cleaned with the steam from the shower, mild soap and water and perhaps a cleaning agent like a douche of some kind occasionally.
Women tend to bleed for different amounts of time and even up to one week. It might be nice to take this time for yourself and take a much needed break maybe from sex or routine and plan something special.  Salads and greens and iron rich foods are good.  Maybe even comfort foods may be good for menstruation.  A lot of women experience bloating and water retention and look a little “pregnant.” The water retention is said to be part of the cleansing aspect of menstruation.


Some women start to bleed early in puberty around age 11 or even as early as age 8 then finish depending on if they are in their child rearing years.  Some stop bleeding in their middle 40’s or even 60’s.


The history of menstruation may be interesting to research, such as in the Middle East with the onset of  menstruation and the veiling of women.



Fit, Lean & Beautiful #22

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #22

By Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

A new toothbrush can spruce up a mouth and brighten teeth.  A nice mouthwash can really deep clean and freshen the whole mouth after flossing.

Recently it was found that a stay too long in the sauna can enlarge pores of the face.  Try a pore refining toner to change the chemistry of the face.  If that doesn’t do the complete job, try resurfacing the skin at a plastic surgeons office.  Appointments are better made in the winter.

Pruning back the hair can thicken it up.  Shoulder length hair dries quickly, you can still pin it up and wear it long.  At the salon, they may blow it in five directions to build body with a blow dry. There are some stylists who lay the hair over the nozzle of the hair dryer to curl it after dividing it into small sections with clips.  Try a round, vented brush.  Aveda’s Hair Thickener works wonders.

Aveda has great scented oils such as Shampure that just has a clean scent and Beauty Composition Oil that is more plant smelling. Aveda has wonderful lip colors such as the sheer mineral colors like rhubarb that complements tan skin.

I found out that shiny textiles, shiny or silky cloth can be nice to convey affluence or for a new and clean feeling.

What’s really nice are the combination base and top coat from Sally Hansen’s for manicures and pedicures.  If you sandwich your nail color between a base and top coat, a pedicure can last even a month sometimes.

For around the house, it’s important to spackle all the holes made from picture hangings and shelves, etc.  Bugs can make holes in the wall their home and burrow.   Try spackling, letting it dry, sanding then painting over holes.

If you want a brand new feeling, try a new wardrobe every quarter and a fresh haircut every three weeks (or more for men) and several showers a day to freshen up.  Stock up on white shirts, new underwear and socks frequently.

One really nice style is “Arab.” Try tunics with pants, nice sandals and fine jewelry.

The other little thing to stock up on is meat tenderizer from the supermarket (available at Meijer’s).

A quickie bookshelf can be done with cinder blocks and custom cut wood from the hardware store (Home Depot).  It’s always possible to build on the wall, sometimes you have to build free-standing and in front of the wall if the wall studs cannot support your shelves or books weight.  It can be nice to get creative by speaking with a carpenter and looking at the number of shelf designs available.  All scholars invest in shelves.

What’s also really nice is right before a special event such as a job interview or some place where you may see several colleagues or in the variety of tribes with which you are connected-its nice to cut your hair, have fresh ends or make a trip to the beauty salon.  Eyebrows can be spruced up.  It’s nice to also remove all the “shadow” from your face with electrolysis.

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #21

Fit, Lean and Beautiful #21

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

After getting into your workout routine it’s nice to think about adding calcium for the bones and joint juice (Meijer’s) to make yourself stronger in your skeleton.

There are three machines at my gym that you can look out for at your gym the 1)Chest Press, 2)Fly and 3)The Lat, that all magically firm the breasts.  Before you consult a plastic surgeon you may want to try really toning, firming, shaping and lifting the breasts with weight training, it truly works.  The quality of your breasts can dramatically change with the right weight training.  Also hand held dumbbells or free weights at about 5lbs or 6 lbs. done in bicep curls can also assist with the breasts (lock your elbows and lift up).

One interesting thing I noticed doing bicep curls while standing on one leg grounded me in my leg and gave me balance.  Following one leg bicep curls I practiced balancing on one leg for 10 seconds with my eyes closed and was grounded in my legs from the former exercise.  There are ways to create and instill balance using free weights.  It’s kind of like being grounded into yourself with weights pulling you down.

I have noticed skin doesn’t tend to sag when you do weight training, the skin tightens nice and taught.  I find that with weight training exercises like the “Fly” or the “Lat” also my double chin is going and tightening and my feet are getting smaller.

One’s face can thin out and it’s possible to start looking like another person.

I don’t want to retract my stomach article in Fit, Lean & Beautiful #20, however, to get rid of a big belly quicker there are standing abdominal weight training machines that are upright and good old sit ups/crunches 3 reps of 10 can do the job.  If your belly is big then try just gliding your hands up your leg to your knees and do a baby crunches or sit ups on a stability ball.

It was recommended to me to sauna and shower at the gym for a little lux and increased weight loss after a work-out.  One can sauna-sweat out, shower wash off and use the bathroom to let go of as much fat etc. as possible. Give fat lots of exits.

I will kind of miss my big belly, it had/has a maternal feeling for a woman.

I would also like to upgrade that one can ride the recumbent bicycle for 20 minutes of cardio and very easily bike 3.5 miles.

Step counters and special watches and gauges are fun too.

Particular use of color like respectful blues or a nice patterned silk scarf or even a wrap, shawl or Reboso can bring a lot of  beauty.

There is a wonderful “Beauty Composition Oil” from Aveda that smells plant/herb like and is absolutely divine.

Frequent showering is also a beautifier-just being frequently fresh.  In some countries like Puerto Rico where temperatures are hot, people generally shower a few times a day and look their best right after.

One of the most sensual things one can do is just buy undershirts and underwear, a snug and clean feeling is very beautiful.





Fit, Lean & Beautiful #19

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #19
By Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

It was suggested in an earlier article that Jasmine Tea is for women and
Green Tea for men, however there may be some exceptions. Green tea may be well suited to a heavier or larger woman or a person in need of something stronger that may have been created for a man, as opposed to Jasmine that may be lighter, and more fragrant.

There are several fantastic kinds of breathing to learn such as with singing and weight training. With singing you inhale and fill and push the abdomen and send your voice on the thread of breath in the exhale in counts of 4 as in 4 beats in a measure. Inhale 4, exhale 4. In weight training it is opposite where you exhale while lifting and push your air out etc. then inhale when coming back down. Breathing exercises and techniques can be a fun thing to collect and learn to improve performance and optimize fitness. One may achieve a very different voice or a very different physique based on their breathing regimen. Weight training or weight bearing exercises help to build strength.  Strength is a good thing to build first to help you with other kinds of fitness training.  Weight training impacts definition, target areas, strength, firmness and flexibility-it stretches you out.
What are also nice are windows like a juju window box or perhaps crafting a nice vista for window viewing-even in all of your windows.

If you are one to plant, pay close attention everywhere you go to see what are the early bloomers thriving in your area.  It’s lovely to take note of all the varieties of spring’s early bloomers and make a small research.  I have noticed lots of honeysuckle, hyacinth, daffodils and some buds on blooming trees fragrant enough to scent the exterior of the house.  It can be such a joy to plant or care for or live with plants. It’s even nice to be happy for rainy days that bring more flowers.